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Selection: 60%
Vapor Quality: 90%
Battery Life: 85%
Value for Money: 85%
Our Verdict: Despite having a limited range of products under their name, Vapor Shark has gained a massive following for the quality of its products at affordable prices. US-made and tough, their products are also backed by excellent customer support. Vapor Shark also has a line of e-liquids that are of the highest quality and diacetyl-free as well.

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Vapor Shark’s Best Products:

Vapor Shark rDNA 40w

Advanced UsersPrice: $130.99 vaporshark-w40

The Vapor Shark rDNA is a portable e-cig mod that’s powered by a removable battery. It has a large screen that displays watts, battery life, atomizer ohms, temperature, and voltage. Installed with an Evolv 40D board that can output up to 40 watts, the rDNA is also able to monitor and limit a coil’s temperature if used with nickel wire. Properly configured, this means charred wicks are a thing of the past, ensuring quality vapor every vaping session.

The device comes with a matte black finish and is built extremely well with very tight tolerances. It has a gold plated, spring loaded center pin to ensure proper connections with atomizers or vape tanks and has a magnetic battery door for easy access. The device also has a micro-USB port for charging and an integrated wireless charging circuit that is used with an optional charging pad.

Vapor Shark DNA 200

Advanced UsersPrice: $199.99 vapor-shark-dna-200Vapor Shark’s latest product, the DNA 200 offers users a host of functions and features not found in other mods. It is sleek, portable, powerful, and highly customizable. Constructed out of 6031 aluminum, which makes it lighter than its predecessors, the DNA 200 is also finished with a black anodization process, followed by black paint, then a light rubberized coating. This makes the DNA 200 Vapor Shark’s toughest mod yet.

However, what makes the DNA 200 stand out is the inclusion of Escribe. Escribe is a controlling software that is capable of up to 93 customizable options. Users can dial in their personal settings for the perfect vape, with the ability to save up to eight profiles to match their tank or atomizer setups. Additionally, the DNA 200 is future-proof because of its USB upgradeable software, making it, quite possibly, the last mod one will ever need.

Vapor Shark E-Liquid

$14.99/30ml bottle vapor-shark-e-liquidVapor Shark also has its line of e-liquids that are made in the USA using only high-quality ingredients. The process of creating, mixing, dispensing, and labeling all go through strict quality control measures to ensure only the best reach their customers. Vapor Shark also takes pride in following the GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practice) created by AEMSA (or the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association). They also conduct routine third-party testing for accurate nicotine levels and to make sure of the absence of DEG, Diacetyl & Acetyl Propionyl. The company’s Class 6 clean room follows ISO 14644 and OSHA standards to ensure further the quality of its e-liquid.

The price of Vapor Shark’s e-liquid may be higher than some, but it is still reasonable considering users get high-quality premium e-liquid that taste good and is safe to consume.

More Details

Vapor Shark may not have the widest selection of products, but the quality makes up for it immensely. Vapor Shark products are well-known to be reliable, high-performance devices that can take a beating. The company’s customer service is also highly touted as one of the best, answering queries within 24 hours, and willing to help no matter the issue.

Even the company’s line of e-liquid is top-notch, matching the best of the best when it comes to quality and flavor.

Users who need a robust, reasonably priced, quality e-cig mod should check out Vapor Shark’s rDNA 40. For those who need more power, the slightly more expensive, but still bang-for-buck, DNA 200 is worth considering as well.

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Published: August 19, 2015 Updated: July 26, 2021



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