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Apollo eGo Box Speed Review
Vapor Quality65
Design / User Experience80
Price-Quality Ratio86
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Perfect kit for Beginners
Apollo eGo Box is a super entry-level kit that has been pumped up with an impressive battery performance. If you are an advanced vaper who can sacrifice the quality of vapor for longer battery life, then this kit is a good deal for a back-up.
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Price: $29.95

Our Verdict: A perfect kit for beginners who prefer convenience over billowing clouds of vape, the eGo box Kit from Apollo has bridged the gap between starter vape kits that do the most basic tricks and advanced units that have longer-lasting batteries. The eGo Box works well for anyone who longs for continuous, uninterrupted vaping at a very affordable price.

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First Thoughts on eGO Box Kit


Design: Veering away from the customary cig-like design, the eGo Box Kit sports a more modern build with a box mod-style battery made of brushed stainless steel. Unlike other eGo batteries, the box-shaped battery, with 2000 mAh of power, feels more durable. It also uses a glass clearomizer (Evod) that has a first-class look, especially for something that is included in a box worth less than $30.

Build Quality: The eGo Box Kit has a premium build quality compared to other kits within the same price range. Based on user reviews, the whole kit lasts for 8 months to more than a year with frequent usage. The battery is quite long-lasting—even if it is used as a ‘power bank’ for other devices. It has a 20 second cut-off protection and added bottom vent that prevent it from overheating.

What’s in the Box: The neatly designed and arranged Apollo box includes: (1) Evod Glass Clearomizer, (1) eGo Box 2000 mAh Battery, (1) Micro USB Charging Cable and (1) Storage Case.

eGO Box Kit – Vaping Experience

Usability: The eGo Box works as an entry level vaping kit. There are no complexities in using the kit—it’s as simple as fill-attach-press-inhale. Three presses of the button makes it work, and another three makes it stop. When you are vaping, the unit automatically turns off after 10 seconds to save on battery life and prevent the liquid from burning.

One good thing about the eGo Box is that it has a pass-through charging feature, which means users can vape while it is charging. The battery can also be used as a ‘power bank’ to charge other devices and batteries. It does have a couple of downsides, such as: there is no display on the battery and no built-in indicator of remaining power on the button, unlike other basic eGo batteries.

Vapor Production and Performance: The kit has no variable options, which is why users don’t need to adjust the voltage and wattage, since it works within the standard 4.2V-3.3V range. It does not deliver consistent voltage and dwindles down to the minimum level after some vaping. This means the quality of the vapor also lessens as you go. It does, however, keep you vaping for hours and hours, and if it’s just the thought of, rather than, the intense vapor you are after, this kit is a good choice for you.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The eGo Box-type battery from Apollo included with this kit is amazing. It can last for 2 to 3 days, depending on how much the device is used. Of course, that would change if it was used for charging a phone or tablet while on the go. For a cheap starter set and batteries this powerful, it is a good deal. This device will last for about a year on average and that is a definite plus.

The atomizer included is the Kanger Evod glass tank; a good option for beginners. It has replaceable atomizer heads that can be changed when they get worn down. It works on a bottom coil system, such that the coils that heat up the liquid is farther from the mouthpiece. The result: vape that is not too hot; just warm, and more flavor from the juice. Bottom coils are known to prevent dry hits (burnt taste).

The Evod glass tank obviously is made of glass, which lasts significantly longer than those made of plastic, and can withstand higher heat. It can hold up to 1.6 ml of e-liquid that light vapers can use for hours. The threading on this kit is eGo, with a 510 on top, such that 510 tanks will not look as nice when connected to the eGo Box. Then again, the name says it all—this kit is primarily made for eGo tanks.


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Advanced users who want more potent vape with intense throat hit and volume may not find the eGo Box Kit very appealing. But for those who are willing to adjust to lighter vape and basic functionality in exchange for lasting batteries, this is definitely the way to go.

It works as a dual purpose device—a starter vape kit that lets you vape even while charging. It has no complexities and is very easy to use. It is perfect for using while driving or when in gatherings (you do not want to annoy your colleagues or friends with too much vapor while you talk). It is a convenient size to carry around and it is solid to the touch so that you can keep it in your pocket without worrying about breaking it.

The eGo Box Kit also works with a number of eGo tanks, but the battery is not for use with sub ohm clearomizers that need variable voltage and good protection from low resistance coils. Using it with sub ohm tanks will damage the kit.

Overall, it is a super entry-level kit that has been pumped up with an impressive battery performance. If you are an advanced vaper who can sacrifice the quality of vapor for longer battery life, then this kit is a good deal for a back-up.

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Apollo eGo Box
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