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Dab Pen Reviews 2018

Dab pens are devices meant to vaporize cannabis concentrates or “wax.” Unlike those designed for dry herb, dab pens use a coil, atomizer, and mouthpiece, which are reminiscent of a standard e-cigarette. Consequently, these components require replacement and regular maintenance. To find the best pieces we recommend to check out wax atomizer reviews and make the things clear. They appeal to medical and frequent recreational users because of their high concentrations of THC; however, when misused, this can cause people to become too intoxicated for their liking.

Our wax pen reviews have one goal: to educate beginners and veterans alike on the best dab pens available to date. The truth is that, unlike dry herb devices, dab pens require more skill. This is why we cover every angle, including portability, quality, performance, and simplicity.

However, we are not satisfied with merely talking about the products. To lend context and credibility, these dab wax pen reviews provide brief backgrounds on the brands behind them. In turn, users know that they are purchasing from a reputable, established company. We want to ensure that our reader’s first device is the right device.

KandyPens Donuts Vape Review: Sweet…

KandyPens Donuts Vape Review: Sweet…

November 28, 2017
The Donuts line from KandyPens features a ceramic disc heating element with a deep concentrate chamber and a glossy, enamel finish. Read our review here.
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