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Selection: 80%
Vapor Quality: 75%
Battery Life: 75%
Value for Money: 70%
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Our Verdict: SmokeTip started out as a company that sold just one model of e-cigarette – a cig-a-like that cost too much and performed terribly. Today, the company caught up with the times and now offers a variety of e-cigarettes and mods that will suit vapers of all levels.

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SmokeTip’s Best Products:

SmokeTip Kit

BeginnersPrice: $59

SmokeTip Kit

The beginner’s starter kit in SmokeTip’s lineup of products, the kit includes two cig-a-like batteries, a wall adapter, a USB charger, and a pack of five cartridges. It all comes in a beautiful solid bamboo box that exudes class. Given the price for the kit, which is a bit on the high side, the box should be more than just plastic or cardboard.

Looking and performing much like other cig-a-likes, the SmokeTip Kit’s devices are easy to use. One simply charges it, attaches a cartridge, and it is ready to use. Battery life for each is about two hours, which is standard, and the performance is decent. Vapor production is typical of cig-a-likes, and the flavor is mediocre at best.

Users who are looking for a cig-a-like starter kit will do better searching elsewhere. Other brands offer similar kits at half the price. Unless you are willing to pay the extra cost for the wooden box, this one is a pass.

SmokeTank Kit

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $79

SmokeTank Kit

A step up over cig-a-likes, the SmokeTank Kit features two 650 mAh batteries with a large refillable tank for a much more pleasurable vaping experience. The Tank has replaceable heads so users can simply swap the old one out once the coil is worn out. This can save users a lot of money in the long run.

The tank also comes with an airflow control and features double sized airflow chambers to produce dense vapor. The heat resistant tank also ensures users that heavy usage will not result in a cracked glass.

Also coming in a bamboo box, included in each kit are two batteries, one tank, a USB charger, a wall adapter, one beauty ring, and an extra atomizer head. Users can upgrade the batteries with a 15-watt variable battery that allows one to choose from five, ten or fifteen watts of power.

Those looking for more power from their e-cigs will find SmokeTank Kit capable of satisfying their vaping needs. Its customizable setup makes it great for new vapers looking for more control, or advanced users who need a more discreet setup.

SmokeTankXL Kit

Advanced UsersPrice: $89

SmokeTankXL Kit

Moving on to mod territory, the SmokeTankXL Kit is perfect for advanced vapers who are looking for an extremely customizable device that performs perfectly.

Included in the kit are one 40-watt battery, one 3.5ml tank, one replacement coil head, a USB charger, a wall adapter, and a small screw for adjusting the positive pin of the device.

The 40-watt battery has a small LCD screen that displays the remaining battery life, the wattage set, the atomizer ohms, and the voltage output. Users can adjust the wattage by way of a simple dial. It is easy to use and very powerful.

The tank is made of stainless steel and has airflow control. This, combined with the variable wattage, lets users tweak settings so they can get the desired vapor production that suits them. The coil included is 0.5 ohms, which can produce warm, thick vapor. Whether you are a cloud chaser or a flavor seeker, this kit can give you the best of both worlds.

Users also have the option to upgrade the battery to SmokeTip’s 40-watt wood battery for added aesthetic flair.

Additional Details

SmokeTip has come a long way since it first started out. From offering just a single, relatively inferior product, the company now offers powerful, and highly customizable devices that even the most jaded of vapers will appreciate.

Aside from the devices, the company also has a full range of accessories to support its products, as well as a line of e-liquid that are offered with daily specials that are hard to resist. Five bottles get you free atomizers, ten bottles come with a free battery and atomizers while fifteen bottles get users a free battery, atomizers, a USB charger, and a wall adapter. That is a whole kit free.

For those who need a capable backup device, or a reliable main mod to use every day, users will not be disappointed with what SmokeTip has to offer.

SmokeTip Electronic Cigarettes
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