The Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W: A Two-in-One Pod Mod


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: January 1, 2022

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W Review

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
$30.49 - $52.99
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
5W - 60W
Carbon Black, Magma Red Black, Aurora Green Black, Twilight Blue Red, Dawn Yellow Blue
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Comes with two pods for DTL and MTL vaping
  • Excellent airflow, flavor, and cloud production
  • Marvelous airflow adjustment


  • 18650 compatibility would have been better
  • Mouthpieces can be hard to remove

Finding a two-in-one product that can handle mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping is challenging, but there are mods available for that if buyers know where to look. The Vandy Vape Nox is one such vape, using two pods to facilitate both vaping styles.

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W Overview

The Nox pod mod from Vandy Vape is a 60 watt pod mod powered by a 1,600 mah battery. It comes with two cartridges that use the VVC series coils. One of those pods is for mouth-to-lung, while the second is for direct-to-lung vaping.

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W Colors

The vape is very durable and can function after being dropped several times. This pod mod is ideal for vapers who want a product capable of supporting MTL and DTL vaping.

Vapor Production

Vapor production is excellent if using the direct to lung pod with the airflow all the way open. Even when closed, this pod produces a fair amount of vapor.

Users will not get as much vapor when using the mouth-to-lung pod, but that is understandable since it uses different juices and a higher resistance coil.

Power Modes

This product does not have any modes save for straight wattage.

Safety Features

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W


  • Open Circuit
  • Overcurrent
  • Short Circuit
  • Over Temperature
  • Low Battery Warning
  • 10 Second Cut Off

Inside the Vandy Vape Nox Pod Kit

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W Starter Kit

  • Single 60W Nox Pod Device
  • Two Nox Pod Cartridges
  • Two VVC Coils
  • One Type-C Cable
  • One Instruction Manual

Internal Build Quality and Design

The build and design quality are solid. It has an anodized aluminum finish that reduces fingerprints, and there are no noises when it is shaken. The connection between the mod and pod is solid, and the firing and adjustment buttons are well placed.

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W Colors

Also, as stated earlier above, there should be no problems if the vape is dropped a few times. We knocked it off a desk several times, and it functioned normally.

Battery Performance

The vape is powered by an internal 1,600 mah battery, and that is a con. Battery life is ok, more or less, but judging by the appearance of the tube-shaped part beneath the pod, Vandy Vape could have made it compatible with 18650s or 20700/21700 batteries. Designing it this way would have given vapers much more battery life.

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W USB


There is nothing special about the screen. It is a black and white screen that tells users all they need to know about the mod. In the center is the wattage, and at the top is the battery life. Even though it is simple, it is easy to read in all light conditions.

Nox’s MTL and DTL Pods

The pods are great, and it is so lovely to have two of them as well as two coils. Another good thing about them is that they hold plenty of liquid. The DTL pod holds 4.5 ml and the MTL holds 3 ml. Also, they have very wide fill ports, so there should be no problems with liquids spilling everywhere.

Another good thing about the pods is airflow adjustment. Instead of turning knobs or levers, the user can turn the entire pod to get open or fully closed airflow. That is much more convenient than any other system.

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W Pod

There are a few problems, though.

  1. For one, the mouthpieces can be hard to remove, but they get looser over time.
  2. Secondly, the refilling slots are located at the bottom.

However, considering the shape of the pods, there likely was not anywhere else to put the refilling slots.

Nox Pod Coils

The coils complement the pods quite nicely. Four VVC coils are compatible with the pods, and we chose the 0.3 ohm (30 to 45 watts) and the 1.2 ohm coils (7 to 13 watts).

  • The 0.3 ohm coil was perfect for producing vapor
  • The 1.2 ohm did very well with 12 mg nicotine salts.

Vapor production and flavor will be fine as long as users vape within the recommended wattages.

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W Coil

One criticism (not a con), and Vandy Vape isn’t the only company that makes VVC coils that aren’t suitable for 60W. There probably is a reason, and it likely has to do with the battery. Commenters who know why they do this should let us know.

Compatible Juices

There are four coils in the VVC series with different resistances: 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, and 1.2 ohm. Remember that the lower resistance coils can handle higher vegetable glycerin liquids, while the higher resistance coils are for high propylene glycol liquids.

How Long Do the Coils Last?

If the coils are paired with the suitable liquids, vaped at the correct wattage settings, and adequately primed, they should last over a week, depending on how often they are used.

How to Use the Vandy Vape Nox Pod

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W

  1. Prime the chosen coil by dripping three or four drops of liquid inside
  2. When the coil is primed, push it into the pod’s base. Doing this is easy as there is no screwing or other movements. Just push it in.
  3. Open the fill port and fill to capacity once the coil is firmly in the pod.
  4. Close the fill port, put the pod on the mod, and allow five to ten minutes for the liquid to soak into the coil. Doing this reduces the risk of dry hits and extends coil life.
  5. Use the button combinations listed below once all of these steps are completed.

Button Combinations

  • Click five times to turn it on/off
  • Change the wattage using the adjustment buttons
  • Push firing and both adjustment buttons to enter stealth mode
  • Push down and firing button to flip the screen
  • Push up and firing button to lock/unlock
  • Hold both adjustment buttons to enter the menu

Competing Products

Vandy Vape Nox Pod vs. Lost Vape Q-Ultra Pod Kit

There are things to like and not like about these vapes. The best thing about the Q-Ultra is that it comes with three coils and an optional RBA. Also, it comes with a top fill pod, which is a considerable advantage over the Nox.

Lost Vape Q-Ultra Pod Kit

However, it has a very boxy design that makes it uncomfortable to hold. The Nox has a better overall design that makes it a bit easier on the hand.

Vandy Vape Nox Pod vs. Smok Alike Pod

SMOK Alike

The Smok Alike pod is a 40 watt pod; however, none of the RPM coils with which it is compatible go anywhere close to 40 watts. Vapers will get a more intense vape from the Nox. But the Smoke Alike has a better build quality that makes it more resistant to moisture, impact, and dust.

Vandy Vape Nox Pod 60W Specifications

Size: 103mm x 42.8mm
Wattage Range: 5 to 60 Watts
Resistance Range: 0.2 to 3.0 ohms
Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
Pods Capacity: 4.5 mL (DTL Pod) and 3 mL (MTL Pod)
Display: Black and White Screen
USB Port: Type C
Pods: Refillable MTL and DTL Pods
Coils: Replaceable 0.3 and 1.2 ohm VVC Coils
Adjustable Airflow:
Bottom Filled Pods:
Vandy Chip:
Colors: Carbon Black, Magma Red Black, Aurora Green Black, Twilight Blue Red, Dawn Yellow Blue


The Positives

  • Comes with two pods for DTL and MTL vaping
  • Excellent airflow, flavor, and cloud production
  • Good build quality
  • Well designed mouthpieces
  • Marvelous airflow adjustment

The Negatives

  • 18650 compatibility would have been better
  • Mouthpieces can be hard to remove
  • Bottom filled pods

Final Thoughts

Vandy Vape’s 60W Nox is a great pod mod, but there is some room for improvement. First off, there is the bottom fill port. There are better places to put them than on the bottom. There is also the thing about the mouthpieces being too tight, but that is not a big deal.

Another con is the onboard battery. Yes, the battery life is ok, but it looks like there is room to redesign the battery compartment to accommodate 18650 and larger batteries.

On the other hand, this vape is outstanding in the areas that really count. It is significant that they included separate pods for DTL and MTL vaping.

Also, both pods have exceptional airflow, and the coils tested with them have outstanding flavor while the 0.3 ohm coil is the perfect choice for cloud chasers. Finally, the ability to adjust the airflow by twisting the pod is another exceptional feature.

Try this vape and let us know what you think about it. We appreciate comments from our readers!

Published: January 1, 2022

Jeffrey Buckley

I was a smoker for over 25 years. In this time I also earned my medical degree with a specialization in addiction treatment and counseling. That period has led me to vaping, my interest started around 2011. I’m fighting the tide of hysteria and dis-information around vaping that emanates from various fronts legislative, cultural and scientific. Having scientific councils support, I’m happy to contribute my thoughts, articles, and expertise.


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