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Best E-Nails & E-Rigs: The Complete Guide

Gone are the days when the torch-and-fire methods were the order of the day in the vaping and dabbing world. New technology has allowed for better and more efficient methods including e-nails and e-rigs. With these options, the user has the luxury of electronic heating elements that help vaporize wax or oil concentrates.

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The best part about e-nails and e-rigs is how users can vape at a constant, controlled temperature. E-nails allow you to vape more efficiently and with better results. You have to note, however, that e-nails are not like e-cigs. You cannot use e-nails with e-liquids, tobacco or nicotine. They are reserved for use with legal herb wax concentrates and also with aromatherapy dabs.

Vaping’s popularity has jumped tremendously in recent years, not only because of the aesthetic appeal of the devices but also because of vaping offers a better, more efficient and cleverer way of dabbing concentrates. Needless to mention the ability to get more consistent vaporization provides a better and richer experience.

If you are in the market looking for your first e-nail or even seeking to get something more advanced, here are the some of the best options that will not disappoint.

#1 Prohibited in the 5th Degree

A New 3-in-1 Device from Prohibited

9.8/10 overall
10/10 quality
9.8/10 value
Prohibited in the 5th Degree used the occasion of this year’s 4/20 – April 20th – to release an updated version of their popular 2-in-1 device. The “update” in this case is a glass e-nail rig attachment that can be used to vape particularly waxy oils and dabs.

Previous users of the P5D already know that it can vape both dry herbs and concentrates, which makes the addition of the glass e-rig attachment all the more curious. It was a welcome decision though, as the P5D works wonders as an e-nail. The dab cartridge, like all the cartridges for the P5D, comes outfitted with a special magnetic pin that lets the device know what material is being vaped.

Its restrained power output (maximum 4.7V or translated into temperature, 440F) delicately vapes your dabs, and the glass attachment gives you a clear, pure vapor path for the most delectable cloud ever.

  • Everything needed to make the P5D into a dabbing powerhouse is included in the kit: a quartz and titanium dab cartridge, a magnetic charging base, a glass bubbler attachment, and much more
  • The addition of the e-rig makes the already versatile P5D into an even more attractive device for veteran vapers of waxes and dabs

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#2 Dr. Dabber Boost - Black Edition

Exactly What the Doctor Ordered

9.6/10 overall
9.8/10 quality
9.8/10 value
The original Dr. Dabber Boost e-rig was a seminal device that introduced the Dr. Dabber brand to curious vapers. The Black Edition, however, takes things to another level. Packaged in a beautiful, all-obsidian wood case the Black Edition is a luxurious spin on dabbing.

All the great features of the original Dr. Dabber Boost like the glass bubbler attachment, the magnetic carb cap, and the one-button operation are still here, but the size of the nails have increased dramatically, making vapor production even more dense and voluminous. Three nails come with the Black Edition – quartz, titanium and ceramic – just like with the original version. The device can power up all the way to 700F, which may seem a bit excessive for dabs and waxes that vaporize best at lower temperatures, but the power output ensures a satisfying dab experience every time.

  • The Black Edition comes packaged in a handy, portable carrying case although the device itself is not the most pocket-friendly, and does not make for the most discreet vape
  • The nails on the Black Edition are 50% larger than the original version ensuring all your materials will vape fast and hard
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#3 Hyer Big E-Rig Vaporizer

A Dab Vape From Another World

9.5/10 overall
9.3/10 quality
9.7/10 value
The Hyer Big E-Rig vaporizer could be mistaken for a lot of things; a futuristic frisbee of some kind, or a serving dish that also microwaves. The Big E-Rig is none of those things. It is, however, a spellbindingly attractive e-rig vaporizer base whose endless amount of features cannot all fit into the space afforded for this review.

Over three years of research and development went into crafting and creating this revolutionary vaping device. The Big E-rig uses a ceramic heating element, a quartz glass attachment (although it can take almost 90% of all glass rigs) and has adjustable temperature settings to perfectly vape even the most hardened waxes and concentrates.

It takes four 18650 batteries to power the Big E-rig to its 48W maximum power output, which is the ideal amount of power for vaping dabs and waxes. Since there are no cords or tethers, and because the Big E-rig can accommodate a wide range of rigs, it is not only versatile but portable and accurate.

  • The Big E-rig is smart in every respect: it has precise temperature control, it automatically shuts-off if the device is knocked over, and it can even clean itself with a self-cleaning mode
  • The Big E-rig will soon be compatible with dry leaf materials
  • The Big E-rig has three different charging ports that can be used to charge other devices
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#4 Vivant Incendio E-Nail Vaporizer

An Incendiary Dab Experience

9.4/10 overall
9.2/10 quality
9.6/10 value
The Vivant Incendio e-nail is a multi-faceted, and versatile entry into the world of e-rigs and dabbers. The entire kit consists of a powerful, 5000mAh battery with four buttons and an OLED screen to control and adjust the settings on the device. There is also an all-glass tank that features an industry-first, silica heating element inside and a glass water filtration bubbler typical of all e-nail setups.

The mod features a 510 connection atop its durable, and lightweight frame making it compatible with virtually any type of tank, dab or e-liquid. The battery also has two vaping outputs, variable wattage and “e-nail” mode, the latter of which allows the user to set an ideal temperature, and then fire it without having to press the firing button more than once.

Wait only ten seconds, and the heating element will reach the preset temperature and stay there for just under a minute for maximum vaping convenience. The Incendio battery mod is just under 85 mm in height and weighs around 160g so it is incredibly portable, especially since it comes packaged in a convenient, makeup-style carrying case.

  • Two vaping modes, variable wattage, and e-nail mode make the Incendio perfect for dab and e-liquid vapers who want to take advantage of the powerful 5000mAh battery
  • Constant power flow to the SIO2 heating element – only in e-nail mode, though – makes the Incendio that much easier and hassle-free to use
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#5 Source Nail XL Vaporizer - Sig2 Kit

A Sleek, and Versatile E-nail Vaporizer

9/10 overall
9.2/10 quality
8.8/10 value
The Source Nail XL vaporizer follows in the footsteps of the Incendio. It consists of a box mod-style vaporizer, which takes a single, removable 18650 battery as its power source, and has five different vaping outputs, with a maximum power output of 70W. Except, the Source Nail XL, just like the Incendio, vapes waxes and dabs.

Not only that, the Source Nail XL can be used as a wax vape pen or an e-nail thanks to the inclusion of a wax atomizer tank and the omnipresent glass bubbler attachment. The Source Nail has a slight, and ergonomic shape making it perfectly portable even when used with the e-nail atomizer.

The Source Nail XL is compatible with every variety of Source atomizer. Switching between a 3 Series, 4 Series or even an XXL atomizer is only a matter of attaching it to the Nail XL’s 510 connection.

  • A bright, clear OLED display along with five separate vaping outputs makes for precise temperature control with materials like stainless steel, titanium and nickel.
  • Portable as both a wax vape pen and as an e-nail given the mod’s small size and convenient carrying case
  • A full range of high-quality accessories included in the kit from the split glass bubbler to six nail heads made from titanium, quartz and ceramic
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Things to Consider when Choosing the Best E-Nails

Compared to other options, e-nails and e-rigs are a relatively new technology. The highly technical gadgets are taking the market by storm largely because of their functionality and effectiveness. Not only do they allow you to vape and dab, but they also allow you to do it at a constant temperature, so you are able to get the best results.

The buying process can be a little confusing, considering the features and other factors that you have to consider. However, don’t worry; you are in the right place.


The first thing you want to look into is the price. E-nails and e-rigs can be very expensive. With some costing as much as $600, you might want to look around for something more affordable. The emphasis here is on the term “affordable,” not “cheap.” While considering the price, you need to weigh the features that you will get to enjoy against the price tag. Keep in mind that you will need to have enough spending money left for the actual concentrate.


Most e-rigs are designed to keep you glued to the wall socket. However, if you are the guy that likes to have his fun on the go, then without a doubt, you will need an e-nail that allows you to do just that. Thanks to new technology, some units are now fitted with batteries. While this offers you the ability to dab on the go, the battery capacity is a bit of a variable. You do not want it to die too quickly. So, you need to consider the capacity of the battery when considering portability.


Unless you take particular interest on how your gadgets look, you do not really need to pay too much attention to the customization. Usually, this includes a custom-made skin wrap or maybe a nail stand. You should know that these additions come at a higher price tag, and if you would like to give your dabbing station more of a personal feel, then it will be a worthwhile investment.


The durability of an e-rig is dictated by the build design and materials. If you manage to find that perfect product, you want to make sure that it will stick with you for a long time. That is why durability is so important when making your purchase.

The difference can be in the material or in the design that allows the e-rig to handle regular use better. The stronger the material, the more durable it is. However, remember, this might come at the cost of added weight, which is important to consider if you are heavily considering portability.


When it comes to features, you are spoiled for choice. There are already so many features out there, and there are more being added every day as better technology is released.

However, the best approach is not to pick the newest and the best features. Instead, consider what you want from your e-nail. Keeping that in mind, you can choose features that align with your requirements. That way, you get features that you can use and, more importantly, don’t driving up the price unnecessarily.

E-rigs is a great and more fun way to dab. They make the process fun and more involving. The technical approach not only calls for better understanding of the devices but over the years it has allowed them to develop more of a cult-like following. It is what makes them so interesting. You just have to get the ideal unit for yourself, and then join in the fun. Keep in mind that choosing the right concentrate is just as important as getting the right e-nail.

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