The New Uwell Popreel N1: A Big Step Up From Disposable Vapes


by Christina Matthews

Updated: August 16, 2022

uwell popreel n1 review

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
$13.99 - ‎$17.68
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
Pearl White, Champagne, Forest Green, Coral Red, Calm Blue, Matte Black
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Excellent flavor
  • Good battery
  • Warm vapor


  • Only one pod in the kit
  • No USB-C cable

Starting Price: $ 12.99

Disposable vapes get old after a while because users get tired of batteries with one flavor that lasts thousands of puffs.

Vapers need some variation.

The Uwell Popreel N1 gives users that variation because it is refillable and rechargeable so that users can enjoy different flavors without having to buy a whole new vape.

But how does it vape? Read more to find out.

Uwell Popreel N1 Review

uwell popreel n1 review

The Popreel is the best vape for people who want to try something other than disposables.

It has 10 watt output and a refillable 2ml pod that uses a 1.2 ohm coil with pro-focs technology and a rechargeable battery. That means the user can use different flavored salt nicotine liquids and use the battery until it can no longer hold a charge.

The refillable 2ml pod is the number one reason to buy this vape, but there are other reasons to get it. It has excellent flavor, good build quality, a small and ergonomic form factor, a good 520mah battery, and tight airflow.

Uwell Popreel N1 Kit Contents

This is not the best kit out there.
The kit has no USB cable or second pod. Uwell probably did this to keep the price low, but the vaper is just going to go out and buy a pod and cable anyway.

Money is never saved by making an incomplete starter kit.

But the kit still comes with:

  • One battery
  • One 1.2 ohm cartridge
  • User manual

Design and Internal Build Quality

The Popreel is small and ergonomic and has a holographic covering that makes the surface look textured. There is some branding on the side, but Uwell did not overdo it. The airflow intake comes from a small hole in the side.

There are no build quality issues. Everything seems well put together, but there is a low humming sound from the vape. It does not sound like an airflow issue, so it likely has something to do with how the vape operates.

Does the Battery Hold Up?

Yes it does.

The Popreel has an integrated 520mah internal battery that can last a day – give or take a few hours. Battery longevity mostly depends on how often the user vapes.

The battery indicator light is located in the center. It shines green for fully charged, blue for medium, and red for low.

Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Review

Even though the kit comes with one pod, it is still a decent pod. It has a strong magnet that keeps it secure to the battery. So there should be no issues with the pod coming off by accident.

The fill port is located on the side. A top fill port would have been better, but there was no room for it. Still, putting it on the side is better than on the bottom. There is a fat rubber plug covering the fill port that prevents leaking. Juice bottles with long narrow nozzles fit inside the port perfectly without causing a mess.

The pod provides a solid draw; not too tight but not too loose either. This pod is somewhere in-between.

The only thing negative about the pod is that the plastic is dark. That makes it hard to view the juice levels when they get low. But that problem is solved by holding the pod against the light.


The first thing to say about the coils is that they produce delicious flavor because they use pro-focs technology.

It is not just the flavor, though.

The vapor is very warm for such a low wattage vape, which was a pleasant surprise. This pod mod is perfect for vapers who like warm mouth-to-lung hits. Salt nicotine tobacco liquids will go great with this coil.

Buyers need to be aware that coils are not replaceable. When the coil dies, the whole pod needs to be thrown away. Non-replaceable coils make the pod easier to use but it can be aggravating having to throw away an entire pod when the coil dies.

Vapor Production

No one buys pods to blow large clouds but this pod mod does a decent job producing vapor. It is not a big cloud, but it should be enough to draw some looks. People who want to blow huge clouds should buy a box mod with high wattage output and sub-ohm coils. Vapes like the Popreel are made for tight and flavorful draws.

How Long Do the Coils Last?

These coils last two to three weeks, depending on how often they are vaped and how well they are primed. Coils that are adequately primed can last well over a week before dying.

How to Use the Uwell Popreel N1

uwell popreel n1

This pod mod is almost as easy to use as a disposable. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Remove the sticker from the bottom of the pod
  • Fill the pod by unplugging the silicone plug from the refilling port and inserting the juice nozzle
  • Fill to capacity
  • Put two drops of salt nicotine liquid into the hole in the hole in the center of the mouthpiece and wait five to ten minutes for the coil to absorb the salt nicotine liquid
  • Draw on the mouthpiece to turn the vape on after the coil has finished priming

Priming takes a long time, but the process can be sped up by drawing on the mouthpiece. Just make sure the pod is disconnected from the battery before drawing. If not, the battery will activate and dry hit something awful.

Sucking on the mouthpiece is not worth it. You want to be sure that the coil absorbs all the juice and the only way to do that is to let it soak the juice for five to ten minutes. That is the only way to be sure.

Other New Competing Products

Uwell Popreel N1 vs Smok Nord Pro 25W

The Smok Nord Pro is a big step up from the Uwell Popreel. It has higher wattage output and comes with two replaceable coils (0.6 and 0.9 ohm), and it has draw and button activation. The Smok Nord Pro is the vape Popreel users might go to when they want to try something more advanced.

Uwell Popreel N1 vs VooPoo Argus Air Pod Mod

If the Smok Nord Pro is a step up from the Uwell Popreel, the VooPoo Argus Air Pod is in a completely different universe.

It has a huge 1,500 mah battery, 40 watt output, and two PnP coils (0.3 and 1.0 ohm). It also has an OLED screen and draw and button activation. The Popreel cannot even compare with this vape.

The only downside is that the Argus Air Pod is a very odd-looking vape.

Uwell Popreel N1 Specifications

Dimensions: 102.2 x 22.1 x 11.5 mm
Battery Type: Internal 520mAh
Maximum Wattage: 10W
PC Chassis Material:
Pod Capacity: 2mL
Side Fill System:
Coil: Integrated 1.2ohm
Magnetic Pod Connection:
Charging Type: MicroUSB port
Colors: Pearl White, Champagne, Forest Green, Coral Red, Calm Blue, Matte Black


The Positives

  • Excellent flavor
  • Well-made refillable pods
  • Good battery
  • One of the best MTL hits out there
  • Warm vapor

The Negatives

  • Only one pod in the kit
  • No USB-C cable

Final Thoughts on the Uwell Popreel N1 Pod System

There is nothing to complain about here except for the lack of a cable and only one pod in the kit. A starter kit needs a cable!

While doing things that way may result in a cheaper kit, the money the buyer saved on the kit will be spent getting the extra pod and cable.

Other than the trouble with the kit, this is an excellent vape. It is flavorful, easy to use, and the pod works very well. No connection issues, and the battery holds a long charge. Finally, it has one of the best draws out there.

The only thing Uwell needs to improve is the starter kit.

If you have tried these products and want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below. We like reading what fellow vapers have to say.

Published: July 22, 2022Updated: August 16, 2022

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