Joyetech Edge Exceed Review: Going Over the Edge

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Joyetech Exceed Edge

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The Joyetech Edge Exceed is a stylish, AIO/pod-hybrid that features pods with a built-in 1.2ohm MTL coil. The Edge Exceed also uses an internal 650mAh battery to power its direct voltage output The Exceed has a unique, streamlined shape with its exterior resembling the chassis of a high-performance car.

The unit features a single-button that is hidden under the silicone grip on the front of the unit. The pods are transparent and can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. The airflow design of the Exceed Edge cartridge also promises a true, mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

A Close-Up Look at the Edge Exceed

The Joyetech Edge Exceed is a portable, hand-held device that has a flattened shape. The unit is a little more expanded than a typical pod system, as it has a larger battery capacity and size. The main battery section measures 110mm in length (4.3”) and it is 20mm (0.78”) in width so it is sizable but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a pocket.

The unit is very portable and safe to carry because of its hidden firing button. The button is not visible but sits under the soft-touch, silicone panel on the front of the device. With the firing button hidden, it will not misfire or accidentally fire while in your pocket or bag.

Despite being hidden, the button is very responsive and has no problems with lag or rattle. The recessed power button also allows for the clean, unblemished surface that gives the Edge starter kit its sleeker-than-sleek aesthetic.

There is tasteful branding on the silicone section, while the exterior sections feature polished PGTE plastic. The plastic is not cheap, and even though it is not as sturdy as a metallic alloy, it does give the unit its lightweight feel so it can be taken anywhere. The pods are also plastic and transparent so users can always check their e-juice levels.


There is a sloped, silicone mouthpiece attached to the Exceed Edge cartridge. The coils are removable, but there are two of the same coil, as well as two pods in the kit. The battery unit has a bottom USB port shielded by a small lip that covers it. Users can use the included USB charging cable to recharge the battery.

What’s in the Kit

The Joyetech Exceed Edge is an AIO/pod hybrid and comes accessorized with spare parts, as well as spare pods and coils. Users will find everything they need in the package to keep the device running smoothly. Here’s what you’ll find in the Edge starter kit:


  • One x Exceed Edge Battery
  • Two x 1.2ohm Exceed Edge Coils
  • Spare Parts
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

The Look and Feel of the Device

The Exceed Edge is comfortable to hold and use. The clean, flat surfaces of the entire battery unit give users an ergonomic edge, as the device does not have any usability problems. It has a lightweight build, although its long length makes it a little taller than other similar devices in its class.

The entire device is one-piece, save for the pod, which also stands up to repeated use. The pod uses a side-fill port that is stopped with a silicone plug that attaches to the rest of the unit. There are no leaking issues with the pod, and even refilling it is mess-free.

With the firing button secure-in-place under the silicone coating, there are no loose parts to the device and it feels solid despite its plastic build. The PGTE-grade plastic does hold up to daily use, even when taken on the road.


Users need to recharge their device when they get it to make sure the battery is at full capacity. The universal USB port on the Exceed Edge starter kit is perfect for use with any compatible USB charging port like on a laptop or desktop computer. There are two small slits along the bottom of the battery that are backlit with LEDs.

The slits light up whenever you take a vape, and also when the battery is charging. The solid lights of the LED indicate that the battery is fully charged. The next part in using the Edge is installing the coil. The coils come shrink-wrapped and need to be unwrapped to be installed into the bottom of the pod.

The coils have threads, so users need only screw-in the piece into the pod. With the coil installed, users then need to remove the silicone plug to fill the tank. The fill port is wide enough to take different-sized bottle tips, but droppers might be too wide and large.

Close the pod with the plug after it is full and install it into the battery section. The battery activates with five-clicks of the firing button. The LEDs will light up and signal that the battery is on. From there, users can press on the firing button to take a vape.

Joyetech Exceed Edge Coils

The coils for the Edge are not standard pod-type coils. They are similar to sub-ohm tank coils or other MTL tanks that use stock-coils.


The coils use a vertical design and have thick, cotton walls inside the cylinder. The coils could use good priming before being installed into the pod for maximum cloud and flavor production.

How It Vapes

The Exceed Edge coils are designed to deliver an authentic mouth-to-lung experience with its 1.2ohm rating. With high-performance, durable coils, the vapor quality from the device is exceptional. The flavor stands out most, but cloud production is also above average.

There is no airflow adjustment available on the Edge, but the airflow design does have gives a loose pull to the pod. Users who prefer something a little more restricted might not like the unrestricted draw on this device.

The battery life for the device is also good. The cell, on a full charge, can conceivably power through at least a full day of moderate vaping. Heavy users might need quick recharge midday to keep it going. The performance of the coils is also long-lasting with the cores being able to last for at least a week before the flavor quality starts to slip.


Aspire Breeze 2

The Aspire Breeze 2 is the continuation of the original Breeze, which was an early AIO that became a champion of MTL vaping. The new Breeze features an internal 1000mAh battery and an extended-capacity, 3ml pod with removable coils.

Aspire Breeze 2 in use

The Breeze 2 coils are the newly-designed, Breeze U-Turn coils that are also a continuation of the BVC-style coils that came with the original Nautilus tanks. The unit also has one-button control, while it features a durable aluminum build material.



The SMOK Nord uses a pod and battery combo that sees a 3ml cartridge paired with a powerful, 1100mAh battery that can output up to 15W. The Nord uses removable coils with different ratings so users can switch between a DL or MTL vaping styles.

Conclusion: Joyetech Exceed Edge Review: Lot of Clouds for a Small Device

The Joyetech Exceed Edge features easy usability that reflects its clean, streamlined exterior design. The Edge is very straightforward to use so it can be used by ex-smokers and new vapers. The hidden firing button was a nice touch to keep the unit simple, while also doing something different.

Most devices usually show off their power button, but hiding this one was the right move. The overall vapor quality is also quite good. The loose draw from the pods gives users a lot of clouds but delivers on flavor quality as well. The fact that the coils are more suited to larger, sub-ohm tanks gives the Edge cloud-chasing capabilities in an AIO device.

Joyetech Exceed Edge Specifications

Joyetech Exceed Edge
Size 26.5*110.0*20.0mm
Weight 72.5g
Colors Grey/Blue/White/Green/Mix 1/Mix 2
Output mode Direct output
Cartridge capacity 2.0mL (refillable)
Atomizer head built-in 1.2ohm
Battery capacity 650mAh

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Small, portable size
  • Lightweight build material
  • Removable coils
  • Good coil longevity
  • Excellent vapor production
  • No airflow control

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