ProVape (Provari Mod) Brand Review – A Close Look

ProVape (Provari Mod)87100

  • Vapor Production – 92%
  • Battery Life – 96%
  • Build Quality – 96%
  • Price – 75%
  • Overall Rating – 87%

The ProVape Provari is a fantastic piece of machinery. It vapes amazingly and is seriously high quality.

The Provari may just be one of the most mythical products in the e-cigarette world. It’s expensive and supposedly one of the most powerful mods (batteries) on the market.

For those who aren’t familiar with electronic cigarettes, a mod works as the battery but it’s really just a device that holds other batteries and modifies the voltage. They are popular because of their long battery life and customization, but they also tend to be bulky and hard to use on the go.

But is their well-branded product really worth the big price tag?

 About Provape and the Provari

First of all, let’s get this out of the way…this is the ProVari:

provari gold color

Some might call the ProVape Provari the Mercedes of the E-cig. With its sleek design, various color choices, and high-end battery choices, the Provari line is truly a wonder to behold. Although this might sound like I have been paid off rest assured, that is not the case. The Provari is just that good.

Starter Kits are the bulk of what we review here for a reason. By examining the starter kits and the e-liquid choices that a company offers we believe you can really see what a company in this industry is about. The way they handle the new and un-initiated, and the options that they offer their customers shows how much time, effort, and care they put into their business.

The Starter Kit

Starter Kits are big packages with plugs, extra parts, and other necessities. Even if you are a vaping veteran, kits like these are good deals if you are looking to try a new device. If that is the case, or you are a beginner, consider the Provari Starter Kit.

provari e-cigs colors

You get the Provari of course, a great and efficient device. Then you also get the necessary charging cord as well as an extra battery.  Along with it comes the choice of two different tanks as a case to hold it all. The kit might be expensive but if this is what you are looking for you will not be disappointed.

The Provari is a microprocessor controlled device which means that you can control the voltage. This is a great feature on any device. The kit comes with two batteries and both are strong, long lasting lithium-ion batteries. The kits also have the option of extension caps that will allow you to use a longer lasting battery if you so choose.

You will also be given the option of choosing between two very good clearomizers or tanks. You cannot go wrong with this kit whether you are a vet or a beginner. Everything that you need comes included and you will literally only need to buy e-liquid for a very long time to come.

Drawbacks to the Provari Kit

The most obvious negative here is the price. For over $200 you would almost expect the battery to be lined in gold. There is an opinion out there amongst the community that the Provari is overpriced. I would tend to agree. For the same cost you could theoretically go elsewhere and get 2 kits.

The one thing that has been reported however was some leaking in the tanks offered with the kit, but this is a common occurrence for most brands on the market now. You have to take the good with the bad sometimes. Although the kit is expensive you do get a spare battery and a year warranty. There is even the option of extending the warranty for an extra year for $25.

If however I was ever to pay nearly $200 for a kit I would be pretty upset if it started to leak. ProVape can charge whatever they want, but if they are expecting the vaping community to pay it happily, that is only going to happen if everything works as it should. That means no leaks, no bad batteries, and everything you get in the kit should be in perfect working order.

ProVape E-Liquids

provape e-liquid

The juices offered by Provape are of premium quality. All the companies out there call their e-liquid “premium” but not all of it stands up to the scrutiny. A premium juice needs to to a few things in order to be considered a “premium”.

The juice must produce a thick vapor cloud and a large one. The juice must have a solid taste. If the juice is peach flavored, it needs to taste like peach, not apples. Finally the juice must have a consistency like that of a light syrup. Not fluid like water, but also not as thick as molasses.

The juices produced by ProVape meet all of these requirements. The juices are all made from products sourced in the USA and come in all the standard sizes and strengths. They produce their juices from both PG and VG and the nicotine comes from tobacco plants grown and extracted in the US. In addition, all the bottles come equipped with child-proof caps.

In Closing

Overall ProVape has been a leader in the E-Cig community for a long time now. They might not be a company that has 10 different devices and thousands of juices, but the products that they do produce are enough. They focus on a couple products and they have had success because of it.

Their Provari line is a good product but there are a few battling opinions on it as well. Like I said before, for a product to command a higher price than its counterparts it must outperform them. The Provari just does not do that. It is, for the most part, no different than many of the other similar models on the market. That being the case, there is no justification for the higher price.

Published: October 16, 2017 Updated: August 27, 2019



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