VooPoo Panda Starter Kit – Ultra-portable AIO Pod System


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 24, 2022

VooPoo Panda Starter Kit desktop

Review Score: 87/100

Price range:
Black, White, Blue, Red, Champagne Gold
Pods Capacity:
Charging Time:
Roughly 90 minutes
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • It has a pass-through technology
  • The fire button has tactile feedback
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • The battery is not removable
  • Has no battery meter

Starting Price: $ 19.99

The VooPoo Panda can be more than the original pod vape. The unique panda-like design makes it a friend.

It is an AIO vape mod comes with two replacement pods – a 1.2ohm pod that is rated at 8 watts for use with nicotine salt and a 0.8ohm pod that is rated at 12 watts for use with freebase nicotine e-liquids, a user manual, a USB cable, a warranty card, and a sealing O-ring.

The VooPoo Panda is self-adaptive, depending on which pod is in use. This kit comes with an 1100mAh rechargeable battery and comes in a plastic built with rubber coating.

Although it is small in size, the type that comfortably fits in your pocket or in your hand, it has a 5mL e-juice capacity.

The VooPoo Panda is a single button activated pod vape – clicking the button 5 times will turn it on and off. It has a side-facing LED that lights up when firing and when charging. Its top cap comes out of the pod easily – making refilling and changing the pod a breeze. It is convenient vape with simple user experience and also offers versatility, fitting all types of vapers. This ultra-portable pod mod is powerfully made and has a vertical juice injection system.

VooPoo Panda Kit Review

With the VooPoo Panda’s long-lasting 1100mAh integrated battery and dynamic refillable pod options, the device will surely be a fan favorite. It delivers a fair amount of power and only takes about one and a half hour to be fully charged.

Panda offers a good grip, thanks to its rubberized exterior. The mod also has no unwanted sharp edges. Being made from a lightweight material that is complemented with several colors (white/black, silver, champagne, gold, and red) and a removable outer chassis, the VooPoo Panda is very easy to carry. It also gives you the ability to mix and match colors or change the outside.

VooPoo Panda Starter Kit desktop

This ergonomic pod mod measures 75mm by 47.5mm by 27.4mm. Another good thing about this vape is that it has a suite of safety features built in which includes short circuit protection, overcharge protection, timeout protection, and over discharge protection. It has a self-adaptive wattage output with a maximum wattage of 12 watts and a working voltage of 5 volts. Featuring a unique vertical ventilation system, it allows for more air inside the pod chamber to produce bigger clouds. Its airflow comes from the bottom. The VooPoo Panda’s drip tip is pleasingly fashioned to provide you with a good mouthfeel beg with an insulating material that helps avoid any heat coming from the coils. It performs pretty decently and delivers clean flavor.


The device can be running for almost three days before requiring a recharge with low to moderate usage, which is very impressive for a device that is very small. Its pods are made of a durable polycarbonate material and deliver a harder hit while not being too harsh all while maintaining both the vapor production and flavor. The VooPoo Panda lends itself to starter kits with it being very simple to use, being reliable, and being effective.

How to use VooPoo Panda

The VooPoo Panda is very easy to use – just remove the top that protects the case which is fastened magnetically – making pulling off the case simple. Filling it with your preferred e-juice follows this step, and this could be done by simply removing the pod and opening its rubber seal. Turn it on by clicking the fire button 5 times and you’re good to go. Using it is pretty much a hassle-free and straightforward process.


VooPoo Panda Pods

The refillable pods that come with the VooPoo Panda are solid performers. The 1.2ohm pod is perfect for vapers who want snug and authentic vaping experience. The 0.8ohm pod though has a resistance which is far too loose but is DTL-friendly. Both of the pods have a 5mL e-juice capacity. They are good for several full fills before needing replacement – which means a week or so for casual vapers before the vapor and flavor begin to weaken.


Filling them is also much easier compared with other similar vapes – this can be done by simply unplugging the pods’ rubber port and there you go (you’re going to want to let it stand for around 10 minutes for it to prime up properly). They are easy to replace and are bottom-filled as they have been designed to be both mess-free and convenient. Overall, the pods perform well and deliver fantastic flavor.

Vaping Nicotine Salt with VooPoo Panda

Nicotine salts can be used with the VooPoo Panda’s 1.2ohm pod. The 1.2ohm pod can handle nicotine salt of any strength and produce a strong hit.

VooPoo Panda Instructions and Manual

The VooPoo Panda’s manual, firstly, thanks the user for their purchase of a VooPoo product. It then goes on with telling the user to carefully read the operation notes and detailed functional instructions before using the VooPoo Panda to have better use of all the product’s functions.


The manual states the VooPoo Panda’s electrical specifications, pod specifications, and pod capacity. It has a diagram that shows the Panda’s appearance and its components – the drip tip, the replaceable pod, the power button, the top cap, and the LED indicator. There are also instructions on how to fill the pods with e-juice which are divided into three steps: taking off the silicon at the bottom, injecting the juice, and inserting the silicon back. It then talks about the pod mod’s protection functions: switch timeout protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection, and finally, over discharge protection. There is also an operation introduction that’s all about turning the device on and off, its working power, and the LED charging indicator.

How to Update the VooPoo Panda

The VooPoo Panda is not a firmware upgradable pod. Unlike the siblings like Mojo and Drag, the firmware to which is available on the official manufacturer’s website. Panda performs stably and the experience changes only with juices.

VooPoo Panda on the Vaping Ring

VooPoo Panda vs Joyetech Dolphin

As opposed to the VooPoo Panda’s built-in 1100mAh battery, the Joyetech Dolphin’s comes with a 2000mAh built-in battery which is almost twice the Panda’s which allows you to enjoy a long-lasting vape time. Both of them comes with two different pods for use with nicotine salt and freebase e-liquid.

Joyetech Dolphin

The Joyetech Dolphin has a maximum output wattage of 50 watts while the Panda has only 12 watts of maximum output wattage. The Panda has a 5mL e-liquid capacity while the Joyetech Dolphin features both 2mL and 8.8mL e-liquid capacity care of its unique refillable cartridge. The e-liquid level is kind of hard to see with the VooPoo Panda, while Joyetech’s Dolphin has a visual e-liquid window for you to easily see the remaining e-liquid level. Joyetech’s Penguiin also supports the JVIC system in order to provide intense vapor production and delectable flavor while the Panda vape makes use of their new vertical injection system to allow more are in and to produce larger vapor and better flavor.

VooPoo Panda vs VFL

Onto the design, the VooPoo Panda looks like a panda and has an extremely cute shape whereas the VooPoo VFL is covered with a vacuum-plated aluminum alloy which makes it seem like a solid American football.

vooppoo VFL

Both the VooPoo Panda and the VooPoo VFL has 5 different color options to choose from. They both have a size that gives people an incredible portable experience on the go. The VooPoo VFL has quite a smaller cell capacity of 650mAh while the Panda has 1100mAh. It has 3 voltage levels (2.5 volts, 3 volts, and 3.5 volts) to switch to. Both of them has refillable pods. Both differ in size, with the Panda measuring 75 by 47.5 by 27.4mm and the VooPoo VFL measuring 89 by 47 by 18.5mm. The VooPoo Panda has a maximum wattage of 12 watts (8 watts for the 1.2ohm pod and 12 watts for the 0.8ohm coil. while the VooPoo VFL has only 10 watts.

VooPoo Panda Starter Kit Specifications

Size: 75mm / 47.5mm / 27.4mm
Pods Capacity: 5mL
Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh
Working Voltage: 5V
Maximum wattages: 0.8ohm pod at 12w
Maximum wattages: 1.2 ohm pod at 8w

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • For a pod system, it has a huge battery capacity of 1100mAh
  • Has a great 5mL juice capacity and refilling it is easy
  • E-liquid filling designed is convenient
  • Has a small form factor with great hand feel
  • The fire button has tactile feedback
  • It has a pass-through technology
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Charging time is fast enough

The Negatives

  • The battery is not removable
  • The round mouthpiece forces you to use the device in just one position
  • The USB port/connector is at the bottom
  • Has no battery meter
  • A slight muting of flavors


Voopoo Panda starter kit is one of the mods that are made for vape beginners. It grants the same fulfillment and feel that other more powerful mods do. Itis also appropriate for advanced vapers looking for a stealthy and portable pod vape that they can bring anywhere.

It is generally a good-looking kit, especially in black and white – its design and style are unique, setting it apart from other pod style vapes available. It fits perfectly in the hand. The battery life is good enough and the pods deliver pure flavor.

With it being so simple, it is beginner vaper friendly. For MTL pods, the VooPoo Panda produces more vapor than the Joyetech Dolphin and the VFL. The flavor is also a bit more saturated than the mods mentioned above. Its pods are also very easy to fill. And using it is pretty easy with it having only 1 button that is to be clicked 5 times to turn on or off. According to vaper’s feedbacks and our own experience, we must admit that Panda’s coils are delicate and require warming. Otherwise burnt taste and a slight muting of flavors wait for the user.

Tell us in the comment section below how do you overwhelm your Panda’s whimsy. Vape on!

Published: April 5, 2019Updated: October 24, 2022

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