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EverSmoke Starter Kit
EverSmoke Starter Kit
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The most fundamental kit in EverSmoke’s line-up, the Starter Kit is a great kit for beginners looking to enter the world of vaping. It ...

EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit
EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit
EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo
EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo

EverSmoke’s Best Products

#1 EverSmoke Starter Kit

10/10 icon-question Review score

The most fundamental kit in EverSmoke’s line-up, the Starter Kit is a great kit for beginners looking to enter the world of vaping. It includes one high capacity battery, one standard capacity battery, one portable charger, a USB charger, five nicotine cartridges, and an owner’s manual.

The batteries in this kit differ in size and power, with the larger one capable of extended vaping times. Vapor production of both batteries is superb for its size, and while the standard capacity battery lasts about an hour or two, the high capacity one is capable of up to three hours of vaping time. Compared to the 45 minutes to an hour of battery life of other starter kits, this is superb. The cartridges come in your choice of flavor and nicotine strength while the USB charger allows one to charge anywhere there’s a USB power source. An excellent kit for new vapers.

#2 EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit

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Unlike the Starter Kit, the Reusable Express Kit battery is smaller and more compact. It is still a basic kit best suited for new vapers, but it comes in a stylish case that resembles a cigarette pack. The batteries are rechargeable, letting users maximize their e-cigarettes. Cartridge flavors come in either classic tobacco or cool menthol.

The vapor production in this kit is weaker than the Starter Kit though it is still good enough to curb users’ cravings for cigarettes. The Reusable Express Kit comes with one standard battery, one USB charger, two classic tobacco or menthol cartridges in 18mg nicotine strength, and one owner’s manual.

The Standard Kit is a better buy, offering greater value for the money. However, if you want your e-cigarette to simulate traditional cigarettes more, the Express Kit is worth considering.

#3 EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo

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For couples who want to chase clouds together, the EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo offers everything they need to start vaping. The kit includes two high capacity batteries, two standard capacity batteries, two wall chargers, two USB chargers, two car charging adapters, ten nicotine cartridges, and two owner’s manuals.

The batteries in this kit are similar to the Standard Kit, offering great vapor and good battery life. Users can choose whether the batteries are automatic or manual. The difference between the two is that automatic batteries activate simply by inhaling through the mouthpiece, while manual batteries require an extra button press. Manual batteries last longer, though, so potential buyers should take that into consideration.

Everything in this kit comes in twos so couples can explore vaping together, without having to argue who goes first. Even the chargers and manuals come in pairs, making this the perfect kit for the health-conscious couple.

#4 EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit

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The most complete package in EverSmoke’s stable of products, the Ultimate Starter Kit has everything one needs to start vaping and then some. With the addition of a personal charging case, which can also accommodate five cartridges, users can charge their batteries on-the-go. The e-cigs are similar to the ones in the Starter Kit, so one can expect the same great vapor and decent battery life. If you want to seriously quit smoking, the Ultimate Starter Kit is the way to go.

Users who purchase the EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit get one high capacity battery with an automatic switch, one high capacity battery with the manual switch, one standard battery with automatic switch, one personal charging case, one wall charger, one USB charger, one car charging adapter, one carrying case, 15 nicotine cartridges, and one owner’s manual.

Consider Also

EverSmoke is a company that knows its customers and sticks to its niche. They do not offer APV mods and rebuildable atomizers, but they do have an excellent selection of starter kits for every budget.

The batteries perform well for its size, with great vapor production and decent battery life, and the prices are reasonable. They do not have their own line of e-liquids though their site does offer a link to the VaporFi e-liquid store (which has a massive selection of flavors with the option to customize your own).

New users who are looking for starter kits that perform well should look into EverSmoke’s line of products. The various packages that range from $16 to $150 cover most vapers’ budgets. Value and performance can be hard to find, and EverSmoke has them in spades.

Published: August 21, 2015 Updated: November 20, 2021

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