GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Review: The First Vape that Fast-Charges


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: August 16, 2022

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Review

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
$79.99 - $99.99
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
5W - 120W
Black, Silver, Blue, Gunmetal
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Great-looking device
  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Super-fast firing


  • Fingerprint magnet

Starting Price: $ 79.99

The GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Kit represents a new direction for GeekVape as its main feature is the internal, dual-cell 3700mAh battery that can recharge in under fifteen minutes. That rapid charge time is only possible with the accompanying wall mount with the full kit, which includes a 65W PD charger and acts as a safety valve against overheating. Apart from the fast charger, the new Obelisk mod kit can also act as a power bank thanks to its USB-C safe fast-charging function. Users can install the USB-C cable into the power slot to recharge other portable devices like smartphones or even another vaping device.

An Up-Close Look at the Obelisk 120 FC by GeekVape

The Obelisk 120 FC by GeekVape may not look especially different from most regulated mods, but it does look much different than anything the company has put out before. Leaving behind the old days of the indestructible, waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-proof designs that made the company famous, GeekVape has opted to innovate on the inside rather than try to pull off the same stunts with the exterior of the mod.

The Obelisk 120 FC Pod Mod Kit is much slimmer than previous GeekVape devices. It has no rounded curves or backs, so the ergonomics suffer a bit, but nothing that would make the vape unusable. The mod is tall at close to 130mm in height without the accompanying tank (depending on the user). It is also 27mm wide, which is not so wide for a sub-ohm device with two internal cells.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC

The fact that the vape has an internal 3700mAh battery also means that there is no removable panel to exchange the battery. This means the exterior has a clean, unblemished look that adds to the unit’s overall elegance and style. Some may see the internal battery as a misstep since it means that the device’s life is tied to the battery’s performance, but the company promises over 1 million puffs from the vape (at 60W, to be sure).

There is a front-facing, 0.69” TFT on the device’s side that acts as the control panel. The panel is also clean and simple, with an understated Obelisk logo subtly placed at the bottom, with the plus/minus buttons above it. The main power button sits near the 510-plate. The 510-connection is spring-loaded and is more or less centered on the plate.

What’s In the Box

The Obelisk 120 FC Pod Mod Kit is a new, top-of-the-line vape with many features, so naturally, the kit includes many of the supporting accessories it needs to function correctly. Users in different countries will receive various types of wall plugs for the USB-PD safe charging wall mount. There is also the option to charge the vape with a regular USB-C charging cable, which is also in the kit, along with a tank option that we’ll talk about later.

  • One x GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC
  • One x Z Tank
  • Two x Geekvape Z Series Coils (1x 0.2ohm, 1 x 0.4ohm)
  • One x 65W PD Charger
  • One x Interchangeable Plug
  • One x Coil Tool
  • One x USB-C Cable
  • One x Spare Parts Pack
  • One x Spare Glass Tube (5ml)
  • One x User Manual

The Look and Feel

The GeekVape Obelisk is aptly named as it has the clean, straight, and tall lines of an obelisk. There are also four different color options for the device, which are restrained to serious tones like black, silver, gunmetal, and blue. It measures a little over 130mm. It does feel a little hefty because of the dual-18650 batteries inside, but it manages to make up for that extra weight with a sturdy exterior.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC battery

The two side-panels on each side look a bit delicate as it has a shiny surface similar to glass. The panel does not light up or have any other function other than aesthetics, although one side features the USB-C port and both sides have a GeekVape logo. But it seems like a departure from the IPX7 waterproof rating of the Aegis line and other GeekVape devices.

Still, the overall build quality of the device is good. Vapers began expecting that all of GeekVape’s devices would follow the same design format, but good on them for defying those expectations and decided to go a more elegant route with their device. The Obelisk is all straight lines and smooth curves that give the device a more sophisticated, grown-up look than previous GeekVape mods.

Battery Life

The much-touted OTG system on the GeekVape Obelisk is what is supposed to differentiate this GeekVape mod from the rest. It boasts an incredible and safe charging time of two 18650 cells in under 15 minutes. This charging time is only possible via the attached USB-PD wall mount that regulates the battery’s power and acts as a cooling mechanism to keep the battery from overheating.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC USB

With this safe and rapid charging, GeekVape is also boasting that the device can last for up to 2 days without a recharge, except that it is only when the device is vaped at a mere 60W. The battery output also depends on the type of coil installed into the tank. The two mesh-style coils included in the kit – the Z Coils – are both rated for between 50-60W (0.2ohm) and 70-80W (0.4ohm), respectively.

The device can go much higher in terms of power output, as it has a 120W maximum. The device also allows for power curve usage so users can moderate their power consumption in different intervals. There is also temperature control on the device, but strangely only for stainless steel, but more on that later.

The Z Tank and Coils

The Z (or Zeus) tank can hold up to 3ml of e-juice but can hold 5ml with the expander glass installed. The Zeus tank is a sub-ohm beauty with a pre-installed 810-drip tip for larger clouds than a standard 510. The tank features the same top-to-bottom airflow system that users can adjust with the bottom airflow control ring.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC black

The Obelisk is also available with a namesake tank – the Obelisk – that holds up to 5.5ml of e-juice but is compatible with the Zeus coil. The fill design for both tanks is the same, as they both use the push-back-slide-top that exposes the top-fill ports. The entire build of the tank is all stainless steel colored black.

The two coils included in the kit are mesh-style coils with Kanthal wiring. The soft, organic cotton centers are visible thanks to their wide-bore construction. The coils are easily screwed into the tank base when you remove them. The airflow control ring also moves easily and greatly affects the vape style when it is adjusted.

How It Vapes

The Obelisk box mod is a mid-range device in terms of power output and vaping functions. It has a good suite of options for different users, from wattage and temperature control to TCR mode and curve control vaping. The menu system is easy-to-read and navigable, and it has a good response time.

The simple, pared-down design is a good choice for this type of system. The clean, featureless look makes the performance and overall design stand out. The semi-centered 510-connection makes using even a 28mm tank possible and without any overhang. It is a little heavy because of the internal Li-Po batteries, so it is not the best choice to take with you.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC mod juice

Thanks to the OTG (On-The-Go) mode, which turns the Obelisk mod into a power bank makes it ideal for taking with you in a bag or backpack to keep your other devices powered. The other downside is that the fast-charging feature is only possible with the wall charger, which regulates the charging.

The Z tank and coils perform well with the mod, as the Z coils provide the right balance between flavor and cloud production, especially at the highest wattage of 80W. Suppose you get the Obelisk tank with your device. In that case, it is also a great performer with many similarities, except the Obelisk uses bottom airflow control rather than having it at the top.

The Competition

SMOK Nord 2

The SMOK Nord 2 is an open-system pod that features an internal 1500mAh battery and uses a 0.69” OLED to let users control its functions. The Nord 2 has variable wattage control thanks to the control panel. It lets users vape in wattage mode between 1-40W.

SMOK Nord 2 Rainbaw

As the Nord 2 is a pod device, it lets users choose between draw-activation and button-activation as there is only one button on the panel. It has a sleek, sturdy zinc-alloy chassis and features simple pod installation. The pods can hold 4.5ml of e-liquid and use two coil types: 0.4ohm and 0.8ohm mesh-style coils.

GeekVape Aegis Boost

The Aegis Boost is a blend of a pod device with a variable wattage device as it combines an internal 18650 battery and a pod-style atomizer. The Boost can reach a high wattage output of 40W, which users can control via the forward-facing 0.69 OLED with two-button controls.

VD GeekVape Aegis Boost Colors

The device has the same sturdy build as other GeekVape Aegis devices with its IP67 waterproof rating and its zinc alloy build. The Aegis Boost uses a top-loading 5.5ml pod that has pre-installed coils. The coils vary between pods, and this version comes with two pods with a 0.4ohm and 0.6ohm coil inside.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Specifications

Battery Capacity: 3700mA
Wattage Range: 5W - 120W
Construction: Zinc-Alloy Chassis
Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Gunmetal

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Great-looking device
  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • A lot of functions and accessories
  • Well-built and well-made
  • Super-fast firing
  • Tank and coils give excellent vapor

The Negatives

  • Fingerprint magnet

Conclusion: GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Review: Elegant, Fast-Charging Device

Were you a fan of the GeekVape Aegis line? Have you used other GeekVape mods before? Let us know in the comments section below.

The new GeekVape Obelisk 120 is the fastest-charging mid-range device out there, and its overall performance is solid. The device’s exterior may look like a fingerprint magnet, and the company should have excluded the mirrored panels in favor of something more solid, but it still works well. The control panel is not so dissimilar from usual GeekVape setups, so users who have had experience with other devices from the brand should have no problem using this one.

Published: May 17, 2021Updated: August 16, 2022

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