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vaping vamps logoVaping Vamps is the only electronic cigarette brand owned by women specifically for women. It’s perfect for women who want to have something that works as both a quit smoking aid and a fashion accessory. Plus, their flavors are made to appeal to women’s taste buds. They are a good brand with a quality product and competitive prices.

Starter Kit Selection and Prices

Vaping Vamps has two main starter kits with several nicotine options.

Deluxe Starter Kit: $59.95 (also available as Vampstick)
Tri-Level Kit: $59.95 (Caroline or Mint Julie)
Try Me Kit: $34.95 (also available as Vampstick)

Deluxe Starter Kit ($59.95)

The Deluxe Starter Kit is the main kit that Vaping Vamps offer. It comes with two batteries, five cartomizers, one USB charger, and one wall adapter. Choose from five flavors and four nicotine strengths, including the zero nicotine Vampstick.

Tri-Level Kit ($59.95)

The Tri-Level Kit includes the same items as the Deluxe Starter Kit. But this kit comes with three levels of nicotine. Two high nicotine cartomizers, two medium nicotine cartomizers, and one low nicotine cartomizer. This is useful for women who want to step down their level of nicotine. The Tri-Level Kit is available with either their Caroline or Mint Julie flavors.

Try Me Kit ($34.95)

If you would like to spend less for a starter kit, there is the Try Me kit. It comes with one battery, two cartomizers, and one USB charger. That is pretty much the bare essentials. It includes the same flavor and nicotine options as the Deluxe Starter Kit. Honestly, you would get a much better deal if you saved up for the Deluxe Starter Kit instead.


The Vampstick is a zero nicotine electronic cigarette. It is perfect for women who want to vape without the nicotine. The Deluxe Starter Kit and the Try Me Kit are both available with the Vampstick option.


Our Review Of The Vaping Vamps Deluxe Kit

For the purposes of this review, we received a Deluxe Kit from Vaping Vamps. Here are some photos of the kit as we opened it and checkout out the contents:

vaping vamps boxvaping vamps opened boxvaping vamps contents

Our Full Vaping Vamps Review



Vaping Vamps has two main starter kits: the Deluxe Starter Kit and the Try Me Kit. The Tri-Level Kit is pretty much the same think as the Deluxe Starter Kit but with three different nicotine strengths. Vaping Vamps currently has five flavors, five levels of nicotine, and a few accessories.

Score: 8/10



The price of their Deluxe Starter Kit is competitive with the rest of the market. But the rest of the market would make you pay extra for something designer like this.

Refill cartridges come in packs of five for $9.95. That is an excellent price compared to many other brands that charge around $15 for the same amount.

Score: 9/10


Design and Packaging

Vaping Vamps is all about style and class. It has an elegant design that is sure to be a conversation starter while out on the town. From the packaging to the e-cigarettes themselves, Vaping Vamps has a unique look that you won’t find anywhere else. They even have a pretty e-cigarette case.

Score: 10/10


Vapor Production

Their current e-cigarette isn’t quite as powerful as the hobbyist vapers would like. But its intended demographic is social smoking women. That being said, they have in the works another model that will produce ore vapor.

Score: 7/10


Battery Life

The battery lasts a long enough time for its intended use. It should be more than enough for a girls’ night out. Just in case, you could always carry the second battery with you. Vaping Vamps has a stylish carrying case which fits in most purses.

Score: 8/10



Vaping Vamps has five unique flavors:

• Caroline – Smooth tobacco with a hint of mint.

• Mint Julie – Refreshing mint. Great for former menthol smokers.

• Caramella – Our favorite flavor of the bunch. It’s like caramel candy.

• Tia Berry – It is a sweet flavor, but it didn’t stand out much. We weren’t sure what it was supposed to taste like. But it was tasty and we enjoyed it anyway.

• Mango Lola – Our second favorite flavor. I sweet and juicy mango flavor.

Caramella and Mango Lola stood out from the rest, but we enjoyed all of them.

Score: 8/10

All in All

Vaping Vamps makes a great gift for that important woman in your life.


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