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Pure One Cartridges
Pure One Critical Kush
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  • Triple-distilled cannabis concentrate
  • Easy-to-use cartridges
  • Many flavors available

Pure One cartridges are the flagship product of the PV roster. The cartridges are filled with high-potency cannabis concentrate, with lab...

Pure Disposables
Pure Disposable
  • Several strains available
  • Draw-activated
  • Excellent vapor production
Pure Vape Batteries
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast-acting
  • Long-lasting

Pure Vape Review: The Brand Up-Close

Purevapeofficial Brand

Pure Vape deals only in cannabis concentrate, as they do not carry dry herbs. The brand began in the aftermath of the passage of Prop 261, which legalized medical marijuana in California in 1996. Ten years later, PV rose to fill the need for high-quality THC and CBD distillate.

PV filled the vacuum for people who wanted to dose THC but did not want to inhale smoke. The company triple distills its concentrates. There is no information on how they extract the active ingredients in cannabis. Their website mentions that their product is solventless, so they do not use ethanol or other solvent extraction methods.

Pure Vape also does extensive customer outreach. Demo Days, as the company calls them, are days when brand ambassadors hold demonstrations at locations across California. They show-off its products and answer customer questions. As the company is California-based, its products are only available in the Golden State at licensed dispensaries. The company also does not ship to addresses outside of California.

The Pure Vape Product Line

#1 Pure One Cartridges

More Vapor and More Flavor

10/10 icon-question Review score

Pure One cartridges are the flagship product of the PV roster. The cartridges are filled with high-potency cannabis concentrate, with lab tests showing close to 85% THC content, and 1.4% CBD. The cartridges use CCELL technology, which means the heating elements inside are ceramic. The construction of the cartridges features glass and stainless steel, with a ceramic mouthpiece up top.

They also have 510-threads on the base. There are several strains available for the cartridges. Customers can choose from either Indica, Sativa, or a Hybrid selection, with many flavors for each strain and two quantities available, 0.5g or 1g. Users can choose from flavors like Skywalker OG, Critical Kush, and Purple Punch for Sativa. They can also select options like Amnesia Haze, Sour Diesel, and Tangie for Indica strains.


  • Triple-distilled cannabis concentrate
  • No solvents or pesticides detected
  • Easy-to-use cartridges
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Many flavors available


  • Not so potent

#2 Pure Disposables

Easy-to-Use Pens for On-the-Go Vaping

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Pure Disposables feature Pure Vape’s proprietary cannabis THC distillate that comes in over ten different flavors. The pens are fully disposable, and they offer flavors in three major strains, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. The pens themselves are brightly-colored, with each of them representing a different strain. Each strain features several flavor options.

The potency of the oils hovers around 70-80% THC with only a small amount – 0.4% – of CBD. Each strain has four flavors. Users can choose from flavors like Raspberry Twist and Banana Smoothie for Indica strains. They can also select options like Blood Orange and Passion Fruit for Sativa. The pens are self-contained and are draw-activated. They can last for about 120 to 200 puffs.


  • Several strains available
  • Draw-activated
  • Excellent vapor production
  • High-quality concentrate


  • The pens do not last very long
  • High-cost

#3 Pure Vape Batteries

510-Threaded Cells for Convenient Vaping

9/10 icon-question Review score

Pure Vape batteries are convenient, easy-to-use, and provide adequate battery life. The cells are all 510-threaded and are made to support any PV cartridge. The cells come in several colors, including black, blue, orange, pink, and yellow. The batteries have no buttons and are meant to work as draw-activated. The cells are rechargeable, and they come with a USB charger in the kit.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Convenient
  • Fast-acting
  • Long-lasting


  • No manual button option

#4 Pure Syringes

Easy Refilling of Pods and Tanks

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Pure Syringes feature the company’s high-quality THC liquid distillate in an easy-to-use syringe. The syringes contain 1g of liquid concentrate that users can empty into a refillable pod or vape tank. The company also suggests other uses, like blending it with food, adding it rolled joints, etc.

Each strain features three different flavors. Users can choose from selections like Granddaddy Purple or Zkittlez and OG for Indica strains. Sativa selections include flavors like Lemon Haze, Durban Poison, and Green Crack.


  • Easy-to-use
  • High-quality oil
  • Many flavors available
  • Convenient


  • Low-potency

#5 Pure CBD Disposables

Three THC to CBD Ratios

8/10 icon-question Review score

Pure CBD disposables are the Pure Vape product that features only CBD, although there are several options to choose from. Customers can choose from three different ratios:

  • The non-psychoactive Boost option (1 part CBD : 0 parts THC)
  • The low-psychoactive option called Rise and Shine (4:1)
  • The psychoactive blend that offers equal parts CBD and THC (1:1)

The pens are fully automatic and have no buttons or other switches. Users simply remove the device from its packaging and start vaping. The pens also come in several flavors like Frozen Grape, Strawberry, French Vanilla.


  • Each pen contains 300mg of oil
  • Comes in three different flavors
  • Auto-activated
  • Excellent vapor production


  • Short vape life

Delivery Options

PV products are only available in California. It does not ship to anywhere outside of California, or outside the US. What’s more, the company only sells to people with state-issued medical marijuana licenses, at least via its website.

Anyone who wants to buy directly from the brand’s site has first to input the information confirming that they are a valid license-holder. Anyone who wants to buy a Pure Vape product can also get them from licensed dispensaries throughout the state.

Discount Options

Pure Vape does not offer any discount options, nor does it have a rewards program. PV is more a wholesale distributor than a retail operation, as it primarily ships its products to licensed dispensaries in the State of California. It does not offer direct sales to customers through its website.


Pure Vape does not function as a retail operation like other popular vape retailers. It only wholesales to dispensaries in California. As such, there are no product warranties on its products, other than what is offered by retailers, if offered at all. With that said, if anyone has purchased a defective product, they can contact the company directly within 15 days of their purchase and supply the following information:

  • Name of Licensed Dispensary where they bought the item
  • Receipt of purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • The product that is defective
  • What is defective about it
  • A photo attachment

The company does not honor defective items bought from unlicensed dispensaries. Nor does it accept products for returns or exchanges after the 15-day grace period.

Customer Rating

The Pure Vape brand is only available in California, but still, online reviews are mostly positive of the oil’s quality, as well as the brand’s presentation. There are the regular problems of a defective battery or a disposable running out well before it is supposed to, but there are no broader complaints about the brand or its products. There are some rumblings that the oils are not as “strong” or “potent” as other brands, only that does not mean its products are low-quality.

The Competition

Brass Knuckles


Brass Knuckles is another California-based company that sells only pre-filled cartridges with high-quality THC oil. Its product line is similar to Pure’s as Brass Knuckles features different cartridges based on three main strains, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid versions. Only, the former offers different product categories like disposable vape pens and edibles, while BK does not. There are several different strains for each plant, close to five or six in each group.

Honey Vape


Honey Vape is a California maker of THC and CBD cartridges offered in several sizes (0.5g, 1g) with several potencies. The brand, like PV, only sells to licensed dispensaries in the state of California and does not sell direct-to-customer.

Honey Vape also sells a proprietary brand of disposable vape pens, which has full-spectrum THC and CBD oil. The oil that Honey Vape sells is also versatile as users can ingest it in many ways. Honey Vape does not offer their distillate in syringes or as edibles.

Closing Thoughts: Pure Vape Review: It Doesn’t Get Any Purer

Starting with the legalization of medical marijuana in 1996 in California, the market for cannabis concentrates increased, as people wanted an alternative to smoking dry herb. Pure Vape was one of the first to recognize this need and built their brand around their name: purity.

Even though they do not say it, explicitly, the company uses CO2-extraction as vendor sites list its oil, as “CO2” oil. Lab reports for its products show a high THC concentration, although some reviewers feel that they are not as strong as others.

That may be true, but for people who are looking for a mellow vibe and want something, not in the 90% percentile of THC content, Pure Vape products are the answer.


  • Good value compared to other products
  • Solventless extraction (CO2 extraction)
  • Ceramic coil atomizers in cartridges and disposable vape pens
  • Also offers THC edibles in their product line
  • CBD products also available


  • Low potencies
Published: December 1, 2020

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