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Selection: 40%
Vapor Quality: 75%
Battery Life: 75%
Value for Money: 35%
Our Verdict: VaporX has a limited range of devices and their line of e-liquid is weak. They offer good performing devices, but choices are very limited. Despite being on the scene since 2012, it seems like Vapor X hasn’t evolved much.

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VaporX’s Best Products:

VaporX XPS Starter Kit

vx-kit-xpsxpressBeginnersPrice: $30.95 An affordable gateway device into the world of vaping, the Vapor X XPS Starter Kit comes with one rechargeable battery with locking feature, one 1.6ml refillable quad-top wick tank, one USB charger, one cable, and a free 2ml bottle of e-liquid (choice of menthol or tobacco flavor).

The XPS battery is a small vape pen that can last about half a day of vaping. Its refillable tank is a nice feature, since most vape starter kits in this price range only offer disposable cartridges. With the tank, users can refill it with any e-liquid they choose. It is perfect for new users looking for an introduction into vaping without investing a lot of money.

VaporX XPS Mini Kit

xps-miniBeginnersPrice: $20.95 Similar to the XPS, the XPS Mini is a slimmed down version, perfect for those who think the original XPS is too bulky. The XPS Mini Kit includes one mini rechargeable battery, two mini 0.8ml refillable clear-top wick tanks, and one USB charger.

The slimmer profile of the battery and the tank gives the XPS Mini a svelte and elegant look that won’t be out of place at parties. With two refillable tanks, users can fill each with different e-liquid flavors to swap when the need to change flavor arises. The kit does not include any e-liquid, so users who plan to purchase an XPS Mini Kit should consider the price of e-liquid into the total cost.

VaporX Express Slim Kit 

vx-kit-expressslimBeginnersPrice: $30.95 Taking the usual vape pen and slimming it down for a classier look, the Vapor X Express Slim Kit comes with one slim-lined express battery with locking feature, one 1ml dual-coil vape tank, three mouthpieces in metal, rubber and plastic, and one USB charger with a cable.

The Express Slim battery may be slim, but it performs just as well as any regular battery. Its performance is even more enhanced by its slim tank with a dual-coil heating element that produces massive clouds of vapor. For those who want to customize their devices, the kit also comes with three mouthpieces, so users can change its appearance according to their mood. It is a great starter kit for beginners who are looking for a slim e-cig that won’t draw too much attention.

VaporX Express Starter Kit

vx-kit-express_pic2BeginnersPrice: $30.95 A vape pen with a robust battery for longer vape times, the Express Starter Kit includes one high capacity battery with locking feature, one 1.5ml bottom-wick tank with a decorative window, and one USB charger with a cable.

The Express battery is bigger to accommodate a battery capable of giving users a day’s worth of vaping. To match the long battery life, it also comes with a 1.5ml capacity tank for even more e-liquid. This is more convenient, because refills throughout the day will be less. The perfect device for users who can’t charge often and don’t want to refill constantly, the Vapor X Express Starter Kit is a great vape pen offering good performance.

VaporX XLT Classic Kit

vapor-x-xlt-white-starter-c-cig-kitBeginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $80.95 The Vapor X XLT Classic Kit is a step-up from regular vape pens. The kit includes one high capacity battery with locking feature, one wickless mini pro tank cartomizer with swivel mouthpiece, one replacement heating element for the tank, and one USB charger with a wall adapter.

The XLT Classic has a powerful battery capable of vape times up to a day. Its tank has a swivel mouthpiece, so users can vape in virtually any position. What makes the XLT Classic a cut above the rest is its replaceable heating element. Once the heating element has been worn down on other tanks, they are thrown away. With the XLT classic, if the heating element dies, one just replaces it instead of throwing the whole tank away, which is a great money saver!

VaporX Extreme Kit

VaporX-Exterme-kitBeginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $120.95 The Vapor X Extreme Kit can be described as a vape pen on steroids. It has a high capacity battery capable of vape times lasting a day or two, as well as a locking feature and an LCD screen that displays battery life and puff count. There is no more guessing how long a vape will last and users get to monitor how many puffs they take before it dies, as well.

The kit includes two batteries. Charging is also much easier, because the kit has a dual battery smart charge magnetic docking station with a USB cable. This means users just need to place the battery in the dock without having to fiddle with wires. There are also two tanks included. They are large 2.2ml bottom wick tanks with swivel mouthpieces that can take days before needing to be refilled again. The bottom wick orientation also gives users a more flavorful and cooler vape.

VaporX XRT Classic Kit

vaporx-XRT-starter-kitAdvanced UsersPrice: $120.95 For medical marijuana users, the Vapor X XRT Classic Kit is a three-in-one device capable of using dry herb, oil, and wax concentrates. It has a sleek rubber mouthpiece to ensure user’s lips don’t get burnt and the vertical ceramic core heating chamber ensures an even and clean vape.

The XRT Classic is also very easy to use, requiring just a simple push of a button to activate the device. There is also a low battery indicator to let users know when to charge. The device comes in three finishes, all of which add a touch of elegance: gold, matte black, and wood.

A great three-in-one vape pen that’s perfect for users on-the-go, the XRT Classic Kit includes: one high capacity battery with locking feature, one dry herb chamber, one wax/oil cup, one cleaning brush and packing brush tool, and one USB charger with a wall adapter.

VaporX E-Liquid

Beginners and AdvancedPrice: $8.95 and up vaporx-e-liquids

For those who don’t know, Vapor X has its own line of e-liquid. There are two lines in all, the VX line and the USA-made line. The VX line comes in 10ml plastic bottles with a fine tip nozzle for easy tank refills, while the USA-Made line comes in 20ml glass bottles with a dripper for precise dripping.

For the VX line, nicotine levels available are 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. There are only 17 flavors available and all are pretty basic. As for the USA-Made line, there are only two nicotine strengths available: 0mg and 18mg. Flavors are also basic and the selection is even weaker.

Vapor X E-Liquid is for users who don’t mind basic flavors. Those who want more exotic and complex blends should look elsewhere.

the Takeaway

Vapor X is a brand that has the potential to be great. Their products are decent performers and even their e-liquid is above average. The limited selection for their devices, e-liquid and above average prices hurt the brand. Similar devices and e-liquid can be had for much cheaper elsewhere. While Vapor X has some unique features, they are not unique enough to stop users from searching for products in other places.

Vapor X isn’t all that bad. Users, who have a need for the swivel mouthpieces and are who attracted to the designs of Vapor X devices, will find that they perform quite well and won’t disappoint. For the rest, there are other, better, more affordable, vape brands and stores out there.

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Published: August 14, 2015


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