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There’s been a lot happening on a vaping scene lately. Rebuildable vape mods tend to evolve with a speed of light. Along with that tendency also another one started developing, which appeared to be completely opposite. And that’s all about simple, all-in-one vaping units, being advertised as a smoking alternative. In this review, I am going to check out one of them, the Cue Vapor System.

Cue Vapor System Review

In the good old times when all the vaping trend was at the beginning of its flourishing, so-called cig-a-likes electronic cigarettes were extremely popular. What can be cooler than smoking something that doesn’t produce the actual smoke? But now those e-cigs looking like real cigs seem to be the least popular. Almost every vaper out there became a vaping gourmand, who likes to contemplate tall clouds unfold with much flavor to it.

I think the conception of the Cue Vapor System is pretty timely. We need a decent vapor, but sometimes we also need a vaping device that is simple as can be. Imagine yourself in a place where holding your vape tank, its battery unit and e-liquid dripper at the same time is not convenient at all. A lot of places or even occasions come into my mind: being out with kids, shopping, driving a car, visiting your fiance parents, attending a lecture at the university, you name it. Can you vape in all those places? With respect to others, yes you can. What do you need for that? A stealthy and easy-to-use device like the Cue Vapor System.

First Impression

The Cue Vapor System comes in a compact, well-made box that opens like a book. Inside you can find the whole kit with each piece in a separate slot. A short and easy instruction manual explains how to use the Cue Vapor system, and also gives some basic warnings for people not familiar with vaping.

The overall first impression is positive regarding the quality of packaging and all the details included. The instruction manual is simple enough to load the device and start vaping right away.

What’s Inside

  • Cue Vapor Battery Unit 1500 mAh
  • One 5 mL Prefilled Cartridge Smooth Tobacco, 3 mg Nicotine
  • Micro USB charging cord
  • One Buddy tip (For sharing with others)
  • Instruction Manual


The Cue Vapor System Prefilled Cartridges come with different Nicotine levels. Precisely, 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. As for flavors, despite the fact that you cannot fill them with your favorite e-liquid, there’s a yummy list to choose from:

  • Full Tobacco
  • Smooth Tobacco
  • Fresh Melon
  • Menthol Tobacco
  • Apple Tobacco
  • Peach Tobacco
  • Berry Smooth
  • Creamy Mint
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Vanilla Cream

If you buy the Cue Vapor System, you may check their website from time to time, because more flavors are promised to come out. If you’re easily getting bored with a single flavor in your pocket, check out their money-saving Discovery Packs, which include a number of cartridges for a discounted price.

Loading the Cue Vapor System

Since the Cue Vapor System is designed for use with a particular type of pre-filled cartridges made for this edition, the loading part is simple as never. The square-shaped little bottle pops into the slot in one click.

Following the user’s manual, we need to fully charge the battery unit first. Given that the battery capacity was 1500 mAh and all I got was a USB cable, I had to wait for more than an hour to get the charging greenlight. Thankfully, the USB port is standard, and you can plug it into any wall adapter or car charging unit that you have.

Before putting the cartridge into the Cue Vapor System body, you need to do a few prep actions. If you’ve never used this cartridge before, you will need to remove two side plugs, one strap at the bottom, and a rubberized cap on the top (being also a mouthpiece). Because the mouthpiece doesn’t hide into the unit, I found this top cap handy for using afterward and keeping it clean.

To insert the prefilled tank, you have to put it inside at a slight angle and then pull inwards till the noticeable click. Simple as that! After five rapid clicks, you’re ready to vape.

Vaping the Cue Vapor System

The starter kit of the Cue Vapor System goes with a ‘standard’ Smooth Tobacco flavor, which I found weird. Why am I left with no choice but to buy an additional cartridge and throw away the Tobacco one in a trash can just because I don’t like it? Anyway, after doing all the prep actions, I was so impatient to try what it’s like to vape the Cue Vapor System, which has even vaping vs. smoking video experiments on their Youtube.

To take a draw I needed to press the button and inhale. The vapor production was almost similar to the amount produced by a more advanced vape pen, but less intense than it is in an RDA or something like that. Overall, I found it satisfying. There was a certain throat scratch when I used their 3 ml nicotine e-juice filling. Usually, that’s too high for me, but the Cue Vapor offers nothing less than 3 ml (besides 0% nicotine). This fact also shows their targeting on people trying to switch from smoking.

Again, if this is a good AIO vape device, everyone’s going to want to try it, including me – a dedicated vaper who has never been addicted to cigarettes. In my opinion, Cue Vapor narrows their audience for no apparent reason here, because the device is more powerful than an ordinary e-cig for ex-smokers.

Using the Cue Vapor System

The Cue Vapor System is a little bit bigger than most all-in-one simple devices on the market. It’s not a stealthy one because it doesn’t have a conspicuous shape. The vaping is fine, and I would use it as my regular on the go vape if only I had more choice regarding flavors and their nicotine content.

Also, I found air holes placement inconvenient at some point. When holding the Cue Vapor System in hand, you can accidentally cover those, and you won’t be able to take a hit. Even though, the manufacturer accepts covering up one of those holes if you would like to make a warmer and more intense draw. It works, but I had to watch if I covered both of them or not, because I couldn’t sense it with my finger.

What I Liked

  • Good vapor production
  • Intense flavor
  • Long battery life
  • Ability to lessen the airflow by covering one air hole
What I didn’t Like

  • Lack of e-juice choice
  • Not stealthy
  • No wall charger for such a powerful battery


Long story short, I liked how the Cue Vapor System vapes. It can be a simple all-day vape for those who don’t need adjustments to the way that they prefer to vape. You can choose one of six colors available to customize this device to your style. Honestly, I found the appearance of the Cue Vape System not really modern. It looks like an ancient cell phone, especially with that mouthpiece on top. Meanwhile, the battery capacity is probably the biggest advantage of the Cue Vapor System, because, for the amount of power it spends, 1500 mAh is more than enough for a day or two.

Taking all this into consideration, I give the Cue Vapor System 7/10.

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7 comments on “Cue Vapor System Review – Powerful Vaping Made Simple

  • Jerry Lindsay

    January 10, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Where can I purchase cue smooth tobacco 3 mg/ml refill cartridges?

    • James Bickford

      January 18, 2021 at 8:16 am

      Hi Jerry, thanks for writing in, the Cue cartridges may be hard to find now because of the FDA’s Deeming Rule, which means that the manufacturer may have taken them off the market. If the manufacturer submitted a Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application with the FDA they may still be available, if not, then they will have been taken off the market. Sorry to be the one to let you know. The Leap brand of e-cigs may be a good alternative as they are made by the same manufacturer. Hope this helps.

  • christy Lancaster

    May 28, 2020 at 5:27 am

    I want to place order,!

  • willie mae fowler

    July 31, 2019 at 7:07 am

    I need to contact someone about canceling my auto refill

    • Jason

      August 1, 2019 at 5:55 am

      the best way to do that is to fill in their contact form 😉

  • Billy Greathouse

    October 30, 2018 at 5:52 am

    To expensive when I can buy a mod and tank with a big bottle of juice and use it for days. These small tanks last for maybe to days and it’s not worth $7.50 a tank when I can buy a bottle of juice for $5 and use it for two weeks. 1 star from me.

  • Victoria Sidlauskas

    October 13, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    II purchased the Cue system yesterday and as far as I’m concerned it was a complete waste of money. The green light was only on while charging – contrary to instructions this was NOT fully charged when I got it. The light never came on to let me know it was working. I purchased a menthol insert and after 20 minutes of not being able to get any flavor or vapor I noticed that the system was oily. The menthol pack had leaked all over everything including the picket of my white slacks.
    In shirt, I threw away $27 yesterday!