//Micro Vaped V4 Wax Pen Review: Didn’t Expect to Vape Like This
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Micro Vaped V4 Wax Pen Review: Didn’t Expect to Vape Like This

Just like all your favorite James Bond gadgets, the Micro Vaped V4 is great at fooling the eye. At first glance, the device looks like a regular, everyday writing tool (snore), but when you least expect it, POW!, you take off the top cap ….. to reveal a mouthpiece to one of the better oil and wax concentrate vape pens out there right now.

Despite its crude attempts at trying to resemble a Mont Blanc fountain pen, the Micro Vaped V4 vape pen, isn’t fooling anyone. It isn’t so much as luxurious as it is a little tacky for trying to be something that it is not (a gun/lighter comes to mind).

Micro Vaped V4 Review


I’d much rather a vape pen have luxury elements integrated into its design, instead of trying to dress it up like something else (the vape pen that’s also a garlic press, the vape pen that’s also a level).

Despite the V4’s attempt at luxury, this is not reflected in its price, however, since it retails for much less than most other top-of-the-line vape pens. It does also feature some nifty attachments, like an attachable quartz globe for superb cloud production, that bring up the enjoyability level of the V4 besides just marveling at the fact that it looks like a real pen.

Micro Vaped V4 Wax Pen: Features and What’s Inside


  • Portable, stylish look
  • Double quartz bucket coils
  • Optional heat settings ranging from 360F to 420F
  • Great cloud production

Here’s What is Inside:

  • AC power adapter
  • A USB cable
  • A silicone jar
  • Dabbing tool
  • A replacement quartz dual coil bucket
  • The globe attachment
  • User’s manual
  • Warranty card

First Impressions of the Micro Vaped V4 Wax Pen

Obviously, you notice the device – Looks.Just.Like.A.Real.Pen. Once you’ve have gone past that earth-shattering discovery, the more important elements start to come into play. The pen disguise makes the Vaped V4 very portable and discreet (the writing was on the wall with that one). It’s also lightweight and comes in two separate pieces, the battery, and the mouthpiece.

It also features – just like a real pen! – a metal clip to slip the Micro Vaped V4 in with the rest of the pens you carry in your front shirt pocket. Apart from that, the Micro Vaped V4 dab pen seeks that most coveted feature of all vaporizers – not to be seen or noticed as a vape pen – and it accomplishes that much.

Looking at the Mod

The V4 doesn’t even really look like a pen (I’ve never seen a pen with that much thickness). But thankfully, this vape does embrace its vaping origins and gets on with its bad self with the globe glass attachment that can’t be mistaken for anything else than a vape cloud creator.

There are six different heat settings available for the mod that heat up the wax or concentrate to whatever temperature you want. Just click the firing button three times in rapid succession to rotate between the temperatures. Five different colors represent the V4’s different settings, from turquoise for the lowest temperature (360F) to red for the highest (420F).

Using the Micro Vaped V4 Wax Pen

Luxury aspirations aside, Vaped has not made it necessary for vapers to have a degree in mechanical engineering to be able to operate the Micro V4. The USB charging port on the V4 is found on the base of the pen, and it needs at least two to three hours to get fully charged.

The top mouthpiece screws off, to reveal the dual quartz atomizer that prevents leaking because of its depth so you won’t have to worry about any liquid dripping back. The chamber is easy to fill using the handy dabber pick that Vaped has provided.

Just take anything from a waxy concentrate to a hard shatter and dip it into the quartz crystal dish that has two Gr2 titanium wrapped rods to get a straight hit of unmatched flavor, which is something that premium materials like quartz and titanium guarantees.

Getting Your Hands on It

The Micro Vaped V4 is a small package. It is easy to handle, and it doesn’t take up much space. The heat register varies because of the various temperature settings, but even on the highest setting, I noticed only negligible heat run-off.

The Micro Vaped V4’s best claim to luxury is the 30 second hit time that can let you take a nice, ponderous draw on the V4 without having to rotate through any of the temperature settings. The glass coils are screw-offs, so it doesn’t present much of a problem to replace them.

As for air flow, there is only one valve that runs around the bottom of the atomizer. It takes only a quick turn right or left to regulate the airflow to how you like it. Attaching the glass globe doesn’t present much of a problem either, only I would take care to connect it since it doesn’t look it would withstand an early fall.

Vaping Time

In its mild-mannered, civilian guise, the Micro Vaped V4 delivers a consistently delightful stream of flavor. Cloud size was negligible and standard for a device like this, but when the Micro Vaped V4 gets untamed (by attaching the detachable glass globe attachment), you can watch those clouds swirling inside the globe like a typhoon during monsoon season.

Ideally, wax or concentrate vaporizers should be able to handle many varieties of dab, and this one lives up to the challenge thanks maybe mostly to the lithium-ion battery and the possibility of using six different temperature settings.
Press the firing button to move through the heating options. Pressing the trigger five times locks the battery, so you don’t accidentally use the V4. A flashing light signals a dying battery and that it’s time for charging.

Powering Up

As I mentioned, the Micro Vaped V4 takes a lithium-ion battery that features pass-through technology so you can vape while charging. The battery comes with a one-year warranty card included in the package.

With only the slightest smattering of my dab shatter, I was able to get at least 3-4 hits with not even the slightest hint of char, and that was without the globe attachment, which, when attached, delivers an even more intense cloud in both size and flavor.

Putting the V4 Wax Pen Together

The Micro Vaped V4 comes ready more or less. The packaging contains two drawers with the pen, atomizer, and mouthpiece already assembled on the top drawer. Underneath this drawer comes all the attachments, like the other coil, the glass globe attachment, the silicone concentrate container, the dabbing pick, the USB cable and the warranty card.

Loading the V4 Wax Pen

Screwing off the mouthpiece reveals the atomizer tube, within which lies the crystal dish where you spread out your concentrate, with the handy dab applicator that looks like a dental pick also included in the package. Screw the tube back onto the battery, attach the mouthpiece and then press the trigger button to start firing.

Cleaning the V4 Wax Pen

The only part of the Micro Vaped V4 you have to worry about cleaning is the skillet-based coils. Just don’t use soap and water for this one or try to clean out the residue with the same applicator pick. All you have to do is to leave it on for a heat cycle, turn it upside down and then clean out the dish with a Q-Tip.

Comparing the V4 Wax Pen

Other dab/vape pens that retail at the same price as the Micro Vaped V4 don’t have any added features that set it apart from the V4. The more luxurious vape pens from KandyPens retail at a little bit more, but they have pens that feature lacquered wood finishing and celebrity tie-ins.

I found the pen get-up completely unnoteworthy since it tries to cover up the bulk and thickness of the V4 instead of outright embracing those extra pounds. Top-of-the-line vape pens like the Prism line, also from KandyPens, truly have some claim to being “luxury” given the technology put into them.

The only thing “luxurious” that the V4 has going for it is the technology inside. The two titanium wrapped coils and the glass globe attachment make the device perform like a superior machine, without the whole pen disguise, which is just a smokescreen (pun intended).

Things I Liked and Disliked


  • The globe attachment (a nice touch of rebellion)
  • Vapor distribution with and without the globe
  • Six different temperature settings
  • Easy to clean

  • The pen disguise had no pleasing effect whatsoever
  • If it was intended to set the V4 apart, then it fails in that department

Final Thoughts


The price isn’t so luxurious, which is a good thing. For $60 retail the V4 isn’t a top of the line model, but it has premium materials inside and those don’t always come packaged in a middle-shelf product like the V4.


I’m not going to repeat it. I’m not. I just have a personal bias against gadgets with double functions. Two words: Switchblade. Comb. If Vaped had made a hefty looking vape pen, without trying to make it look like an actual pen, I would have accepted it just as it was.

Getting Vaped

The temperature settings made sure that whatever I put into the quartz chamber was sure to get blasted. Except, the V4 didn’t just heat the goods and deliver only the charred remnants of my favorite shatter, it coaxed out a lot of flavor at every temperature.

Again, loving watching the clouds get born in that globe attachment. It was a great idea to let the V4 run wild like that since the air flow control has only one setting and that it has six different temperature settings.

In the End

I think my disdain for the pen design has already been registered, so no need to keep beating a dead horse. I didn’t like it, just to be safe. I did like the more vaping-friendly attachments to the V4 like the globe, which I think adds oodles of character and personality to an otherwise lackluster (lackluster in appearance, not performance) device. Titanium-coated coils are always good to have in a vaporizer if you especially want a smooth, tasty vapor cloud.

Micro Vaped V4
Vape Rating: 89/100 by

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