//MicroG Vape Pen Review – A Little Vaporizer is Ahead of the Game
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MicroG Vape Pen Review – A Little Vaporizer is Ahead of the Game

Not sure if the size matters with vape pens. The truth is… the smaller, the more convenient, especially when the pen can combine small size with strong features. Manufactured by Grenco Science, The MicroG Vape Pen can fall in that category. We were positively surprised with several MicroG options. Find out more.

MicroG Vape Pen Review

What you’ll Find Inside the MicroG Vape Pen box?

  • 2x MicroG Pen Coils
  • 2x MicroG Mouthpieces
  • 2x Micro Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1x MicroG Pen dab tool
  • 2x concentrates glass jars
  • 5x MicroG Pen Mouth Sleeves
  • 1x USB wall charger
  • 1x AC adapter

Just a Little Hideaway

Our first impression was like ‘Wow, really nice!’ The pen comes in a simple black box, looking good and neat, not too big despite many items in it, and a sober but class Grenco logo on the box. We like the small and compact size of the pen. It is light, and the matte-black makes it smooth to hold in hand. We only struggled a bit to open it; you need to pull the top strongly. However, no big deal.

Holding MicroG Vape Pen

The MicroG is Attractive!

Looking at the small pen-style vape with its compact size, we were so surprised to see the huge vapor hits it produces! The MicroG was not designed with an auto shut-off, so there is no time limit like with many other models. However, to get back to the discreteness, it fits smoothly in the palm of a hand, and the odorless vapor ideal to enjoy public sessions. A winner!


Small and slim, we found the MicroG not only convenient to use but also to carry. It easily fits our bags, purses, coat pockets and even slim jeans. The only hassle we identified is also to carry the USB charger around when planning to be out for long. That is due to the small battery size. So basically, the troubles start once you need to reload.

Keep Calm and Vape That Wax

The MicroG is designed specifically for concentrates. To get started, remove the mouthpiece to reveal the cartridge (linked to the battery). At the bottom of it, you will find the heating element where you fill your oil or concentrate. Take a small amount of oil or wax, put it in the chamber with the heating element, replace the cap.

Filling up the MicroG? Easy Breezy

Designed with a one-button feature that controls both the power and the heating element, the MicroG comes very easy to use. Press the button five times to switch the pen on, press again and hold to start the heating element. Easy and quite similar to other pens out there.

Vapor Quality, a Pain Point

In fairness, we found the MicroG vapor of average quality. The coil produces sufficient heat to vaporize the concentrate, but not enough to make it combust. Given the small device size, the space between the mouthpiece and the heating coil is tiny and the hot vapor is reaching the throat with not much time to cool off. Adding that without surprise the overall average material quality gives it an average vapor quality. And with the time, oil residue build up and start to affect the vapor quality. But on the other hand, by holding the button, the MicroG vape pen allows you to draw all the smoke you need, in one hit. It gives the control over the size of each hit.

MicroG Wax Pen and the box

Battery Life and Temperature

The battery takes about 1h30 to recharge, with one to two days capacity, depending on how often you use it. Given the size, don’t expect anything else I am afraid. Can be a hassle for some, but charging is quick enough. With its basic plug and charge design, the pen allows plugging the charging cable into the battery. We like the fact we do not need to unscrew the tank from the battery and screw it back on the charger.

The unique button setting will not allow any temperature flexibility. It is just non-existent on the device. The only way to get different results would be with the speed and length of your draws. However, these differences are minimal. This is not a deep concern for us. Some might not be happy about it, but others that are seeking an easy and hassle-free vaporizer would enjoy it.

Keep It Clean – Easy or Cheesy?

Keeping the Pen Clean

The best way to ensure top performance and longevity with any vaporizer is to clean it frequently. The MicroG does not escape the rule. Removing concentrate residues from the battery connection point is crucial. Use a q-tip, soak it in isopropyl alcohol and wipe any concentrate residue you find. Ensure you also remove it from around the base of the titanium cylinder, on the outside part of the coil. Cleaning three times per week would be ideal.By the way, don’t soak any components (such as the battery, charger) in any cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. This could damage them.

MicroG and V2 Pro Series 7, a World of Difference

The main feature of the MicroG is its unique button and temperature setting, that combine perfectly with the pocket-size device, to make it a convenient pen. Many other wax vaporizers are featuring different temperature options, allowing to control the vapor consistency and production. It is the case with the V2 Pro Series 7, technologically miles away from the MicroG, with variable temperature settings, cartridges for loose leaf, e-liquid, and wax. The device features a smart technology that recognizes the cartridge type and automatically heats up accordingly.

Pros and Cons of the MicroG Vape Pen

  • Massive vapor hits
  • Control over the vapor in one hit
  • Ceramic chamber material
  • Easy to assemble, load and use
  • Design
  • Discreet and handy
  • 1h30 battery recharge time
  • No dry herbs so limited variety
  • Low battery life if used frequently
  • Portability can become an issue if you need to carry the material

A Mixed Feeling

We are a bit split when it comes to making a decision. The MicroG is convenient and easy to use. We love the matte-black finish and great design, it gives a classy and stylish look. It is also impressive to see the massive vapor hits it gives despite the small size. The unique button setting can be considered as convenient but also as limited.

However, it does not vaporize dry herbs, and we are quite far from tasty vapors. Overall, it is not a bad device and will surely satisfy many – especially the beginners – but the more experienced ones will probably stay away.

MicroG Vape Pen
Vape Rating: 80/100 by

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