E Hookah E-Cig Brand Review

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E-HOOKAH Electronic Cigarettes brand

Selection: 40%
Vapor Quality: 74%
Battery Life: 70%
Value for Money: 77%
Our Verdict: The E Hookah brand name is a misnomer. E-hookahs are known as nicotine-less e-cigs, but the brand sells starter kits with varying degrees of nicotine strengths. Nevertheless, E Hookah has a couple of great vape starter kits for beginners but the selection is very limited. Performance is better than most though prices are higher than similar kits from other brands.

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E Hookah’s Best Products:

E Hookah EVOD Starter Kit

BeginnersPrice: $34.99 E HOOKAH Electronic Cigarettes 1100mah EVOD starter kit

Powered by a 1100mAh battery, the E Hookah EVOD is capable of providing up to 1800 puffs per charge. The unit is also equipped with a regulating chip that keeps power steady at an impressive 4.2 volts. Compared to the usual e-cigs that regulate at 3.7 volts, the EVOD’s additional power lets it produce much more massive clouds.
The Kit also includes an E Hookah EHC.1 Clearomizer, a small tank that has a dual coil atomizer head that can be refilled with one’s favorite e-liquid. The dual coil produces more vapor than single coils, making it a perfect match for the 4.2-volt battery. Each EVOD Starter Kit includes one 1100mAh battery, one USB charger, one EHC.1 Clearomizer, one wall adapter, and a user manual.

Mini E Hookah Pen Starter Kit

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $34.99 E HOOKAH Electronic Cigarettes White mini

The batteries in E Hookah’s mini starter kit has similar performance as the EVOD, but at half the size making it great for stealth vaping. However, with the reduced size comes reduced battery mAh as well. At 350mAh, the mini batteries only get about ⅓ the life of the EVOD. However, since the kit includes two units, users can easily charge one while vaping on the other.

The mini batteries are also regulated to output only 3.7 volts, compared to the EVOD’s 4.2 volts. The vapor production is not as good, but the minis still perform decently. They also come with mini clearomizers that can accommodate up to 1.3mls of e-liquid, enough to last vapers the whole day.

Each Mini E Hookah Pen Starter Kit includes two 350mAh batteries, one USB charger, one wall adapter, two 1.3ml clearomizers, and a user manual.

E Hookah E-Liquids

Beginners$14.99/30ml bottle 30ml E Hookah Vapor Flavor E-Liquid Apple

The poor selection of E Hookah’s e-cigarettes are made up by its performance somewhat. However, the company has another line of products that can make any visit to their online store worthwhile – their e-liquids. E Hookah has three lines of e-liquid: the regular E Hookah E-Liquid, their Custom E-Liquid, and the company’s premium CBD E-Liquid.

The regular E Hookah E-Liquid is nothing spectacular. It is a 100% PG blend and users can choose nicotine strengths and bottle sizes. They do have a healthy line of flavors available ranging from tobacco-based to fruity, and some complex combinations.

The company’s Custom E-Liquid ($14.99/30ml bottle) allows users to mix up to three flavors to create their own. Nicotine strength is also chosen, and customers can have their names put on the label. The number of possible combinations is at a staggering 120,000. However, they do not have any VG options, so those who are allergic to PG will have to search elsewhere.

Finally, the company’s premium line, CBD E-Liquid ($19.99/30ml bottle) is a unique offering in that it contains CBD, a natural cannabinoid. The e-liquid has all the benefits of marijuana, but without the high. For users who need medical marijuana but don’t care much for the high it brings, CBD E-Liquid is perfect. It comes in various flavors as well. It is a different kind of e-liquid, which is worth a try at least.

Additional Details

E Hookah E-Cigarettes do not have much to offer in terms of e-cigarettes, but they do have a healthy selection of e-liquid. All are PG-based though, so users who prefer their e-juice with VG will have to search elsewhere. The CBD E-Liquid line is intriguing and might be worth the extra premium in price.

While the company only has two e-cigarettes models to choose from, the devices are great performers capable of producing dense clouds of vapor. There are several packages available, including combo packages that include one to six bottles of e-liquid.

The prices are a bit higher than similar starter kits, but the performance may justify the cost. Beginners who are looking for a capable starter kit may be satisfied with what E Hookah has to offer, though the very limited selection may turn off some.


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