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Driven - CBD Vape Juice
Savage CBD Driven Oil
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  • Compatible with all types of devices (pods and mods)
  • Distinct sour candy and blueberry flavor
  • A good all-day-vape

Driven by Savage is a premium CBD e-liquid that is compatible with all sorts of devices. The e-liquid features a treat for sour-lovers, a...

Savage CBD Gummies
Savage CBD Gummies
  • Useful for on-the-go dosing
  • Great taste and accurate dosages
  • Lab results available online
Pink Grapefruit CBD Tincture
Savage CBD Pink Grapefruit Tincture
  • Available only in a 30ml bottle
  • Each serving equals 1ml
  • Lab-tested and verified

A Closer Look at The Brand

Savagecbd Brand

Savage has a long history. It began in 2013, as the e-cigarette industry was expanding. Two friends, Chris Wheeler and Matt Winters started – what was then called Savage Enterprises – in Irvine, California with the hope of converting smokers into vapers. As they were former smokers, they knew how hard it is to quit so they dedicated themselves to making high-quality e-juices and selling high-quality e-cigarettes.

Around 2016, Chris and Matt discovered hemp extract and decided to pivot to the all-natural supplement as their next mission, which is when Savage CBD was born. By that time, they also realized that they could fold the e-liquid venture into this new opportunity so they shuttered that business to focus exclusively on cannabidiol.

The business started with e-liquid mixed with hemp extract, but the company has grown to include more products since then. Savage CBD established, early on, high standards for its line of hemp products. The company, before buying from growers, tests each batch to see if it meets its stated requirements of being at least 5% + or 5% – from the CBD concentration stated on each product. It also tests for harmful pesticides and chemicals so users are aware of what is and what is not inside each product.

The company sources its base material from several growers, including farms in Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, and also Europe. After every batch of CBD flower has been tested and examined, the company then uses supercritical C02-extraction to obtain its hemp. The lab results of each product are posted with every item ensuring complete transparency.

The Savage CBD Product Line

There is a wealth of products in the Savage CBD product line. The brand is focused on helping as many people as possible discover the potential benefits of hemp extract, which is why it creates so many products as possible, to suit as many different tastes and lifestyles as possible. Here is only a small selection of the greater Savage CBD line, so make sure to check out their website for a complete listing.

#1 Driven - CBD Vape Juice

A Refreshing Blueberry and CBD Flavor

10/10 icon-question Review score

Driven by Savage is a premium CBD e-liquid that is compatible with all sorts of devices. The e-liquid features a treat for sour-lovers, as it combines tart blueberries with a touch of sour candy flavors. The flavor and CBD concentration are intended to give users a boost with every inhale. Users can find three different concentrations for their specific purposes. There is a 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg concentration, which all have varying prices, but all options come in a 30ml size bottle.

#2 Savage CBD Gummies

A Delicious and Convenient Treat

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The Savage CBD line of edibles features this tasty treat for on-the-go dosing wherever you are. The gummies look like any typical gummy bear but they contain C02-extracted, hemp extract for users who want to try the supplement. The gummies are a great introduction to cannabidiol but long-time users also rave about them. The dosage per each gummy is 50mg, and there is a total of 300mg per bag. Each bag contains six gummies and is made from a mixture of natural and artificial flavors or ingredients.

#3 Pink Grapefruit CBD Tincture

A Tart Way to Take Cannabidiol

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The Pink Grapefruit CBD tincture from Savage combines the tartness of a freshly-cut pink grapefruit with the earthiness of all-natural, hemp extract. The cbd tincture is perfect for several ingestion methods. Users can choose from several different methods including sublingual (under the tongue) or by including it in their food or drink. It makes a great additive to hot beverages, teas, and water. Users can also stir a few drops into their water and drink it that way. There are three concentrations available from 1000mg, 1500mg to 2000mg.

#4 Peach Pear Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

A Refreshing Blend of Fruit Flavors

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The Peach Pear CBD tincture features full-spectrum CBD, which is verified by the lab results published online. The concoction features all-natural pear and peach flavors to make a refreshing treat for thirsty users who want to have a quick dose of CBD when outside or exercising. The tincture could also be taken after workouts to replenish the body. The tincture features the sweet flavors of peach and pear, but it also has essential cbd oils as well as all-natural hemp oil. It can be taken in several ways. Users can take it sublingually or they can take it with their food or drink.

Other Savage CBD Products

The product line for the CBD Savage is extensive and features a wide range of products suitable for many user-types. A quick review of the website will reveal as much and there is much to discover. In all, the company has 10 product categories that range from pre-filled cbd vape cartridges to cbd edibles to topicals and pet treats.

One item unique to the Savage CBD is the unprocessed CBD flower that users can buy and then process themselves to get hemp extract. The flower is perfect for DIY users who prefer to create their special cannabidiol products at home so they know what is going into it. The flower comes in pre-rolled joints or in natural form and in several quantities.

Users can also make use of Savage’s pre-filled cartridges that feature their specially-selected, cbd oil that comes in three different strains, namely, Strawberry Citrus, Pineapple Blast, and All-Natural Hemp flavor. The CBD Savage also features an excellent selection of topical cream and balsams that are meant to soothe aching muscles.

Competing Brands


cbdfx-website img

CBDfx is one of the leading CBD companies right now, which has a recognizable presence for its multitude of product offerings. Users can find all manner of cannabidiol products under the CBDfx brand, which includes ready-to-use, disposable cbd vape pens, as well as high-quality e-juice mixed with premium hemp extract.

The brand is found both online and in several brick-and-mortar stores. Users can buy directly from the website, which features every product’s lab results.

Select CBD


Select CBD is a California-based company that specializes in pre-filled vape cartridges, which contain high-quality hemp and THC extract. The company only sells its product to residents of California and its products are not available for purchase online.

Select also has its name-brand gummies that come in three different flavors and can have up to three different CBD concentrations. The company takes its hemp from California-based farms and uses C02-extraction to obtain all their material.

Conclusion: Savage CBD Review: Calm The Savage Beast

What CBD products are your favorite? What is the best way to ingest CBD? What do you like to use CBD for? Let us know in the comments section below.

Savage CBD is not a new company but they keep things fresh with an innovative product line and with unprecedented transparency. The company is very open about its standards and what it considers to be the best quality. It has lab reports for every product along with the product listing so users can be aware, right away, of the content of the product.

The company has a wide range of products that are good for the beginner as well as experienced CBD users. The great thing about such a wide product line is that users can pick and choose, and then mix and match what they like most. The company offers free shipping for all orders within the US.


  • Wide product line
  • A strong commitment to transparency
  • Lab results easily accessible and legible
  • Results confirm the concentration of each product


  • No returns policy
Published: December 11, 2020

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