Breathe Fresh E-Cig Review

Breathe Fresh is pretty basic. It has everything you need, but not much extra. We have it ranked pretty low on our list because it doesn’t really have anything that the other brands don’t have, and it’s a bit on the pricey side.


Starter Kit Selection and Prices

Breathe Fresh eCigs hss two starter kits, a “Let’s Start Kit” and a “Basic Starter Kit”.

Let’s Start Kit Version 2.0: $24.99
Basic Starter Kit 2.0: $64.99


Let’s Start Kit Version 2.0 ($24.99)

You get just the essentials in this kit; one battery, one USB charger, and one cartomizer. Everything needed to start vaping, but nothing more.


Basic Starter Kit 2.0 ($64.99)

This kit comes with two batteries, one USB charger, one A/C adapter, and five cartomizers.


Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Breathe Fresh sells disposable e-cigarettes at the price of $9.99 for two.


Our Sample Kit from Breathe Fresh

We received a sample kit from Breathe Fresh for the purposes of this review. Here are some photos we took as we opened it and checked it out:


box contents

Our Full Breathe Fresh E-Cig Review


Breathe Fresh has two starter kits, a few flavors, some chargers, and disposable e-cigarettes. It’s not much of a selection.

Score: 7/10



Their prices are comparable to similar starter kits from other brands.

Score: 7/10


Design and Packaging

It is a very simple design. Nothing really stands out about it.

Score: 7/10


Vapor Production

Breath Fresh e-cigs produce big, fluffy clouds of vapor. It compares well to other brands of “cig-alikes”.

Score: 9/10


Battery Life

I haven’t had any issues with the battery. In fact, the battery tends to last longer than their cartomizers.

Score: 9/10



I have tried the following flavors:

• Tobacco – Standard tobacco flavor.
• Menthol – Strong menthol.

Breathe Fresh lacks in the flavor department.

Score: 6/10


In Closing

Their batteries last a decent length and produce a large amount of the vapor. But they could use more flavors.

Published: October 17, 2017


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