Artery Nugget Review: A Little Bit of Everything


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: May 3, 2021

Artery Nugget Review

Review Score: 83/100

Price Range:
$20.25 - $30.14
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
7W - 28W
Nugget Tank Capacity:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Variable wattage functioning
  • Suitable for MTL and DL vapers
  • Fast 1.5A charging on nearly all devices


  • Paint can chip easily
  • Limited vaping outputs on some devices

The Artery Nugget kit is officially classified as an AIO, but it can be a lot more than simple plug n’ play vaping. There are several entries in the Nugget category of devices. Users can try it, as they each have different styles and capabilities.

There are three in total, with users choosing from a Nugget X, a box mod with an internal battery. There is also the Nugget GT, which is a pod mod that uses a 18650 battery. Rounding out Artery Nugget’s trio is the AIO vape. It features an internal 1500mAh battery inside its compact, ergonomic zinc alloy frame.

Up Close with the Artery Nugget X

The Artery Nugget X kit is a box mod-style vape that features an internal 2000mAh battery. The Artery Nugget X kits come with the AT22 tank that can hold 2ml of e-liquid and features a 510-connection on the bottom. The device has a high-power output of 50W thanks to its internal cell that can also fire as low as 5W.

The mod itself stands at just under 60mm tall (without the tank attached). It is also wide at 36mm, so users can easily palm the device or conceal it with a closed fist. The main unit consists of a 0.96″ OLED. It shows users basic information about the vape and its settings. It includes settings like battery life, voltage, resistance, and wattage.

Artery Nugget X

The mod has a three-button control panel. It consists of the firing button, and two adjustment buttons accompany the OLED. The main menu is displayed vertically, making navigation very easy. Users can choose from variable wattage and voltage. Also, temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. As well as Bypass mode.

The Box

The Artery Nugget X is an update to previous Nugget box mods. But it has a slimmed-down profile and larger battery capacity. The AT22 tank is a new addition and comes with two coil options in the box. Here’s what you will find in the Artery Nugget X kit:

  • One x Nugget X MOD
  • One x AT22 Tank (pre-installed 0.3ohm coil)
  • One x Spare 0.3ohm coil
  • One x Spare glass tube
  • One x Pack of o-rings
  • One x USB cable
  • One x User Manual

Quality and Design

The exterior of the Nugget X feels like zinc alloy, although the manufacturer does not say. The mods have a simple form factor with straight edges and a flat surface for the control panel. The buttons are well-placed and responsive, so they do not like jam or get stuck. The OLED may not be as sturdy as the rest of the device and may crack if dropped, so be careful not to drop it.

Battery Life

The vape uses an internal 2000mAh battery with a high-power output of 50W. It is normal for this type of battery. The highest voltage output of the battery goes to 8V. It is matching up to the battery’s capabilities. The Nugget X kit could conceivably last for at least a day’s worth of moderate to casual vaping. And it is with minimal power output and on a full charge. The device uses a USB charging port outfitted with 1.5A charging so it can be up and running within at least two hours.


The AT22 tank is a melding of glass and stainless steel and can hold 2ml of e-liquid. The tank has a top-fill system with a removable top cap to access the fill ports. It has a standard drip tip that is also removable with the top cap. The AT22 uses the AL1-B1 0.3ohm coil that vapes best between 25-30W, ideal for the mod’s parameters. The tank measures around 22mm, so it fits snug onto the mod’s top 510-connection plate.


The Artery Nugget X kits are intended for users who are new to box mod vaping. But it qualifies as mods for experienced vapers as well. The menu system is laid out vertically. So users need only go up and down the menu options to select their preferred settings. The device takes the standard five-clicks-on-and-off operation. Also, it takes three clicks to enter the menu system.

Users can explore the many options available. It curves modes for variable wattage and temperature control. They can try their hand at Bypass vaping, which uses the battery’s unregulated power. Bypass mode is liking vaping a mech mod. So make sure to use compatible tanks and coils before entering Bypass mode.

The Artery Nugget GT

The Artery Nugget GT kits are unique among dual-18650 devices. Because it is a dual-18650 pod device rather than a standard sub-ohm mod. The Nugget GT does use a pod-like atomizer that uses removable coils and has an e-liquid capacity of 8ml. The GT device has a top-down vertical OLED along its front, which comprises its control panel.

Artery Nugget GT

The mod can reach as high as 200W but it only vapes in variable wattage. There are no other vaping outputs like temperature control or bypass. The GT has a wide body, and the two 18650s needed power. The device is loaded via a removable back panel that has a magnetic connection.

The mod itself stands at over 100mm and is over 30mm in width, so it is a handful. It is not the most discreet mod, but for a dual-18650 device, it is also quite ergonomic. The GT uses USB-C charging capabilities and has a compatible USB port on its front.

What’s in the Box

The GT being a versatile device, means that it comes fully accessorized. Several items in the kit make it run smoothly, but a few are not included in the kit and are sold separately.

A separate plate connects to the top section of the mod to turn it into a standard 510 box mod. It is not included in the kit. There is also an RBA coil/pod that is available for the mod as a separate purchase.
Here’s what to expect in the Artery Nugget GT kit:

  • 1 Nugget GT Mod
  • 1 Nugget GT Pod
  • 1 0.15ohm XP Core Coil
  • 1 0.4ohm XP Core Coil
  • 1 510 Drip Tip
  • 1 Extra Silicone Plug
  • 1 Type-C Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 Battery Safety Card

Quality and Design

The Artery Nugget GT, as mentioned, has a tall and wide form factor. It tops out at over 100mm tall, including the drip tip and pod. The device’s entire outer shell is zinc alloy. It has plastic elements in the side panels and the pod itself. The pod has a slightly transparent tint so users can gauge their e-juice levels quite well.

The rest of the products features a three-button control panel. It has a top firing/power button and a rocker-style control button under the screen. There is a USB port on the front as well. And there are two small inlets along the sides that feature LEDs that light up in different colors.

Battery Life

The mods can run at a maximum of 200W, and it takes dual-18650s as its power source. So a long vaping time is not out of the question. Users can comfortably vape anywhere lower than 100W for at least a few days. But only if they vape somewhere in-line with the allowed wattage of not only the device but the coils. The two coils (they are both the same) have a resistance of 0.15ohms, vape best between 60-80W. So even at the maximum 80W, users can expect a long battery life.

Nugget GT Pods

The single pod that comes in the GT kit can hold 8ml of liquid, sizable for a simple pod device. But the GT is not a simple pod device. The massive e-liquid capacity matches the device’s sizable power output. However, most users will probably not be vaping at such high wattages. The pod has a bottom fill port that is stopped by a silicone plug. The plug is fully removable.

The coils are also removable and need to be installed with a simple plug’ n play design. They press-fit nicely into the central opening. And the seal they form with the o-ring keeps any liquid from unnecessarily spilling out. The drip tip-up top has a few air inlet holes around it, but the pod does not have any adjustable airflow.


The products feature a simple, easy-to-use screen with a few necessary vaping options. It takes the usual five-clicks-on-five-clicks-off activation. At the same time, three clicks of the button bring users to the chip’s locking and unlocking feature.

The Aero chip limits the mods to only variable wattage. Also, it automatically reads every new coil’s resistance and sets the appropriate wattage. Users can enable or disable this feature, which takes three clicks of the main firing button. The products also feature a locking mechanism. Also, it comes with safety features. They are overcharge protection, battery short, and reverse polarity protection.

The Artery Nugget AIO

The last entry in the Artery Nugget family of vapes is the Nugget AIO kits. It features an internal 1500mAh battery and a removable 2ml Nugget tank. The tank fits into the top section of the device and has a standard drip tip-up top. The AIO also has a small, vertical LED as its control panel and two buttons on either side.

Artery Nugget AIO

The tank is held in place with a magnetic connection but stays firmly in place. The device stands at close to 85mm (3.3″), so it has a low-profile and is very portable and ergonomic. It measures just under 27mm (1.06″), so it also fits well in hand. A few resins inlaid panels on each side of the device come in several colors (four to be exact, blue, silver, black, red).

Kit Contents

The Artery Nugget AIO is compatible with other coil types from the Nugget kits family of coils. So the tank can offer several different vaping experiences. The basic kit has everything a user needs to get the mod started, plus a few extras. Here’s what you’ll find in the Artery Nugget AIO kit:

Artery Nugget AIO starter kit

  • 1 Nugget AIO Mod
  • 1 Nugget AIO Tank
  • 1 Type C USB Cable
  • 1 Extra Coil
  • 1 O-Rings
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card

Quality and Design

The Artery Nugget AIO is like a thinner, shorter version of the Nugget GT. It has the same vertical design and a thick center. However, it has curved edges instead of the X’s straight edges. The AIO has an easy-to-use operating panel. The thin LED is only dark black and does not have any color like the Artery Nugget GT kit.

The Artery Nugget AIO has some battery venting along the bottom. While it also has two air vents on either side of the tank, which provide the tank with airflow. The tank also fits well into its slot. It stays in place with a magnetic connection and has almost no play or rattle while inside the device.

Power Source

The internal battery of the Nugget AIO mods have a capacity of 1500mAh, and it can reach a high power output of 40W. It is ideal for an AIO device. The device can last for at least a day on a full charge if users vape anywhere near or below the maximum of 40W. The device has USB charging so that users can recharge the cell with any available USB port. The battery comes outfitted with 1.5A charging so users can get the device up and running in at least one hour.

Nugget AIO Tank

The Artery Nugget AIO uses a fully removable and fully assembled sub-ohm tank. It is Instead of a typical AIO pod or internal juice chamber. The tank is a top-fill with a removable top cap that reveals its solitary fill port. The tank features stainless steel parts and a glass section that can hold 2ml of e-liquid.

The coils use simple threaded installation, so users can just screw the coil into the base. The tank does have an adjustable bottom airflow ring so air can get into the atomizer. It does not have a 510-threaded base, though, so it is not compatible with any other 510-threaded mod. The tank’s drip tip is not removable. It takes only coils like the 0.4ohm, the 0.6ohm, or the 1.0ohm or the 1.4ohm coils available for the tank. The RBA base is also compatible with the Artery Nugget AIO tank.

Using the Device

The Nugget AIO kits have a simple control configuration. It takes only five clicks of the central firing button to activate. While it can also be locked using the pressing and holding the two adjustment buttons. There is only variable wattage available for the mod. So there are no other vaping outputs like temperature control available.

Competing Devices

GeekVape Aegis Boost

The Aegis Boost kit is an advanced pod system from GeekVape. That features an internal 1500mAh battery and a 3.7ml pod. The pod uses a 0.6ohm Kanthal removable coil. It features separate airflow slots and an adjustable dial to focus airflow.

VD GeekVape Aegis Boost Colors

The Boost also features a 0.42-inch OLED display. That allows users to adjust the power (up to 40 watts) and voltage via a three-button control panel. The slightly-larger-than-100mm device has a zinc-alloy, silicone-sealed construction. That makes it waterproof, dust resistant, and shockproof.

VooPoo Vinci

The VooPoo Vinci is a pod device with the functionality of a variable wattage mod. It can reach a high power output of 40W. The VooPoo Vinci employs the GENE pod chip.

voopoo-vinci-design image

That gives it advanced vape settings. The settings like variable voltage and dry burn protection. Even three different vape mods (auto, manual, puff curve). The VooPoo Vinci features an internal 1500mAh battery. It is housed in a 100mm tall casing made of aluminum alloy. The VooPoo kit uses a refillable 5.5ml pod and includes two coils, a 0.3ohm DTL coil, and a 0.8ohm MTL coil.


The SMOK RPM is a pod device with an internal 1500mAh battery. The IQ-R chipset lets it reach a high-power output of 40W. The products also use a 4.3ml pod but are also compatible with the 4.5ml Nord pod, a companion SMOK kit.

VD Smok RPM40 Screen

The pods feature a removable 0.4ohm Mesh coil but also supports the Nord 0.5ohm DC coil. The RPM also comes in an 80W version that uses a larger capacity battery. The original SMOK PRM has a three-button control system on its zinc-alloy exterior. And stands a little under 100mm.

Artery Nugget Specifications

Construction materials: Zinc-Alloy Chassis
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Nugget Tank Capacity: 2mL
0.3ohm HP Mesh Coil: rated for 20-28W
1.4ohm HP Coil: rated for 7-11W


The Positives

  • Many device types in the same family
  • AIO Kit uses a refillable tank
  • Variable wattage functioning
  • GT device can switch to a 510-plate
  • GT pod has a massive e-juice capacity
  • Suitable for MTL and DL vapers
  • Great battery life
  • Fast 1.5A charging on nearly all devices

The Negatives

  • Paint can chip easily
  • Limited vaping outputs on some devices

Conclusion: Artery Nugget Review: A Trio of Versatile Devices

Have you used any of the devices in the Artery Nugget kits family of products? What do you think of the melding of several different vape styles in one kit? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

The Artery Nugget kits have three stellar devices for all styles of vaping. The AIO mods are more suitable for mouth-to-lung and flavor-chasers. It is a more portable style and an easy-to-use interface. It also features a removable, top-fill tank that is a draw for box mod and sub-ohm vapers. The X and GT versions are the perfect combinations of battery life and versatility. It is perfect for those wanting a bit more power and control.

The GT kit even comes with a 510-plate to turn from a pod-based device to a tank-based, box mod. Too bad it is sold separately. As having it in the kit would’ve made the GT the ultimate 2-in-1 device for both new users and experienced users. The AIO kit delivers an equally good performance for its class. It comes with a tank system, as well as variable voltage.

Published: May 3, 2021

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