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Selection: 60%
Vapor Quality: 80%
Battery Life: 75%
Value for Money: 70%
Our Verdict: Vapor Couture is a line of e-cigarettes designed specifically for women. Available in different colors and kits, the brand offers women a more stylish and elegant vaping experience. Owned by the same makers of V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture has similar packaging, but the range of models available are not as vast or as powerful.

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Vapor Couture’s Best Products:

Vapor Couture Entreé Kit

Vapor_Couture_Entree_Kit_Rodeo_Drive_Deep_PurpleBeginnersPrice: $39.95 Vapor Couture’s most basic rechargeable kit, the Entreé Kit includes one Vapor Couture battery, six flavor cartridges, a smart charger, and one single-use Vapor Couture e-cig.

The battery is a standard cig-a-like, but dressed in more fabulous attire. It is a sleek and stylish e-cig in a brushed metal finish with the company’s signature crystal tip that glows. It only lasts about 45 minutes. Not great, but given its size, it’s acceptable. It does charge quickly, so there is that plus. Vapor production is decent, at best. It gets the job done, producing vapor to puff on, but in terms of power and throat hit, not much can be found here.

Colors available include: deep purple, rose gold, brushed platinum, and gray.

Vapor Couture L’Essentiel Kit

Vapor_Couture_L'essentiel_KitBeginnersPrice: $64.95 Similar to the Entreé Kit, the L’Essentiel Kit adds more value for just a little more money by including two Vapor Couture batteries with the option of choosing two separate colors for each. Aside from the three colors available for the Entreé Kit, the L’Essentiel Kit also has the option of choosing Vapor Couture’s Signature Logo Pattern.

Also included in the kit are two 5-packs of Vapor Couture flavor cartridges, one charger kit, and one user manual.

Vapor Couture Maximale Kit

Vapor_Couture_Maximale_Kit_BeginnersPrice: $199.95 Women vapers who are serious about quitting, who are able to spare no expense on their kit, are best served getting the Maximale Kit. With three Vapor Couture batteries available in different colors, the kit also has a portable charging case to ensure users don’t lose power while on-the-go.

The Maximale Kit also includes four 5-pack Vapor Couture flavor cartridges (users can choose a different shade, flavor and nicotine strength for each).

To further cement its status as the ultimate women’s vape kit, there is also a Vapor Couture Fluted Necklace Charm that holds the battery. With two breakaway clasps, this piece of functional jewelry can also double as a bracelet to ensure the e-cig is never too far away.

Finally, the kit also includes a Vapor Couture Clutch with enough space to store extra batteries, cartridges, important cards, and a smart phone. Available in black, white, crimson, or plum, the Vapor Couture Clutch is versatile enough to be an everyday-carry bag.

Included in the box are two 650 mah3.7 volt batteries, twoclearomizers, one USB charging cable, one wall adapter, one circular wireless charger, and one user manual.

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The Vapor Couture Style

You will not find a large selection of variable voltage devices or rebuildables here. At Vapor Couture you will only find disposables and pen-style e-cigs that use pre-filled cartridges. Even the names of their products lend themselves to the givings of style, names like L’Essential or the Entree kit.

Vapor Couture is a sister company of V2 E-Cigs. With VMR being the parent company it is clear that Vapor Couture will likely continue to just repackage their V2 design. They are certainly making themselves a niche within a growing industry.

What Do You Get

As for the products themselves, the kits are pretty standard. You get the battery (or two depending on your choice) and a pack of pre-filled carts chosen by flavor, and a charging cord and case. Everything that you would need to get started, of course.

They do not ease up on the style anywhere either. The box that everything is shipped in is designed to look like a purse or handbag. Everything all the way down to the e-cig itself has a feminine flair to it.

Quality and Price

There are a growing number of electronic cigarette and e-liquid suppliers out there and all of them are fighting for their own piece of market share. Maybe trying to carve out a niche is not such a bad idea, but in order to be successful your product must be worth the cost.

The prices for one of the Vapor Couture starter kits is a bit up there. Considering these are pen-style or cig-a-like models the prices should be about 25% less than what they are. However, when you consider the consumer they are after I wonder if the price will even matter?

The quality of your product says everything about your company and it’s future. In the case of Vapor Couture I am sad to say that their products are only average. Their batteries give you only about 2-4 hours of use, and their disposables give about the same.


In this industry you either make e-cigs, e-liquid, or both. For many companies that sell both they can usually make up for one with the other. However, with Vapor Couture even their juices are lacking. They only offer 6 flavors and while they do offer quantity pricing you will still be spending more than you should.

Their website does make it somewhat easy to find what you are looking for, but each page is a carbon copy of the last with just different information on each. Then again, when you only sell a couple different products how hard could it be?

Interesting to Know

V2 Cigs once reported that the number of its female customers outnumber the male. This statistic may have given rise to the Vapor Couture brand. There’s no doubt that the Vapor Couture line of e-cigs is very stylish and attractive; however, performance is run-of-the-mill and its selection is very limited.

There are accessories for women available, such as the Vapor Couture Clutch, but does it justify the cost? For the price of the kits above, users can get better performing devices.

The Vapor Couture brand is a good idea, but its selection and the range of models available should be expanded to more than just disposables and cig-a-likes. It’s great for nights out in the club and parties, or for beginners who are just curious, but as an everyday device, users are better served looking elsewhere.

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Published: August 10, 2015 Updated: August 27, 2019



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