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Medix Gummies
Medix CBD Gummies
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  • Each serving contains 10mg of hemp extract
  • Made in the USA
  • Assorted flavors

CBD edibles are a common way for people to ingest hemp extract, and CBD gummies are among the most popular. As CBD is completely non-toxi...

Medix CBD Oil
Medix CBD Oil
  • One serving = 1ml
  • Each serving contains around 6.66mg of extract
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
CBD Oil for Dogs
Medix CBD Oil for Dogs
  • Serving size = 1ml
  • 30ml bottles
  • Each serving contains around 8.33mg of extract

A Closer Look at the Brand

Medixcbd Brand

Medix CBD spent a lot of time getting to know their product. The company waited until they had the utmost knowledge about hemp extract before they started creating and marketing its product line to CBD consumers. The company is based in Florida, but it takes the majority of its extract from plants grown in Kentucky.

Kentucky is seeing something of a green-gold rush, as the cultivation and processing of hemp were legalized there only a few years ago. It is legal to grow CBD-dominant plants only. THC is still a banned substance and Medix takes great care to ensure all of its products contain only trace amounts of the psychoactive drug or at least below the 0.03% threshold.

The plants are grown and harvested in Kentucky, but they then undergo C02-extraction to obtain the cannabidiol and all the other active ingredients of the hemp plant. The result is a full-spectrum product that contains all the other precious cannabinoids that consumers expect to find. The company has a typical product line of CBD products that is similar to many others.

The company also performs third-party testing on all its products to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards. The lab results are not available online, however, and consumers must contact the company directly so they can read any of the tests on the product of their choice. Users can also scan the QR code of their purchase and download the results directly to their phone.

Medix CBD Product Line

The Medix CBD brand has several different items available on its website and in retail stores. The products featured here represent only a small fraction of the brand’s product catalog so if users want to know more about what Medix has to offer they should check out the company’s website.

#1 Medix Gummies

A Yummy Alternative to Oils

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CBD edibles are a common way for people to ingest hemp extract, and CBD gummies are among the most popular. As CBD is completely non-toxic and has no intoxicating properties, users can munch on these delicious bears, but without worrying about taking too much. The gummies come in two concentrations, a 100mg bottle or a 300mg bottle, with 30 gummies in each. The ingredients list consists of the typical artificial flavors and sweeteners that you would expect for something like a gummy bear, but there is also full-spectrum CBD in each serving.

#2 Medix CBD Oil

Natural Ingredients, Natural Flavor

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The flagship product of the Medix CBD brand, the all-natural CBD oil contains no added flavors or sweeteners. It is also gluten-free and excellent for vegans. The oil is composed primarily of full-spectrum CBD extract, as well as hemp oil, which acts as a carrier oil to make the extract more soluble and pleasant to taste. The hemp oil is intended for sublingual use, as users can simply drop two or three servings under their tongue. There is a total of 100mg of hemp extract in each 15ml bottle.

#3 CBD Oil for Dogs

A Safe Treat For Four-Legged Friends

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The Medix CBD formulation for dogs contains a special treat for your four-legged friend that is not found in the regular hemp tincture. The oil for dogs uses MCT, which is different from hemp-seed oil. The company made the change after finding that dogs preferred the MCT, but also because it was infused with bacon-flavor. The oil contains 250mg of hemp extract, which can be given sublingually or with a few drops into your dog’s food or water.

#4 Medix Oil CBD Vape Cartridge

An Easy-to-Use, Disposable CBD Option

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This oil cbd vape cartridge has no buttons or switches and is fully disposable. Users can simply start inhaling from the mouthpiece to begin inhaling the vapor. The product features a terpene-heavy strain, a hybrid between Sativa and Indica strains, but with no traceable amounts of THC in the oil. The oil is full-spectrum but it contains a 4:5 CBD to terpene ratio that gives the oil a smooth flavor while also being chocked full of useful cannabinoids. The device is rechargeable if the power does run out before the oil so users can vape it until the liquid is gone.

Is Medix CBD Worth It?

Medix takes a lot of care to put out a high-quality product. As theirs is a CBD product, then it is especially important for them to do quality control to ensure their product is safe and contains the ingredients on the label. With that in mind, the Medix CBD products tried and tested here were all very good.

While all-natural CBD extract in oil form does not have the most pleasant taste, it is easily digestible and it is a convenient way to dose, maybe once in the morning and once at night. For people who prefer varying times to dose, the gummies are a good alternative. It would have been nice if the gummies were also vegan and made with all-natural ingredients instead of corn syrup.

The Rest of the Medix Line

This review covered only a few products from each category, but the company has several other categories and products. They, for example, also have a line of topicals and creams intended for muscle and joint relief, as well as for cosmetic purposes. The brand also features an isolate powder of their hemp extract that is very versatile.

Users can take the isolate on its own or use it to create their own line of products, from teas and foods to creams and lotions. The isolate comes in various sizes and quantities so depending on how much a person needs, Medix can fill their order. The CBD for dogs (nothing for cats) comes in three convenient options for different sizes of dogs, from large, medium, and small.

Where Can I Find Medix?

Users can buy products directly from the brand’s website, as they offer fast and convenient shipping to all over the US. Processing time takes about two days, but they generally ship out their packages within 3-5 days after purchase. The brand also offers wholesale offers so it is possible that you could find their merchandise in local CBD retailers or similar stores.

The Competition

Select Oil


Select is a very product-specific company as it only markets either THC-dominant or CBD-dominant oil vape cartridges, as well as edibles. The company does not sell its products online, as it is only available in legal states and is not available to people in states where THC is still prohibited.

Users can find several strains of oil, both THC-heavy, and CBD-heavy, in select dispensaries, as well at various outreach events that the brand holds throughout California. Aside from cbd oils, the company also markets edibles (gummies) in various flavors and concentrations.



Populum sees itself as the people’s CBD company, as its brand tries to make the extract as widely available as possible. This way, many people can potentially enjoy the benefits of taking quality CBD. The brand markets its products as all-natural, as their plants are organically grown in Colorado.

The company is very customer-focused, as they offer users free 30-day trials for users to sample their products and can return them if they are not satisfied with it. There are also readily available lab results for every Populum product on its website so users can check them before they make a purchase.

Conclusion: Medix CBD Review: Hemp Extract that Helps

What are your favorite CBD products? Do you have a favorite brand of CBD? What do you use hemp extract for? Let us know in the comments section below.

Medix CBD is a growing company that takes the time and care to quality control all their products. Their price range is reasonable for the high-quality products that they create and market, but some of the larger quantities are quite expensive. Those are mostly for wholesalers, but the retail products they offer are reasonably priced.

The brand offers free shipping on orders over $100 so that is a plus. The product line is varied and has a lot of options (even three different oils for three different dog sizes) and users can find anything for their specific needs. The brand doesn’t have their lab results online, so users can only check them after they’ve made their purchase.


  • Versatile product line
  • High-quality ingredients
  • They use C02-extraction
  • Fast, convenient shipping


  • Lab results only available after purchase
Published: December 17, 2020 Updated: July 26, 2021

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