//Vapor 4 Life E-Cig Review – For Beginners and Advanced Vapers
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Vapor 4 Life E-Cig Review – For Beginners and Advanced Vapers

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  • Selection: 80%
  • Quality: 59%
  • Price: 76%
  • Customer Service/Shipping: 30%
  • Overall Rating: 57%

Vapor 4 Life was once a dominant force in the industry, but they haven’t updated their products and some customers report poor customer service.

Vapor 4 Life is, at first glance, an electronic cigarette company much like all the rest. What sets them apart from the rest of the pack, however, is the quality of their products. Their starter kits, for example, offer vapers a lot of variety for great prices. If you are new to vaping and looking to get started with a kit that will give you everything that you need to actually enjoy the experience then look no further than Vapor 4 Life.

Variety – For the Beginner or the Veteran

It might sound a bit strange to suggest that someone who has been vaping for some time could benefit from one of their starter kits but it is true. The fact is that Vapor 4 Life offers such variety in these kits that they could work for almost anyone. Most experienced vapers will ignore the “starter kit” section when browsing a company’s website. However, if a person does the same thing on the Vapor 4 Life site they could very well be missing a great deal.

For the beginner, they need look no further than the large variety of starter kits offered. They range from $28 for a full kit, all the way to $105 for a kit with many more options. Most beginners will generally choose the cig-a-like or pen-style variety simply because it resembles what they are familiar with. If however they have a friend or someone who is helping them make their decisions on the matter, they might very well go with a kit that offers various voltage choices or longer lasting batteries. All of these (and more) are available through the website.

A High-Quality Brand That You Shouldn’t Overlook

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Beginners cannot go wrong with any kit they choose from Vapor 4 Life. Even in the cheapest kits, they will get a charger (USB passthrough), the battery, and a 5-pack of cartomizers. This is everything they need to experience vaping. The great thing about this kit is actually the ordering system on the website. While placing your order you have the opportunity to add various other products to your order. If you are someone who has a bit more experience and desires a bit more from your starter kit you can go with the Vapor Kind Diamond Series. This kit comes with two batteries, a slim charger, a 5-pack of cartomizers and a carrying case.

These are just the beginning, however. Vapor 4 Life offers eGo starter kits and a variety of variable-voltage kits as well. It doesn’t matter really how much experience you have with vaping, there is likely a starter kit for you in the bunch. Everything Vapor 4 Life offers are worth every penny. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee with their products too. As you go through the ordering process you are also treated with a review from previous customers on the product that you are viewing.

Vapor 4 Life Makes Customers 4 Life

There is a lot to be said about brand loyalty. In the electronic cigarette market, with so many different options for the customer, it is hard for any company to earn return business. As hard as it may be, it seems that Vapor 4 Life is well on their way to doing just that. Their ordering process, guarantees and products themselves are giving customers what they are asking for and at great prices.

When a person first starts vaping they will inevitably do a lot of experimenting. Trying various products and various brands. Vapor 4 Life has given their customers reasons to stick with them and in this industry that can equal a big fat win. If you ask me, beginner, or not, the prices are right and the products are exactly what you would expect them to be. In a world that is often not what it seems it is nice to see a bit of transparency and actually get what you pay for.

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