Zero Cig ECig Review – Thorough Testing

zero cig review

ZeroCig is not a really popular brand, and it’s probably because they just aren’t that good.

Zero Cig ECig Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Zero Cig ECig followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Vapor Production – 65%
  • Overall Rating – 89%
  • Size & Portability – 90%
  • Battery Life – 50%
  • Overall Rating – 71%

ZeroCig used to be just another “cig-a-like” brand that was becoming so outdated. However, they recently added some interesting products to their lineup. But still, their products are a little expensive and their selection is extremely low.

Zero Cig markets itself as one of the lowest cost options for people wanting quality e-cigarettes. But what we found was a level of quality that matched the price point quite well. In other words, they were both quite low.

The Kinds Of Kits They Deliver

For $19.99, the basic starter kit comes with just the essentials- the battery, a USB charger, and two cartridges. Of course, the cartridges are going to be finished quickly, so you’ll want to pick up some additional ones.

There are two more kits on offer from Zero Cig. The Georgie 2.0 is a $49.99 kit that contains an ego version of Zero’s e-cigarette. It includes a tank, a wall charger, and a USB charger. It offers slightly better performance overall than the other kits, and it is still cheaper than most of its competitors.

The final kit is the Premium, which will run you $79.99. This one comes with four batteries, 20 cartridges, three different kinds of chargers, and a travel case. It’s a slightly better deal than if you were to buy all the pieces individually, but if you don’t like the initial offering, then you shouldn’t spring for the full kit with all the extras. We would recommend that most people give the starter kit a try before they jump into the premium offering.

The Lifespan and Vaping Experience

zero cig starter kit

The battery life on Zero’s cigs is around two hours. You can get more out of it if you take smaller draws, of course, but most people are going to have to charge their cig after about a day of regular use.

The vapor production is decent in these, which is a nice plus for a disposable cigarette and not something that every company tries to offer. But the throat hit is definitely lacking, so it’s a tradeoff you may not be thrilled about. In our experience, most people really care about that throat hit, though a few people like the lessened hit and the smoother taste.

Speaking of taste, the company has a few different flavors on offer. These are three different kinds of tobacco, a menthol flavor, pina colada, mocha, chocolate, clove and some additional fruit flavors. They all range from fine to unpleasant, none of them offering a substantial throat hit. So while the price is low, the quality suffers from bland flavors that lose what little flavor they have during the first three-quarters of the cartridge’s contents. We usually just tossed out the cartridges before they were completely empty, so maybe the value for your money isn’t as good as it may first appear.

The Short Overview?

Make no mistake, Zero Cig offers some of the lowest prices available for disposable e-cigarettes. But the kind of quality they’re providing is easily outmatched by companies offering a better selection for just a few dollars more.


  • Low price
  • Decent vapor production


  • Flavors are limited and not very appealing
  • Low-quality vapor production
  • Poor throat hit
  • Vapor loses its taste before it is finished


Published: October 17, 2017


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