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Selection: 70%
Vapor Quality: 65%
Battery Life: 50%
Value for Money: 70%
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Our Verdict: One of many brands that offer cig-a-like devices, ZeroCig fails to rise above the competition. Its prices are higher than most and performance of their devices is sub-par. Even the product selection is weak, making users wonder how the company has survived thus far.

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ZeroCig’s Best Products:

Starter Kit Express

BeginnersPrice: $14.99

Starter Kit Express

ZeroCig’s most basic starter kit is a barebones package that consists of one 280 mAh Super Battery, two cartridges, one USB charger, and an Easy Start Manual.

Battery life on the device is about two hours though depending how one takes a puff; this can vary. However, one will inevitably need to charge it at least once a day. While the vapor production from the device is decent, throat hit leaves much to be desired. Vapers might appreciate this, but ex-smokers do not care about vapor density, and usually look for more throat hit. This does give a smooth vape, and many might prefer this over harsh hits.

The Starter Kit Express only has two cartridges, which is said to be the equivalent of 60 cigarettes. However, this might last users only a few days so extra cartridges must be purchased. While disposable flavor cartridges are available, the company also offers reusable blank cartridges for those who wish to use their choice of e-liquid.

Premium Starter Kit

BeginnersPrice: $89.991

Premium Starter Kit

The ZeroCig Premium Starter Kit is the most expensive kit in the company’s range of products. The devices included are the same as the one found in the Starter Kit Express; however, what makes the kit “premium” is the inclusion three more Super Batteries (for a total of four), four refill packs with five cartridges each (buyers can choose the flavor and strength), one carrying case, two USB chargers, one wall charger, one car charger, one premium box, and an Easy Start Manual.

The addition of three more batteries ensures that users will not have their vaping times interrupted due to battery life since they can just use another while recharging. Since a total of 20 cartridges are also included, users will not also have to purchase additional cartridges right away. Extra chargers give vapers the options to charge while driving, at home, via computer, or charge multiple devices at a time.

However, since the devices are similar to the one found in the Starter Kit Express, one should expect the same performance. Decent vapor production with a weak throat hit. While battery life is still the same at around two hours, with the Premium Kit, this is not an issue since one can simply use another device and continue vaping.

Before getting a Premium Kit from ZeroCig, it is best to try the device first with a Starter Kit Express to see if you like its performance. Rather than investing in four devices right away, try one first. If you like it, then you can invest on a Premium Kit.

In between the Express and Premium kits is the Deluxe Starter Kit. It costs $49.99 and includes two batteries and two refill packs of five cartridges each. This can be an option for those who enjoy using ZeroCig e-cigs but do not want to invest too much.

Additional Details

Aside from the starter kits, ZeroCig also has a line of e-liquids. The choices are not much. However, it is substantial enough to have users take their time browsing the collection. The flavors available range from fruity to tobacco, and drinks to complex blends.

The e-cig kits are decent though not overly impressive. The vapor production is good enough for some while throat hit is considered on the weak side. Battery life is not good at a mere two hours, and the prices can be considered a bit higher than the competition.

Despite the negatives, the weak throat hit can appeal to some and ZeroCig might find loyal users who prefer a smooth vape. The price can deter some, but if you are someone who wants to try everything you can to find the perfect vape, ZeroCig is worth a shot.

ZeroCig Electronic Cigarettes
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