Green Smoke E-Cigs Review – Portable and Intense Cig-A-Like

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Green Smoke has quickly become one of the most recognizable e-cigarette brands in the industry. While they are in direct competition with V2 in style and kits available, they have the quality to give any brand a run for its money.


  • Realistic cigarettes design mimics the act of smoking
  • Mess-free cartomizer prevents spills while mixing e-liquids
  • Creates high vapor levels for an intense throat hit
  • Features various starter kits to meet user needs


  • No color options available
  • No manual battery option


Selection: 90%
Vapor Quality: 86%
Battery Life: 93%
Value for Money: 90%
Our Verdict: Green Smoke E-Cig is a brand for beginners who are not after the customization that clearomizers offer. Their selection is quite limited to a few flavors and options in terms of their vaping gear. However, for nearly perfecting a cig-a-like design, the battery power and vapor production of their products are above expectations. Green Smoke E-Cig is known for producing entry level e-cig kits, but it’s a promising brand known for exceeding the standard quality of cig-a-like models in the industry.

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Green Smoke’s Best Products:

Essentials Kit

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $49.99 green smoke Essentials KitThe Essentials Kit from Green Smoke is a basic starter kit that includes everything a beginner needs to start vaping. For a complete vaping set worth $18.49 that closely resembles a real cigarette stick, anyone who wishes to quit smoking will adore this kit. With its size and humble design, this unit is also perfect for vapers who need a portable and discreet back-up that will make them look like they are smoking the real thing.

Surprisingly, despite its affordable cost, the Essentials Kit seems durable enough to last for months and even years. Of course, the disposable cartridges are meant to be disposed of after they are fully consumed. The cartridges for the Essentials Kit are available in three different flavors: red label tobacco, absolute tobacco, and menthol ice, with a 1.8% nicotine level. Truly, this starter kit is for the modest vaper who wants it simple and uncomplicated (otherwise you might like to try advanced personal vaporizers or rebuildable tank atomizers).

The battery included in the Essentials Kit is a 270 mAh lithium polymer battery that lasts 6 to 8 hours of light vaping (with an hour’s worth of continuous vaping during lunch break). For the heavy vaper, it can work for 3-4 hours. It is an automatic battery that turns on each time you draw on the device—an advantage for those who want the feels of a real cigarette that you can just puff on after you light. The good thing about Green Smoke’s batteries is that it is compatible with batteries from other cig-a-like brands.

The kit comes in Green Smoke’s signature packaging—the green box with their expertly designed label and a magnetic covering. Each kit includes a USB charger, battery, two cartridges, a user manual, and a lifetime warranty. Green Smoke also provides a plastic carrying case for short-term use with the Essentials Kit.

Express Kit

Beginner and Advanced UsersPrice: $49.99 green smoke Express KitPriced at $46.72, the Express Kit is an upsized Essentials Kit with more components and features included. It has two batteries (1 270 mAh and 1 160 mAh), one pack of 5 cartomizers, one wall adapter, 1 USB charger, and 1 carrying case. This upgraded cig-a-like starter kit is something that beginners and intermediate vapers would love due to its simple yet powerful build.

This kit from Green Smoke is designed to cater to the needs of mobile vapers who need more power source and more cartridges. Having both the batteries will let the device last the whole day, even if you are a heavy vaper. The cartridge pack included in this kit comes in seven powerful flavors. There is menthol ice for those who want a cool mint taste, and absolute tobacco for the strong classic throat hit tobacco lover. Then there is the mocha mist for coffee enthusiasts, smooth cream for the sweet tooth, and other flavors such as the mountain clove, tobacco gold, and red label tobacco. Each flavor is available in five nicotine levels that you can choose.

As with the Essentials Kit, the Express Kit produces lots of vapors that you can compare with more complex e-cigs in the market. The throat hit is just right, and can be adjusted based on the nicotine level that you choose.

Pro Kit

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $79.99 green smoke pro kitA favorite among Green Smoke vapers, the Pro Kit apparently gets the medal for being their most popular product so far. It includes three long batteries, two packs of 5 cartomizers, one wall adapter, 1 USB charger, one car adapter, and 1 carrying case. This kit, although comprised of the same battery unit and cartomizers as the first two kits mentioned earlier, is packed with other essential vaping gear that a dedicated vaper would admire.
It is both an ideal beginner’s starter kit and a great spare kit for advanced users because it has more than enough batteries to keep you vaping the whole day. Whenever you run out of power, you can always use the other battery while you charge your used cell through your laptop, a wall outlet, or in your car.
With this kit, you can choose to get two (from all five different flavors that Green Smoke offers) for each pack of cartomizers that it includes. You can also try different nicotine levels to know which one suits you in terms of the throat hit since vapor production remains as remarkable as with the other kits.
The carrying case, which is bold and durable, is available in green and black.
In general, the Pro Kit allows any user to have variations in flavor and vapor strength, as well as longer hours of vaping with convenient charging devices for when the battery runs out of power. The Pro Kit costs $74.05—not bad for a pack of three e-cigs with three chargers and ten cartomizers. Three different people can even share this kit!

Ultimate Kit

Advanced UsersPrice: $89.99 green smoke ultimate kitThe Ultimate Kit is so far Green Smoke’s Premium Kit, which is for heavy vapers who need a portable cig-a-like unit while they are on the go. The Ultimate Kit holds the same down-to-earth yet powerful build of the previously discussed model—only packed with more accessories and one premium leather carrying case that comes in black, brown, or tan. This carrying case costs $27.75 when bought separately.

Whether you are out working, driving, or camping in a place where there is no power source, the Ultimate Kit makes sure that you have enough power to keep you vaping all day and night. It also comes with handy charging devices that you can use on a laptop or your car.

The vapor production and throat hit does not change with the Ultimate Kit—vaping only gets better with more accessories to use. The kit includes 4 batteries (1 short and 3 long), 2 packs of 5 cartridges, 1 black carrying case, 1 home adapter, 1 leather carrying case, 2 USB chargers, and 1 car adapter. So if you are not really into rebuildable coils , variable voltage and wattage options, clouds of vape, and just want a good source of vape without all the hassles, then this kit is for you.

You can also choose to have two different flavors of cartomizers for each pack, with different nicotine levels.

Green Smoke E-Cigs Review Summary

Green Smoke offers designer batteries, which are the same mAhs and price, only with 20 different prints, colors, and designs. They are wonderful assortments for those who want to sport a more stylish e-cig.

Their website is user-friendly, and they have a quick order processing time to make each transaction a breeze.

Green Smoke is a leading brand in terms of producing easy to use cig-a-like vaping kits with superior vape production and a variety of flavored cartridges to select. With their e-cigs, there is no refilling needed, no worrying about burning the coils and voltage, and no burnt tastes.

Their starter kits, for example, are a step-up from regular disposable e-cigs and offer vapers a lot of variety for great prices.

The design and built feels and looks like a real cigarette—so uncomplicated, it just lets you vape whenever you want to. In fact, it is much easier to use compared to lighting a tobacco cigarette with all the ashes and smell that it produces.

Green Smoke has a 30 day money back guarantee on all their products, and a lifetime limited warranty on their batteries. They also give out 26 points (rewards) for customers who send back 80 empty cartridges for recycling.

If there is anything that needs improvement in their products, it would probably the range of flavors being offered. Some fruit flavors and more options would entice more people to patronize the brand.

Also, a manual battery option could produce even better vapor, and would last longer than automatic batteries, so having it in their kits would be a blast.
All in all, Green Smoke is no joke when it comes to competing with other brands that offer more complex e-cigs.


Published: August 18, 2015 Updated: July 26, 2021



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  • Mary Ramirez

    August 1, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    I want to purchase the express kit but there is no way to do so at this site. I need menthol and the lowest mg of nicotine available. How do I make this purchase?

  • ShadowsGathered

    March 7, 2019 at 11:45 am

    Hahahahahahaha. I should have seen this coming. As soon as Altria bought out Green Smoke, that company started to go downhill. We no longer carry this, we no longer carry that, this is discontinued, THAT is discontinued. I left them years ago because they weren’t worth my time or money anymore. RIP Green Smoke. You used to be an excellent company. Well, at least your founders made a mint off of you in the sale to Big Tobacco.