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Summary: we have tested all of the electronic cigarettes offered by Jac Vapour and we have ranked it as #1 e-cig brand in the UK because of the quality of their products and affordable prices they’re offering. Read on to learn more about Jac Vapour from our full review, or check out their selection:
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Introduction to JAC Vapour

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Since the company’s establishment on July 2010, JAC Vapour has expanded into a huge e-cigarette brand on a worldwide level. Despite their tough start that was criticised due to incoherent shipping, subpar quality of products, and uncompetitive pricing, JAC Vapour has become one of the leading companies in the e-cigarette industry today.

From five customers during their first month’s operations, JAC Vapour is now marked with a huge selection of products and exceptional customer service. In 2014, they recorded more than 80,000 customers, ending their year with the opening of their first retail store in Leeds. By 2015, the once struggling e-cig brand has become one of the top 10 largest online retailers of e-cigarettes in the world.

Overall Verdict

There is no questioning the impressive growth that JAC Vapour have accomplished through the years, and this should be credited to their great selection. They offer vape starter kits for all types of vapers, a good set of e-liquids with plenty of options regarding flavor, nicotine, and type and accessories to customise each purchase based on your personal preference.

JAC Vapour is a suitable brand option for beginners and advanced vapers alike who love to customise their vaping kits to achieve a more satisfying vaping experience. Anyone who is up for some unique vaping products will also find this brand worth every penny. Although at some point, their products can also benefit from future improvements.

Packaging, Branding, and Design

A good word to describe JAC Vapour’s packaging is never to judge anything by its external facade. This brand, apparently, took the minimalist way of branding and packaging their products—sporting a plain cardboard rectangular box with their logo on top.

This seemingly dull way of greeting thousands of customers who expect something out of their buck can be quite misleading. When you finally open the packaging, you meet a sleek portable charging case that is metallic and so exquisitely built. Different from the common PCC that imitates regular cigarette packs, JAC Vapour’s is more of a modern version that slips in and out of your pocket without any difficulty.

JAC Vapour’s Top Rated E-Cigs

Series-E Protank Starter Kit Review

Series-E-Protank-Starter-KitHigh performance and solid, as claimed by its maker, the Series-E Protank Starter Kit is a quality buy. On top of JAC Vapour’s most popular makes is this kit, which was designed to cater to advanced vaping needs and high standards regarding quality, elegance, and durability.

The Series-E Protank Starter Kit features a 1000mAh battery, and sports a compact size at 78mm (length). Style and comfort are both at the forefront of this starter kit’s design, making it a great vape to carry around when you are out and about. With its variable voltage option, vapers can easily set their units to deliver the most suitable vapour each time with a press of a button.

Vapor production with this eGo and 510-thread compatible e-cig is superb, giving off the nicest flavor out of your choice of e-liquid. It is easy to assemble and use and allows replacement of every part to save you from having to purchase new sets every time your unit encounters a problem. JAC Vapour does not put pre-fitted coils in the included Protank 3, though, so make sure to read the instructions carefully before trying to start vaping.

Battery life is just as impressive, giving hours and hours of vaping power. Of course, this depends on how heavy a vaper you are. All in all, the Series-E Protank Kit has got to be one of the bests from JAC Vapour today.

V1P PCC Starter Kit Review

V1P-PCC-Starter-KitAn entry-level e-cig kit that comes with a PCC, a USB Cable, 1 V3i battery, 1 USB back-up charger, and 1 LED tip, the V1P PCC kit is priced at £39.99 each. JAC Vapour allows customers to choose five cartomisers of their choice based on nicotine content, flavor (tobacco or menthol), or content (prefilled or empty). Battery color options are available, as well as the color of the LED tip that lights up each time you will take a drag out of this e-cig. You can also choose your preferred five coloured bungs to customise your kit further.

This beginner’s e-cig kit produces good vapour quality with both prefilled and empty cartomisers with your choice of e-liquid. However, the battery life and power out of this kit are not as good as other PCC batteries. V3i, after all, are offered with PCC’s to spare you from running out of vaping power. Charging takes a less than 2 hours to revert from an empty shell to a fully charged power source, bringing you back to your vaping sessions in no time.

JAC Vapour S-Series Vape

JAC Vapour S-Series Vape imageJAC Vapour the Series S is stainless steel, beautifully crafted vape mod with a rubber, slip-free coating. The battery runs at a strong 900mAh capacity. The package comes with two different S-coils so it is possible to make the smooth transition from mouth-to-lung to from direct-to-lung vaping if you are feeling up to it. Multiply coils give a chance to try out sub ohm vaping on the same mod.

The tank features adjustable airflow settings, and the tank itself is a see-through, stainless steel/glass combined with a 1.8ml capacity, with the coils running at 0.5 ohms. The Series S17, which is the model we will be reviewing today, comes in only three available colors (black, maroon and stainless steel).

The battery has the universal 510 threading so there’s an option to switch it out with something else. The firing button has two LED slits alongside it that indicate power and battery levels. If the lights stay solid green, it means the battery is fully charged and has an output of 3.8v.

Each proceeding color means the battery is slowing depleting, going from green (3.8v) to blue (3.4v) to red (3.1v). When the light turns red and flashes at least ten times that indicates the battery needs to be charged.

As a starter kit, the JAC Vapour delivers on all counts. It’s easy to use and provides an excellent introduction to sub-ohm vaping.

JAC Vapour E-Liquids Review

JacVapour-e-juicesAside from a full range of customisable e-cigarettes and accessories, JAC Vapour offers three e-liquid lines: Standard, UK-Made, and Clear Steam. The standard line, sold at £3.99, has 26 flavors, the most famous being their Cherry, Apple, Menthol, and Tobacco.

Their UK made e-liquids, which are priced £1 higher than the standard line, are available in 28 flavors, with Banana Milkshake and Strawberry Chew on top of the list. The Clear Steam e-liquid line, on the other hand, is sold at £4.99 for every 10ml bottle. Clear Steam was formulated to cater to the needs of those who need to vape discreetly without producing vapor, such as in workplaces where obvious vaping is often prohibited.

Quality and Safety, Customer Service

JAC Vapour puts emphasis on its high regards towards quality and safety in producing their e-liquids. Such is their rationale for their relatively higher prices as compared to other leading brands in the industry—the resolution to deliver the quality that is never compromised.

Moreover, while many think that their customer service is limited based on their operating hours and the unavailability of a telephone hotline, JAC Vapour seems to be very confident about this matter. Not surprising, as customers instantly fall in love with their quick response to queries and concerns sent to their email.

JAC Vapour makes it easy for any new vaper to buy his or her set of starters. They have a 14-day no questions asked money-back guarantee for anyone who is unsatisfied with their purchase. This is rather striking for a top-of-the-line brand to give their customers the full freedom to try out their products and return them otherwise. In any case, it is a display of confidence and an outright demonstration of their commitment to satisfying their clients and nothing more.

Wrap-up on the JAC Vapour Review

All in all, we will say that JAC Vapour makes a great brand for quality, durable, and stylish vaping gears. It is a brand for beginners and enthusiasts, for those who love customising their units, and for people who want to quit smoking at the soonest possible time. JAC Vapour has a huge selection of products to offer including their own line of e-liquids and refillable cartomisers to top off your vaping experience the JAC Vapour way.


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