//Vapor X E-Cig Review – All Kinds of Kits
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Vapor X E-Cig Review – All Kinds of Kits

  • Vapor Production – 77%
  • Battery Life – 71%
  • Selection – 49%
  • Prices – 35%
  • Overall Rating – 61%

A decent brand but honestly nothing special.

Vapor X was only founded in 2012 but they have always offered pretty decent vapor products. From the moment they launched, they were offering an advanced e-cig that didn’t look like the traditional cig-a-like products of the time.

And now they offer a very comprehensive range of products.

Our Vapor X Review for 2014

Vapor X is a company somewhat on the fringes. They are like a cat who does not know if it wants to be an inside or an outside cat. While they sell a decent amount of their own devices, they have a relatively small product line and only 12 e-liquid flavors. They are on the verge of being a big company like Vapor Zone or ProVape, or they can stay right where they are. Only time will tell.

The Vapor X Line

vapor x kit

Many companies today have their own product line and Vapor X is no different. They have a line of eGo-style e-cigs and a couple disposables. While at first glance their devices seem like they are well-made products, they do not in any way distinguish themselves. Looking at their product line up seems very similar to any other company out there.

The Vapor X electronic cigarettes do have a certain style however. It almost seems as if they would be right at home in some sort of “vape lounge”. In a place where older gentlemen drink brandy and vape various flavors all evening long while wearing velvet and silk “vaping robes”.

The designs of their products, such as the one with the wood grain style, does grab your attention at first. But after the initial awe is gone you realize that they are no different than what you could buy anywhere else. So what is it that keeps people coming to Vapor X?

A Closer Look

vapor x kit

The prices of their wares is about average considering the rest of the market, but they are slightly on the high side. A few dollars here and there might not bother most, but in an industry that has so much competition it would not be hard for a customer to go elsewhere. So this being the case, I kept looking for something that would keep me shopping here had I been a regular customer. Sadly, I just could not find anything.


vapor x e-juices

I thought that maybe their e-liquid would be special. Maybe there is a super-huge selection of flavors and various options for mixing my own. Unfortunately when I looked through their products page they only listed 12 flavors and 5 different strengths.

The weird thing about that was the way they promoted their flavors. Vapor X was pushing their flavor selection as if it was something to behold. Could it be they just do not know what else is out there? I find that hard to believe, so again I kept trying to find what was special about their juices. What was it that caused them to sell their e-juices as the greatest thing on Earth? Sadly again, I could find nothing extraordinary about those either.

What I Didn’t Like

Most of my time on the Vapor X website was spent trying to find what it was about their products that made them worthy of being called “the best”. I looked and searched and could not find anything that set them apart from any other supplier on the web.

While their designs are nice their products are the same that you can get anywhere else. Their prices are nothing special either. They are either on-par with the rest of the industry or slightly higher on some products. But, when you consider shipping costs you are at that point, spending more than you would otherwise.

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion I have found that there is really nothing about Vapor X that would make me want to give them any of my hard earned cash. I hate to say it but it would seem that there are plenty of other places to shop where I could save money when compared to Vapor X.

In addition, there are really no sales or promotions to speak of either. I can see a company like this staying in business because of their devices if they had something others did not. I just did not see that. Maybe they will prove me wrong and maybe they will have more products to sell in the near future. Then again, if that is the case they would need to develop something different. Something they could say is “Vapor X”. Until then however, they will likely remain in the shadows of the larger, more succesful companies.

Vapor X
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