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VooPoo drag Nano Pod Kit

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VooPoo has created the first in a line of pod vape starter kits in their DRAG series – the VooPoo Drag Nano. This compact vape contains a 750mAh battery for long life, an intelligent chip that enhances the vape so that it bursts with flavor and is innovative in ways we’ve not seen before. Sounding good so far? Let’s break down everything you need to know.

What is so special about this kit? - The Review

Uniquely crafted with the consumer’s best interests in mind, the Drag Nano Pod has a contemporary design comprising of an ingenious Gene Pod Chip like other popular Drag and Drag mini box mods do, long life battery, a selection of colors to choose from and an easy-to-hold structure. This creation isn’t one ‘just like the others’ but rather vape mod that has upped the game of the vaping market, creating a benchmark for fellow competitors to try and match.


The slick design of the pod fits nicely within the palm of a hand, without any awkward buttons that keep getting in the way of an enjoyable vaping experience. This is for an ease, for extending battery life and also implements the brand new draw-activated firing mechanism.

Voopoo Drag Nano blue image

Alongside this, the Gene Pod Chip ensures that from the inhaling moment the hit comes with an array of powerful flavors that don’t wane the longer that use it. Each puff is as good and unforgettable as the first puff.

The pod itself holds up to 1 ml of e-juice. Refilling is made simple with the exclusive refill system, ensuring that any maintenance on the pod won’t have an impact on a precious time.

Voopoo Drag Nano pod image

It also has a clever battery system where on the side of the pod, there is an LED screen which will indicate the battery level by using a color-coding system to alert the user when it needs charging via USB. See off frequent charges, however, as a fully charged pod can last for up to 350 puffs.

Internal Building Quality and Design

Available in seven different colors, each design is unique, slick and stylish. Constructed of material zinc alloy, the compact design is easy and light to carry around. The mouthpiece matches the rest of the design and is subtly placed to the side of a pod.

Genius Gene Pod Chip

Say goodbye to flavors that taste like a chewed gum. From the first puff to the last puff on the pod, the Gene Pod Chip protects the integrity of the chosen e-juice flavor without wearing out. Over 200 vapers tested this already and ensured that the chip was good for chilling vaping.

Battery Life

Everything about this pod is constructed with you, the consumer, in mind. The built battery mods utilize their technology to present as green, blue and red dependent on battery percentage.
The brilliant but straightforward indicator for battery life is on the side of the design, using a color-coding system to indicate when the nano pod kit needs charging:

  • Green Light: surplus power is more than 60%
  • Blue Light: 20-60%
  • Red light: less than 20%
  • The device will automatically turn off after the red light flashes 10 times in low battery.


Featuring a 1.8-ohm coil head, the pods themselves are what should draw to this innovative design. Everything about them is comprised to be lightweight, easily used and also with an branded aesthetic. Unlike the box mod siblings, that are hefty with their sub-ohm tanks to carry around in a pocket; this compact pod will be the end of feeling something weighing the pocket down.

Voopoo Drag Nano pods image

Drag Nano also easy to change the e-juice, charge the battery and of course, it is easy to use it for vaping – everything about this pod is to ensure the absence of extra work.

How to Clean the Pods

Cleaning the pods is simple. The first step is to take the coil out and then take the rest of the tank apart. Be sure to remember how everything else goes back into place then rinse with water.

How Long Do Pods Last?

Dependent on how often you vape during the day, they will last 350 puffs. For some, this could last a few days and for others, less amount of time. Just be sure to keep an eye on the handy LED screen.

How to Use

Everything about this innovative design has been curated to ensure ease of use. So, all is needed to do is press the mouth to the mouthpiece and take a drag.

Voopoo Drag Nano img

The clever draw-activated system will be prompted and the senses will overflow with a taste sensation thanks to the Gene Pod Chip. So long as the pod mod is fully charged, it can be puffed away for up to 350 puffs and then easily plug in the USB charger to renew the battery once again.


  • Before starting vaping check the battery level (blue and green lights mean it’s safe to vape – device will not turn off in the middle of an inhale)
  • Seeing the red light – charge the mod (thanks to the decent 5V/0.5A it takes and 1 hours to get fully charged)
  • Always be careful when charging the pod as batteries can produce a fire hazard if not used properly.
  • Ensure you completely inserted the pod to avoid leaking, fill in the pod and draw to activate the device (the vapor produces immediately)

Who are our competitors?

Mi Pod

The Mi Pod is an all-in-one vape system which contains the AIO unit, utilizing oil and air within the pod. This mini mod comes with a rounded edge and one flat size so it can easily fit in the palm of a hand. It also includes an auto-draw system, meaning that it will release the vapor using the draw-activated system without any need in pressing the button. It can hold up to 2 ml of e-juice within the pod, so the flavor experience lasts for longer.

Mi-Pod image

Despite the familiar form-factor, Mi pod comes with a bigger 950mAh built-in battery. Both vape mods support refillable and disposable cartridges. The disposable pod system is a plus for those who like helping the environment and not cluttering up their own home space. An LED indicator light flashes three colors to let know how much battery life remains. Two viewing windows on either side of the mod, allowing users to check their battery and juice levels.

Smok Novo

With a similarly shaped design to a USB stick, the Smok Novo is also pocket-sized and can be carried anywhere with its slim design. It also has an ergonomically designed mouthpiece, making it comfortable to use with a draw.

The original intention of the designers was for it to look like a ‘cute whistle’ rather than an e-cigarette to make it blend into everyday life. Unlike the VooPoo Drag Nano, it can hold up to 2 ml of e-juice (a bit bigger e-juice capacity).

Smok Novo black

But where the Nano vape mod wins is a battery capacity: Novo features only 450mAh built-in battery, while this ergonomic VooPoo Nano holds 750mAh in it. With this discreet and innovative design in eight gorgeous colors and a front and back cobra pattern, you can ensure that there is no extra bulk within your pockets or bags. It also sits nicely in the palm of your hand while in use.

Anything else?

To conclude, this product is the trending must-have for vapers everywhere. Drag Nano mod changes the way of vaping, helps managing your battery life with the ingenious LED screen and will enhance senses with the Gene Pod Chip. The Chip makes it a step closer to the future than the competitors are.

Once the cartridge is filled with e-juice, the chip works its magic to create a taste explosion on the tongue throughout the rest of the day. Nothing will fade, just like your first impressions of this product – it will continue to impress the longer that you use it.

VooPoo drag Nano Specifications

VooPoo drag Nano
Pod weighs 55 g
Voltage output 3.2V-4.2V
Charge voltage 5V/0.5A.
Dimensions 54.5 x 35 x 11 mm
E-Juice Capacity 1mL
Battery Capacity 750 mAh
Pod Feature Contains an intelligent cold boot system

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Innovative, easy to use, easy to refill and maintain
  • Small so that it can be carried within a pocket
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Fashionable and can become another accessory.
  • Isn’t much room for e-juice

Review Score


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