Triton Single Vape Pen Kit Review

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Review Score: 98/100 - 98
Price: $24.99
Color: Black
Works with: E-Liquids
This Triton Single vape pen is made with simplicity in mind. It is easy to charge, refill and assemble and getting started takes only minutes. With only one button to press, it is perfect for on the go vaping, for the absolute beginner or veteran vaper alike.

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The Triton looks sleek and elegant. It also has a rubberized, matte finish battery that adds to the aesthetic and makes for a non-slip grip.

Besides the looks, the Triton is very efficient which makes for a longer lasting battery. The compromise to that is that nobody will be winning any cloud competitions. If blowing huge plumes is not a priority then the lack of cloud chasing capabilities is a moot point.

What comes with the starter kit?

The kit itself comes with the necessary gear to get started, which is not much since this is a very simple system. The battery is a respectable 650mAh, but there is the option to purchase other, bigger batteries separately (up to 1300mAh). This is a more than good enough battery to get started.

The tank is transparent and refillable. At 2.4ml it can provide an All Day Vape for most users, unless we are talking about a chain vaper. There is a choice of a free 10ml bottle of e-juice with nicotine strength ranging from 0mg to 24mg available.

Lastly, there is a USB cable to recharge the battery and a user manual.

How does the Triton vape?


There is not a ton of cloud chasing to be had with this tank style vape pen. It is more about flavor than anything. Halo makes exceptional e-liquids made with high-quality ingredients, so the point is to taste them.

The other side of the vapor coin is that the compact size lends itself well to discreet stealth vaping, which a trail of thick clouds would ruin. Of course, the volume of vapor does depend on the type of juice being vaped, too.

There is quite a strong throat hit without being too harsh. The vapor is very smooth, so even a high mg nicotine strength e-juice will not rub the throat raw.

How to use the Triton

At first, make sure the battery is totally charged. Once it is ready to go, pop off the mouthpiece to reveal the tank. Fill the tank to the max line with the preferred e-liquid. It is important to make sure the wick is in the middle of the tank and has not moved around when removing the mouthpiece. If it is off center, simply push it back to the middle. Replace the mouthpiece and it is ready to vape.

To turn it on, click the fire button five times. When ready to take a draw, hold the fire button while inhaling. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

How does the Triton compare to the competitors?

Apollo OHM Go – Gives some good vapor and nice clouds, but comes up short in the flavor department.

Jacvapour Series S-17 – Provides a nice vape but the body build does not seem very solid.

Is the Triton Starter Kit worth it?


Halo cigs should really be the go-to brand for people just getting into vaping. We only review brands that we know provide quality and Halo is one of our favorites. At the top of the list, then, sits the Triton as there is very little left to be desired.

Long battery life, classic good looks, easy to use and offers tons of flavor. This recommendation is easy to make since there is so little downside to using one.

Review Score: 98/100 - 98
  • Looks elegant
  • Easy to use
  • Provides great flavor
  • Large tank for the compact size of pen
  • Discreet and portable
  • Long battery life
  • Not a lot of cloud production
  • Wick may not be centered when filling


Triton Single Vape Pen Kit
Voltage: 3.3 – 4.2 volts
Battery: 650 mAh
Color: Black
Can be used with: E-Liquids
Price $24.99

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