The Puff Plus: More Juice Capacity for More Vaping Time


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: April 22, 2022

puff plus review

Review Score: 73/100

Price Range:
$11.89 - $16.00
Battery Capacity:
Pods Capacity:
3.2 mL
Cool Mint, Mixed Berries, Banana Ice, Blueberry Ice, Lush, Guava Ice
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • High juice capacity
  • Powerful battery
  • Excellent flavor


  • A limited number of flavors
  • No tobacco or coffee flavor options

The Puff Bar Plus is a disposable pod mod that holds significantly more liquid than other disposables and is also available in several outstanding flavors.

Additionally, each disposable contains a high amount of nicotine that will satisfy the strongest cravings. Like similar products, the device also has a portable and ergonomic design. This vape is ideal for vapers who want something easy to use and portable.

Puff Plus Disposable Vape Review

There has been a demand for disposable vapes that hold more liquids and have more powerful batteries. This vape is the answer for anyone seeking such a device. Each vape holds 3.2 ml of liquid, and they have large batteries to ensure they can last longer than similar products.

Its draw activation feature makes it very easy to use, and it does not have to be refilled. There are several other reasons to get this product, too. The vape is pretty affordable, and the build and design quality is on par with the best of its competitors.

Puff Plus Pod Design

One thing worth mentioning is Puff Plus Verification. One of the problems on the vape market is fake vapes and liquids. Puff Bar has a product verification page on their website so that customers know they are getting the genuine article.

All the buyer has to do is take a photo of the Puff DNA sticker on the product to conduct a verification. The Puff Bar website will do all the rest.

Vapor Production

These vapes are not designed to produce vapor, but they do a fair job of producing clouds. They make about as much vapor as a cigar or cigarette does smoke.

Safety Features

There should be no problems with these vapes when it comes to safety. Overheating and short-circuit protection prevent accidents and keep the user safe.

The Differences Between the Puff Plus and Puff Bar

This vape has better features than the original Puff Bar.

VD PuffBar Disposables image

  • It comes with a more powerful battery, 3.5 ml nicotine liquid capacity, and more puffs per device.
  • The Puff Bar has a 280 mah battery, 1.3 ml capacity, and is only good for around 300 puffs.
  • Another advantage is that the Plus has a round body instead of the Puff Bar’s square, rectangular body.
  • However, it has a looser draw than the Puff Bar, and there are not as many flavor options available.
  • As of now, the Plus only has seven flavor options. Even so, it is still a more solid option overall.

Opening the Package

The package does not come with a lot, but it does not have to. All the customer needs is the vape and nothing else. These vapes are non-refillable and the coils cannot be replaced.

Internal Build Quality and Design

The build quality is about what one would expect from a disposable pod device. There are no strange sounds coming from the vape, and there have been no other problems related to vaping.

The vape has an excellent external design that is round, making it comfortable to hold. Additionally, the device has a great mouthpiece that fits the lips perfectly.

Puff Plus Flavors

  • Cool Mint: This flavor contains a combination of mint and menthol. An excellent choice for former menthol smokers.
  • Guava Ice: An ice flavor enhanced by the sweet taste of guava fruit.
  • Lychee Ice: A menthol flavor, Lychee Ice uses sweet and tart lychee to enhance the taste.
  • Peach Ice: Menthol flavor combines with peaches.
  • Mixed Berries: This is an excellent flavor and possibly their best. It has no ice or menthol flavoring, only sweet and assorted berries like strawberry and more.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: In addition to the sweet berry taste, this liquid also has the flavor of watermelon.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon is a very mellow flavor, and it should be popular with those who want something sweet but not too sweet. This flavor is a great alternative to the strawberry and watermelon vape.

Puff Plus Pod Review

The only things missing from this line of flavors are tobacco and coffee flavors. These are highly desirable flavors, and it is a massive oversight that they were not included in this line.

Battery Life

Puff Pods have some of the best battery life on the market. It is not as high as some disposables, but it is still very high. With an in-built 550mAh battery, each of these vapes lasts around 800 puffs, equivalent to about 40 cigarettes.

How to Use the Puff Plus Vape

Disposable vapes are very easy to use, and they are the most straightforward products to use on the market.

All one has to do is take it out of the package, put the mouthpiece in the mouth, and take a drag. This is called “draw activation.”

Draw-activated vapes like these are ideal for those who are transitioning away from smoking tobacco. The vape is used this way until it is depleted and then thrown away.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Take the vape out of the package
  • Put it to the mouth
  • Take a drag
  • Hold tt after taking the draw up to 5 seconds and then exhale
  • Repeat the process until the device is depleted

Puff Plus vs. Puff Bar Flow

These are both very good disposables, and each has its respective advantages. But, the Puff Bar Flow has a few more benefits.

Puff Bar Flow Orange

  • Bar Flow has a larger 600 mah battery, more liquid – 4ml, and more flavor options.
  • The device also comes with 1000 puffs, that is more than Plus has.
  • Unfortunately, the Bar Flow does not have any coffee or tobacco flavors.

Puff Plus vs. Mr. Fog Max

The Mr. Fog Max has similar specifications to the Puff Bar Flow.

Mr. Fog Max Black

  • It has a slightly higher 3.5 ml juice capacity, and a larger 600 mah battery that lasts around 1,000 puffs.
  • One the device is the equivalent of five Juul pods.
  • Finally, the Fog Max has more flavors, 16 to be exact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does a Puff Plus Last?

    Each vape lasts 800 puffs, equivalent to 40 cigarettes or four around four Juul pods.

  • Can You Recharge a Puff Bar Plus?

    Disposable vapes cannot be recharged. They can only be vaped until they run out of liquid and then thrown away.

  • What Is the Most Popular Puff Plus Flavor?

    Our favorite ice flavor was the regular mint. It was not overpowering, but it was icy enough to be satisfying. Our favorite non-ice flavor was their mixed berry vape.

  • Why Is My Plus Bar Device Not Hitting?

    Disposable vapes stop hitting when the juice and battery run out or because of leaking. If you have been using a disposable for a long time and it dies, it is likely time to throw it away and change a new one to vape.

  • How Much Nicotine Is in a Puff Plus?

    Each vape contains 5 percent salt nicotine or 50 mg.

Puff Plus Specifications

Pod Capacity: 3.2 mL
Nicotine Strengths: 5 Percent (50 mg)
Battery Capacity: 550mAh
Flavor Options: Seven
Flavors: Straw Watermelon, Blue Razz, Strawberry Banana, Lychee Ice, Cool Mint, Mixed Berries, Banana Ice, Blueberry Ice, Lush, Guava Ice


The Positives

  • High juice capacity
  • Powerful battery
  • Excellent flavor
  • Decent vapor production

The Negatives

  • A limited number of flavors
  • No tobacco or coffee flavor options

Closing Thoughts

These vapes have every feature a disposable should have. Puff Plus is small, portable, easy to use, and contains more than enough nicotine to satisfy any craving. Other excellent features are the large battery and high liquid capacity.

The only drawback is that there are no tobacco or coffee flavors. Overall, they need a larger amount of flavors. Hopefully, the manufacturer addresses this soon.

If you have used these products, feel free to chime in with your opinion. Please leave a comment below.

Published: July 24, 2021Updated: April 22, 2022

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