Pure Electronic Cig Pure Smoke Review – Smoke Or Vapor?


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 21, 2022

Pure Electronic Cig Pure Smoke Review

Review Score: 82/100

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$8.49 - 20.99
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Pure Smoke E-Cigs seems to put a lot of faith into their disposable devices. One of their biggest products is a disposable in a box made to look like a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Now they are not the first company to do this, almost everyone with a disposable on the market has a design like this. THe problem is that I do not like them, and I am not alone.

A company stuck in the past, Pure Smoke E-Cigs offers consumers a thin selection of mainly cig-a-likes, both disposable and rechargeable. Other brands have branched out and started offering more powerful vape pens and even variable mods. However, Pure Smoke E-Cigs stands firm in its commitment to producing weak products at higher than average prices.

Pure Smoke’s Best Products

Pure Smoke Disposable

A typical disposable cig-a-like, Pure Smoke’s disposable e-cig comes in two flavors – Classic Tobacco and Cool Mint. One unit is claimed to be equivalent to two packs of cigarettes, which is the standard for disposables. The nicotine level for each is at 18mg, without the option to go higher or lower.

Pure Smoke Cartomizer Starter Kit

Vapor production is average, and the battery lasts as long as other disposables. The flavors available are limited to two, and the price is higher than the usual disposable e-cig from other brands. If the Pure Smoke Disposable performed a little better, the higher price would have been justifiable. Sadly, this is not so.

Pure Smoke Hookah Disposable

Virtually identical to the Pure Smoke Disposable, the Disposable Hookah pen earns its name change due to its 0mg nicotine content. Battery life is good for about 500 puffs, and flavors come in Cappuccino, Watermelon, Mango, Pineapple, Peach, and Strawberry.

Though the variety of flavors available is significantly better than Pure Smoke’s other products, the lack of nicotine options is a huge letdown. However, since Pure Smoke has branded their zero nic disposables as the “Hookah”, this is understandable. Still, it would have been nice to have the same variety of flavors in their other products. The advertised 500 puffs is a bit optimistic, though, and users should expect about 2/3 of that.

Pure Smoke Cartomizer Starter Kit

Pure Smoke’s only rechargeable option, the Cartomizer Starter Kit includes one battery, two cartomizers, and one USB charger. Each cartomizer is rated to last about 400 puffs, but users should expect about half that amount. Nicotine content for the e-liquid in each cartomizer is at 18mg while the battery itself lasts about an hour and recharges in two. The flavors available include Classic Tobacco and Cool Mint.

Pure Smoke Disposable Cool Mint

The fact that the Cartomizer Starter Kit is Pure Smoke’s top-of-the-line offering, yet still ranks lower than the most basic offerings of other brands, says a lot about the company. Vapor production is mediocre, though better than the disposables, and the battery life is nothing to write home about. The choices for flavors and nicotine strengths are laughable, and the cost is massively overpriced for what it is. Other brands offer much more starter kit options at the same price, or lower.

If Pure Smoke offered a wider variety of flavors and nicotine strengths and priced the kit lower – the Cartomizer Starter Kit would have been a viable option for beginners. However, as it stands, users are better off looking elsewhere.

What They Offer

Pure Smoke has decided to stick with the relatively average cig-a-like design and they sell both a disposable as well as a rechargeable version. However, if it was me, I would stay away from the rechargeable if for no other reason than to not be seen holding on of those fake cigarette packs that companies like this like to make their charging cradle.

They also sell a variety of parts and accesories but only for the products that they sell. They are not that big on trying to get other business. They are sticking with car chargers, plugs, and cartridges for their products only. Of course the prices are just about average also but they had better be considering they do not offer much.

E-Juice and Flavor Selection

The only juice they sell is that which comes pre-filled within their cartridge packs. Thing is, even here they do not offer much of a choice. They give you a small variety of options for flavors and that is it. One thing that you can take solace in is that their batteries will fit various other cartridges from other manufacturers. So that compatibility is one thing that Pure Smoke did right.

You will get the same options for flavors that most other companies offer. There are a couple more unique flavors like watermelon for example. But even that is not that special. The prices are what you would expect also. They are not cheaper than the next guy but they are not the most expensive either. So you will find that the prices are ok.. but then when you consider what you might pay for shipping is when the shock comes in.

Closing Thoughts

Based on the products available, of which its entirety is listed above, it seems Pure Smoke is not even trying. They focus on cig-a-likes, don’t have much in terms of variety, the flavors are lacking, and performance is just mediocre. Prices are higher than average and users can get better quality e-cigs for the same amount.

Users who are looking for disposable and rechargeable e-cigs will find better options elsewhere. Though one could purchase a Pure Smoke product if they are curious enough.

If Pure Smoke offered a wider variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, lowered their prices, or provided better products, they might stand a chance. Vapers are a picky lot spoilt for choice, and if Pure Smoke only have the above to offer, users have no incentive to choose Pure Smoke products over the others.

Overall, Pure Smoke is a company that caters only to beginners, but even then, they do not have much to offer.

Published: August 20, 2015Updated: October 21, 2022

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