//Mig Vapor KeyMaker Review – Consistent Vapor is the Name of the Game
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Mig Vapor KeyMaker Review – Consistent Vapor is the Name of the Game

Out of all the wax pens we’ve reviewed, this one has got to be the tiniest, most inconspicuous of them all. From the stylish design, we had it confused for an electronic cigarette – until the first puff, which packed a hefty punch. The Keymaker is Mig Vapor’s best dab-on-the-go wax pen for vapers who prefer to fly under the radar. The pen is available for the lowest price directly from the manufacturer’s online store.

Mig Vapor Keymaker Review - Low Profile Dab Rig

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What You’ll Love And What You Won’t


  • Superbly discreet and portable, and can be hidden in plain view
  • Best value for money in the below $50 price range
  • Potent dual-ceramic & dual-quartz crystal coils
  • First class vapor production for such a tiny vaporizer
  • Onboard temperature control brings out the best in the herb’s natural flavor

  • Not as hard-hitting as the Keymakers big brother, the Yabba Dabber
  • Produces very little visible vapor (this is probably a good thing if you want to keep it on the down-low). But the flavor is also not very rich.
  • Most vaping pros think it’s just an entry-level wax pen

Unpacking the Keymaker

The unit has an elliptical design that’s surprisingly light and compact for a dab rig. It comes with literally everything you need to fire up a dabbing session – apart from the actual concentrate of course. The Keymaker comes in a choice of Bright Green, Stealth Black or Spanish Silver.

Inside the box you get:

  • 1x 360 mAh Battery unit
  • 1x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • 1x Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer
  • 4x Silicone Mouthpieces

  • 1x Dabbing tool
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Non-stick Silicone storage container (for keeping waxes and concentrates)

Once assembled the Keymaker measures only ¾” x 4.5” tall.

The Mig Vapor Keymaker features:

  • Non-Combustible vapor production
  • Built-in temperature controls
  • Two Atomizers: Ceramic Rod Dual Coils & Quartz Crystal Rod Dual Coils
  • Dead On Arrival Guarantee

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Micro-USB Pass-through charging
  • Compatible with Micro-G Ellipse & Pen style coils

Sleek and Stylish with a Full-Flavor Kick

Mig Vapor KeymakerThe pen is easy to assemble and use, and makes a great starter setup for anybody getting into vaping waxes & concentrates.

Mig Vapor’s Keymaker comes standard with Ceramic Rod Dual Coils (for a more controlled, even flow) and Quartz Crystal Rod Dual Coils (for more potent vapor production). They’re both similar to the atomizers in the Lynx Hypnos Zero. The coils feature a low-resistance design, which extends coil life by producing a slow, steady vape.

The Ceramic Rod Dual Coils made for a heady vaping session. The draw was surprisingly smooth, with an unexpected amount of punch for the compact wax pen. When we tried the Dual Quartz Rod Coils the difference was subtle but distinct; it got onto temperature slightly faster than with the ceramic coils, and the vape quality is still excellent.

The onboard temperature controls cap the chamber at 455 degrees Fahrenheit, which produces the optimum vape while locking in all the natural flavor of the wax. Temperature build took around 2 to 3 seconds, and the unit stayed on a consistent heat for a moderate to an above-average amount of time. Both the ceramic and quartz coil setups get powered up to a full watt’s worth of output – which is more than you’d expect from a 360 mAh battery.

Replacement coils are very well priced at around $10 each.

Getting your Keymaker ready for Action

This little number got us into our dab in no time at all. Setting her up is simple and quick:

  1. Charge the battery (around 60 minutes)
  2. Load the wax or concentrates into the heating chamber using the dab tool that came in the box
  3. Pop the mouthpiece and heating chamber onto the battery
  4. Hit the button on the vaporizer five times to unlock the vaporizer

Easy Cleaning

As with any wax pen, you’ll want to make sure the connections between the different components are kept oil-free by wiping them with a paper towel. Be sure not to overfill the tank as this could cause the materials to bubble and spill – which is not a fun way to spend your afternoon. Overfilling the heating chamber could also result in a battery short circuit which won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Does the Mig Vapor Keymaker Make the Cut?

Small yet Powerful Battery Life

The 360 mAh battery is pint-sized, exactly what you’d expect from a compact wax pen. It won’t give you the same battery life as the bulkier wax pens, so you’ll need to charge it more often; the unit can be used while charging though. The chamber gets quite hot with long vaping sessions – don’t let the tiny battery fool you.

A smaller battery also means it charges in 60 minutes flat. However, the battery life isn’t as bad as you think since the pen doesn’t put too much pressure on it. Being bluntly honest, the Keymaker would get 6/10 for the battery life.

Value for Money

The Mig Vapor Keymaker comes in at a modest mid-range price bracket. However, it offers immense value for such an affordable price. Fair enough, there are much cheaper models on the market, don’t get suckered into buying a $15 or $20 wax pen that’ll be in the bin by this time next month. The Keymaker will last much longer and will offer an exponentially more satisfying experience.

Ideal Design for Stealth Vaping

The unit feels good in the hand, and the components are well crafted. On assembly, the coils snapped firmly into place, and they were easy enough to take out. Imitations usually have coils that are either too tight or too loose or just don’t fit perfectly. The Mig Vapor Keymaker is a precision-machined dabbing rig.

Portability is a big plus on this one, and the unit resembles an e-cig more than anything else. It won’t draw any unwanted attention and should fit snugly into the pockets of your jeans or button shirt. Although we don’t encourage stealth vaping, this is a godsend for those who like to vape on the down-low.

Vapor Quality and Quantity

Temperature build took the standard 2-3 seconds. Vapor production is very similar to the other pens in the same pricing range, with a good tasting draw, hit after hit. The low temperature, non-combustion tech locks in flavor, which aside from the unit’s portability is our favorite part of the Mig Vapor Keymaker. However, the vapor quality and quantity aren’t the best, and we think it’s just about average.

The Final Rating

The Keymaker sports good looks – but that’s not why tried it out. The overall vaping experience is pretty good. For an under $50 wax pen, this might not be the best pen out there. However, this is not bad at all. For stealth vapers and those who like more mellow flavor than an intense flavor, this is a good pick.

Mig Vapor Keymaker
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