Charlie’s Club E-Cig Review – Simple and Elegant


Charlie’s Club is a subscription-based electronic cigarette service. You pay a monthly fee based on how much you smoke, and the club sends you the allotted number of cartridges for you to vape with. At first glance, it sounds like a real winner and an innovative approach to the electronic cigarette industry. But is it a good deal or are they fleecing their customers? Find out in our review below.

What Kits They Deliver

You can choose from three different subscription plans, each one-upping the number of refills over the previous one. These plans are called Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The Silver is the most basic plan, and it comes with the standard starter pack that includes two batteries, a cartomizer, and 15 cartridges a month. All this can be yours for $34.99 per month, and it is based on the habits of a light or casual smoker. If you smoke less than a pack a day, you will probably find that this plan includes plenty of cartridges for you to keep on vaping all month long.

If you like to smoke more- say a pack a day- then the Gold membership may be for you. The starter kit includes 25 cartridges and all the other basic items. This plan will run you $49.99.

For heavy smokers (at about two packs per day), there is a Platinum membership available. This one costs $69.99 and comes with 50 cartridges every month.

All of these may seem rather an expense, but when you factor in free shipping and a steady supply of cartridges that you never have to worry about ordering yourself, then the convenience may make up for the price tag.

The Quality Test

Charlie’s Club offers only three flavors for vapers. These are mint, menthol, and tobacco. We tried all three and found them to be decent but nothing more. None of them are too strong or overpowering and just about right, but the flavor was never sensational. However, they were smooth enough to smoke all day without a problem.

The vapor production was not very good though, and we had a difficult time getting a decent throat hit out of them, even when we varied our puffing technique. This seems to be a problem that most of the less well-known e-cig companies face. They just can’t seem to get the throat hit or vapor production quite right.

In most cases, it is the liquid base and the cartridge quality that are to blame. They just aren’t putting enough resources into making sure these are of reasonable quality before manufacturing their products. Our experience was uneven, with flavors not lasting the entire cartridge and vapor production coming and going.

We liked that the service was versatile enough to accommodate changing tastes. If you don’t want to keep paying for the refills, then you can quit out at any time. There is no contract to sign or annual subscription to pay for. And if you lose or break the parts, then they will be quickly replaced by Charlie’s Club.

What We Like and Dislike about the Charlie’s Club?

Charlie’s Club certainly offers a unique way to enjoy the electronic cigarette habit. The big problem, however, is the price tag. They are not making exceptional products here; they are simply offering a way to purchase e-cigs that is different from anyone else. The high price tag may be paying for the innovation, but it doesn’t cover a great product. In the long run, the method of payment could save you money, but you likely won’t be very satisfied with the products themselves.


Unique payment plan that can save you money over time

Removes the hassle of buying refills all the time


Price is a little high at first

Quality leaves a lot to be desired

Vapor production is poor

This is a good option for people who are always running out of refills and never remember to buy new ones on time. But it is also rather costly to begin with, especially since none of the products are exceptionally good. Still, you should never run out of cartridges each month with the plan Charlie’s Club is offering.

It may make a good gift for someone who doesn’t like to do their own shopping and ordering, but for experienced users, this is going to be a bad deal. There simply isn’t enough worth recommending these products to make them worth your while.

Published: October 17, 2017


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