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Reusable Express Kit
Reusable Express Kit
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The reusable express kit has the most basic elements a new vaper will need to start vaping. It is made of two parts, the SuperMax battery...

Deluxe Starter Kit
South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus E-Cigarette Starter Kit
Thunder Starter Kit
South Beach Smoke Thunder Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Brand Review

South Beach Smoke’s Best Products

#1 Reusable Express Kit

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The reusable express kit has the most basic elements a new vaper will need to start vaping. It is made of two parts, the SuperMax battery and cartridge with atomizer. It comes with a USB charger at $21.99 and is convenient to use since all you need to do is replace the cartridge every time it is worn out. This e-cigarette sports the looks of the real thing and has a crystal LED on the tip that lights up each time you draw from the device.

When trying to quit smoking, it is important to adjust gradually the lightweight, strong, and nicotine-based tobacco cigarettes to an e-cigarette that will make you feel comfortable and satisfied. The reusable express kit was designed for this exact purpose, as it tries to mimic the physical build of a real cigarette stick. It is discreet and down-to-earth for those who are not accustomed to large vaporizers with obvious buttons and tanks.

The SuperMax battery is South Beach Smoke’s enhanced battery for their cig-a-likes, which lasts about 350 puffs before needing a recharge. It can be used with other cartomizers with KR808D-2 threading, such as Green Smoke. With 4.2 volts of power that the brand sets in its e-cigs, the vapor is remarkably thick compared to other cig-a-like disposables. If you want hotter vapor in larger quantities, without the tight draws, then this kit is for you.

The Reusable Express Kit may not be as cheap as you thought it can be—given the fact that it includes only one cartridge that needs to be replaced after a few rounds of vaping. However, the rechargeable battery that you can attach to a new cartridge without the hazards of tobacco cigarettes makes this kit worth investing.

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#2 Deluxe Starter Kit

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If you are a new vaper who does not want the inconvenience of having to order additional cartridges for your cig-a-like, then the Deluxe Starter Kit may be your type of vape. This entry-level set comes with one standard battery, one high capacity battery, one USB cord, one wall adapter, and ten large cartridges.

The design is comparable to a real cigarette, with the white battery attached to the filter-looking cartridge. It creates a relatively good amount of vapor as compared to other brands since it uses 4.2volts of power as well. It is actually not anything that is out of the ordinary, but the complete charging set, the extra battery, and the pack of cartridges is very handy for when you are out and about.

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#3 Thunder Starter Kit

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For vapers who are into rebuildables and customization, the Tephra 1 Starter Kit is a great mechanical mod kit that allows you to start enjoying more vapor, flavor, and overall satisfaction. It has the same durable and compact build as other newly released advanced units that Volcano Ecigs offers.

The TEPHRA 1 mechanical mod sleeve is made of resilient 6061 billet aluminum and machined 303 stainless steel core—two of the most remarkably durable construction materials that guarantee years of usage without breaking and damage.

The kit is 94.38mm long and 22.5mm in diameter, which is solid and compact to the touch. Advanced vapers who do not want to worry about their units being damaged when carried around will love the Tephra 1’s overall design.

With a 35 AMP 18650 high-drain LiMN 2800mAH Lavacell Battery, this unit is engineered to create high-quality vapor using RBAs that you can tweak according to your preferences.

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#4 SBS Air Starter Kit

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If you are a beginner who wants to start with refillable tanks rather than disposable cartridges, then the Air Starter Kit from South Beach Smoke makes a great portable kit. Unlike cig-a-likes that feel very flimsy and delicate, the Air Starter Kit has a compact stainless steel body and a tank that feels tough as more expensive kits.

The size is just right to fit in the palm of your hand, making it outstanding for discreet vaping. The price is comparable to cig-a-like starter kits, as well. The Air Starter Kit includes one advanced electronic cigarette vaporizer, one USB charger, and one wall adapter. The 350mAh battery is enough to last a few hours of light to moderate vaping, quite on the average when compared to cig-a-like kits nowadays.

This vaporizer, however, stands out from the rest due to its compact and portable build. For the same price range that you will invest on a cig-a-like kit, you can get the Air Starter Kit that lets you choose from different e-liquid flavors. The tank also lasts 1 to 3 months before needing to replace the tank.

What Else You Can Get From South Beach

South Beach Smoke began in 2010 in South Beach, Florida, and has since been committed to creating affordable and quality products for vaping. They have developed quite a selection of vaping devices and accessories, including quite some e-liquid flavors that represent five flavor groups.

A few of their top blends include Tropical Cherry, Nuts over Caramel Apples, Pear Mint, Southern Hospitality, Tobacco Cherry Bomb, Strawberry Margarita, Watermelon Mojito, Pina Cooler, Sweet Bourbon, Candy Appletini, White Gold, Vanilla Bean Dream, Sea Spray, Bahama Breeze, Rocco’s Pearadise, Peach Freeze, Pear Tobacco, Pom Passion, Raspberry Ice, Captain’s Colada, Totally Toffee Latte, Amaretto Sour, Tobacco Mint, and many more.

They also offer their selection of accessories for e-cigarettes and vaporizers, and have a custom vaporizer builder for those who are searching for particular features that are not completely catered by their ready kits.

From the basic disposable e-cigarettes to reusable kits, South Beach Smoke has expanded their vaping devices to intermediate and premium packages for longer, heavier, and more experienced vapers.

South Beach Smoke offers a 30-day money back guarantee and has live customer support on their website from Mondays to Fridays, at 8 am to 11 pm EST. Their lifetime warranty is given to their home delivery program members. Otherwise, customers who are not registered in this program are entitled to their 1-year warranty.

The Final Words

As a conclusion, South Beach Smoke does better than other e-cig brands that offer cig-a-likes for beginners. The battery, vapor production, value, and convenience that are built in their beginners’ starter kits are a point above most cig-a-like brands in the market.

Additionally, South Beach Smoke has taken another step forward by introducing their intermediate vaping kits that range from basic e-liquid tank vaporizers to variable voltage kits for more advanced users. This shows that the famous e-cig name wants to provide for all types of vaping needs through quality products, just as what they aimed for when the company started a few years ago.

While they do lack mods and other advanced kits that involve rebuildable coils and atomizers, South Beach Smoke has an exemplary selection of accessories and e-liquids and cartridges that any vaper would admire.

Their website is easy to use and navigate, with sufficient information that will help any new vaper to decide which device is suitable for his or her needs and personal preferences. The reviews are equally helpful, with both the needed positive and negative remarks that make evaluating each product as objective as possible.

We would promote South Beach Smoke e-cigs to beginners who want the simplicity in cig-a-like builds but are in need of a more powerful battery and better vapor production. Their vaporizers, on the other hand, are for intermediate and advanced vapers who need portable back-ups to their more advanced units.

Published: September 3, 2015 Updated: November 29, 2021

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