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Though Halo started out selling typical “cig-a-like” models, it was their e-liquid that propelled them toward becoming one of the leading brands in the industry. As one of the first to produce and offer U.S.-made e-liquid, Halo gave its customers a better alternative to China-made e-liquid – which was where most e-liquid came from in the early days.

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Whether a person is a current smoker looking to make the switch, an experienced e-cig user, or somebody who is curious but not willing to make a commitment to e-cigs just yet, the name “Halo” is sure to come up in conversation or during online research.

After years of being one of the finest e-juice makers, Halo is quickly becoming the go-to source for quality e-cigs, as well, and they have two sleek, modern, and convenient starter kits to choose from, setting them even further apart from other makers.

While the Halo Triton is the all-star of their product line with its powerful batteries and array of customization options, the G6 is a stellar starter kit at $44.99, with enough features to keep even more experienced users happy, but at a lower price than the more expensive Triton system, which is $64.99.

Overall, both kits are solid options for new and experienced users.

The Halo G6


  • Affordably priced
  • Numerous color and flavor options to suit any taste
  • Sleek design for easy handling and fewer spills


  • Limited nicotine concentrations

The G6 is a good starter kit for those who don’t mind lower nicotine concentrations, who want a convenient-to-use design, and who want to save a little money on the more expensive Triton package.

The kit comes with a 5-pack of cartridges, two batteries, a wall adapter and a USB adapter. Kits also come with a stylish Halo case for easier carrying and storage.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Halo G6 is its look. It has a basic e-cig design, similar to Halo’s older “cig-alike” options, but with an upgraded appearance that is sleek and stylish. The overall look is far superior to many other brands’ more basic offerings, and it comes in a variety of colors. Buyers also have the option to choose from a wide array of e-liquid flavors.

Halo G6: Battery and Cartridge

Users also have the option to choose from two separate battery sizes: 65 mm or 78 mm. The 78 mm is the better option for most, because the battery has a longer life (6-8 hours vs. 4-6 hours) and will require charging far less often than the smaller size.

There are also automatic and manual battery options. While the automatic battery is more user-friendly (it activates every time the user takes a drag, whereas manual batteries require you to press a button to activate the vapor) and it expends less energy, the manual option might be more suitable for those who wish to refill e-liquid themselves, as automatic batteries are more prone to leaks.

As with other cigs in this category, the cartridge and battery screw together to create one cigarette unit. This starter kit is especially easy to use. Both pieces fit together nicely, and the batteries are easy to charge as well. The LED light, which lights up as blue when you’re vaping, begins blinking several times to alert you to a low battery. While this isn’t as convenient as some other e-cigs with color-coded LED lights to differentiate between low battery and a dwindling tank, this is hardly an inconvenience. This is especially true with the G6’s excellent battery life.

Halo G6: Final Words

Overall, this e-cig has no real drawbacks for those who don’t need an ultra-high nicotine cigarette, including social smokers or those who smoked two packs or less per day. Although it is made of metallic materials, it has a very good hand feel and is quite usable. It isn’t uncomfortably heavy or clunky like some comparable designs, especially those in this price range, even with the larger battery option.

The Halo Triton

With all the perks of ordering the Halo G6, one might be left to wonder what the benefits of the Triton might be. It is $20 higher in price, but it more than makes up for this drawback with its design quality and vaping experience. In fact, with all the added benefits of the Triton, the higher price is hardly even a drawback at all.


  • Superior battery life for long-lasting vaping action
  • More vapor than other e-cigs for a more realistic cigarette look and feel
  • Sleek and user-friendly design for comfortable handling and fewer e-liquid messes


  • $20 more expensive than Halo’s simpler G6 model

The Halo Triton comes with everything you need to start vaping right away. It includes 2 Triton tanks, 2 Triton batteries, 1 cone, 1 USB adapter, 1 wall adapter, and a Halo case for storage.

Like the G6, the Triton comes with an attractive carrying case for convenience in storage and portability. Each item is made with style in mind, with a cutting edge appearance that far surpasses “cig-alike” models in appearance. Even the chargers exude a sleek appeal.

Halo Triton: Battery and Cartridges

One of the key perks of the Triton over other models is its powerful batteries. This allows it to produce enormous amounts of vapor, without losing battery life. In fact, it can often go for days before a new battery or charge is needed, even for those who vape often throughout the day. These features make it especially perfect for those who need loads of vapor, such as smokers who are trying to make the leap from cigarettes to e-cigs full time.

The batteries with the starter kit come in either 400 or 650 mAh power options. Individual batteries also come in 900 and 1300 mAhs. While the Triton’s batteries are quite a bit larger in size than those of the G6, the added power and longer battery life more than make up for it in convenience. In fact, the Triton batteries can last up to five times longer than conventional “cig-alike” batteries.


Aside from the higher power, which is enough of a reason alone to make the investment, the Triton also comes with a cone in the event you wish to use pre-filled e-liquid cartridges. This specially fitted sleeve fits over your cartridges and gives your e-cig a more sophisticated and chic appearance.

These are also available in many color options.

Like with the G6, users have their choice of battery colors and flavors, making for an equally customized experience. While the nicotine content levels are similar to those of the G6, the added vaping action enhances the overall experience, so this is less noticeable, even for those who appreciate higher nicotine concentrations.

Our Conclusion

The Halo Triton is well worth the added investment, especially for those who are more serious about vaping. The G6 is a good starter kit for those who are easing into e-cigs, or for more casual users who don’t need the power of the pricier Triton. It’s up to you to decide who’s the winner of the epic battle: Triton Tank System vs. G6.




Published: January 29, 2015 Updated: September 7, 2021



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