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Koi Wellness Hemp Shots
Koi CBD Wellness HEMP Shots
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  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • Great-tasting
  • Three delicious flavors

The Koi Wellness shots are tiny little CBD boosts that users can take on-the-go or wherever they go. The bottles are only 2.5oz but each ...

Koi CBD Gummies - Anytime Balance
Koi CBD Gummies - Anytime Balance
  • 0.01% of detectable THC
  • Available in 20 pieces or 60 pieces containers
  • 100% vegan and allergen-free
Koi Hemp Extract - CBD Pet Soft Chews
Koi Hemp Extract - CBD Pet Soft Chews
  • GMO-free
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • No detectable levels of THC

A Closer Look at Koi CBD

koicbd brand

Koi CBD has been in the CBD oils business a long time, since 2015. It started with the standard oils, tinctures, and vape juices that were the first hemp extract products available to consumers. The company had a swift business and they quickly became known for their creative flavor profiles. The brand has the aim of helping people with cannabidiol, so it tries to make its products as great-tasting as possible.

It soon grew to add more products to its roster. The latest addition has been pre-filled vape devices, as well as real CBD-only flowers that users can buy fresh or in a pre-rolled blunt. From there, the company pivoted to more health and wellness-oriented products to appeal to older, more adult users. The company currently offers a line of skin lotions and bath bombs that also contain their high-quality, lab-tested, and American grown hemp.

The company sources the majority of its hemp from American farms, mostly in Colorado. The hemp is then thoroughly tested, as well as after it is processed and infused into the many Koi CBD products. The company uses C02-extraction in state-certified lab facilities that guarantee a high-quality, full, or broad-spectrum product.

The company also takes pride in its quality control process. It first sources only the highest-grade hemp plants. It also uses certified, third-party lab testing for all its products. The results are always available for users to consult before they purchase. The results are also thorough and they test for THC and CBD levels, as well as for harmful chemicals or pesticides, and finally, mold or fungi.

The Best Koi CBD Oils

CBD oil was one of the first products that the brand launched. Even though the company started with the typical hemp oil product it has since transformed what CBD oil means by offering several different CBD products. These are just some of the oil-based products the company has to offer.

#1 Koi Wellness Hemp Shots

A Convenient CBD Boost For Everywhere

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The Koi Wellness shots are tiny little CBD boosts that users can take on-the-go or wherever they go. The bottles are only 2.5oz but each one contains 25mg of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD. Each shot also contains several other natural and artificial ingredients to make the shots tasty and refreshing CBD doses. The shots come in three different flavors. The shots also have different recommended uses. The Peach Iced Tea CBD shot features a dose of melatonin, which can help users sleep better. The Raspberry Punch and Watermelon CBD shots are mostly great-tasting drinks infused with high-quality CBD in each shot.

#2 Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Oil

All-Natural Hemp Oil With a Special Ingredient

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Koi Naturals Hemp Extract is traditional CBD oil with a twist. Not only does Koi offer their premium hemp extract in six different flavors including Orange, Peppermint, and Natural, but each bottle contains Koi PRIZM. PRIZM is a proprietary blend of many cannabidiols like CBN, CBC, and CBG that also have many beneficial properties. Each Koi CBD contains this broad-spectrum CBD, as well as other natural ingredients like orange and coconut oil. Users can dose with the provided dropper in each 30ml bottle for an always accurate dose.

#3 Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Oil - Peppermint

A Natural CBD Extract With a Kick

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The Koi Naturals Hemp Extract comes in several different flavors. One of those flavors is peppermint that promises to give users a cooling sensation, while they dose a small amount of the extract. The Peppermint variety of Koi’s many other CBD lines still contains the same high-quality ingredients as well as Koi’s PRIZM blend of many different cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC. The Peppermint variety of Koi’s hemp extract also contains organic coconut oil to give the oil a sweet finish

Best Koi CBD Gummies

Koi CBD not only has a wide-range of gummies but edibles as well. The gummies are also catered to several different uses so consumers can pick and choose which helps them best. As with all Koi products, its gummies come packed with premium quality hemp extract.

#1 Koi CBD Gummies - Anytime Balance

A Tasty Way to Take Broad-Spectrum CBD

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The Koi CBD gummies come in several different varieties that users can choose from to best suit their needs. The Anytime Balance CBD gummies offer users a concentrated dose of 10mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract in each gummy. The entire container of CBD gummies features 60 gummies in total for a full CBD count of 600mg. Koi recommends that users take two gummies a day for a combined CBD dosage of 20mg/per day. The gummies come in several flavors and contain its proprietary blend of cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC. Anytime Balance gummies also feature an authentic Berry Lemonade flavor that is sure to please even the most demanding palates.

#2 Koi CBD Gummies - Nighttime Rest

Sweet Hemp Extract Gummies for Sweet Dreams

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The Koi CBD gummies come in several versions for the user’s convenience. The Nighttime Rest variety is for those consumers who need help sleeping. The Koi CBD gummies for Nighttime Rest feature 5mg of melatonin, which is a common supplement to help people sleep. The Cherry Limeade flavor of the Nighttime gummies means that each gummy has a savory taste to make ingestion much easier. The Nighttime Gummies feature 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each gummy, which users can take twice a day for a total CBD consumption of 20mg/day. Each container comes with either 20 or 60 pieces, with a mixture of 200mg or 600mg/container.

Best Koi CBD Products for Pets

Koi did not forget about four-legged consumers of CBD when they formulated their pet-specific line of hemp extract products. The brand has several products for your animal friends which come in several formats as well.

#1 Koi Hemp Extract - CBD Pet Soft Chews

A Tasty Treat for Four-Legged Friends

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The Koi Extract soft chews are like any other dog treats but these contain high-quality, premium hemp extract to give your best friend a beneficial dose of CBD. These treats were formulated with input from veterinary professionals so you can be assured that every treat is safe for your dog to take. Each chew contains about 2mg of CBD extract and each container contains 25 pieces. Serving sizes depend on the size of your doggy. Smaller dogs can take only 1 or 2 per day, while larger dogs may need up to 3 or 4 pieces every day.

#2 Koi Naturals Hemp Extract - CBD Pet Spray

A New CBD Product For All Pets

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The Koi Naturals CBD pet spray is a novel product that works with many different pets. The spray features a blend of coconut oil and all-natural, high-quality Koi PRIZM, broad-spectrum CBD. Users can give their pets one spray or two directly into their mouths. Koi also recommends spraying one or two sprays onto your pet’s food. The dosage depends on your animal’s size with smaller pets needing only one or two, while larger pets may need 4 or 5 sprays per day. This product, like the Koi CBD soft chews, was formulated especially for animals by veterinary professionals so it is safe to give any pets, large or small.

How To Save at Koi CBD

With so many products available, Koi CBD is more than happy to offer their customers select deals and discounts. Not only that but the brand is also known for including free samples with some orders so customers can sample a new product for a future purchase. Koi also runs a Rewards program, which is something that a lot of CBD retailers do.

The Koi Rewards program is a point-based system. Members earn points, for example, for every $1 they spend, for signing up, for social media posts, as well as for referring friends and family. With their accumulated points members can apply for various dollar discounts on Koi products or redeem them for a preferred product.

Apart from their Rewards program, which is open to everyone, Koi also offers both active-duty and veterans military members a 25% discount on all purchases. They only have to present a copy of their military ID or pay stub to apply for the discount. Users can also apply for a subscription so they receive Koi products at certain intervals. A subscription gets anyone who applies an automatic 10% discount.

How To Buy Koi CBD Products

Koi makes buying its products very easy. Not only does the brand offer free shipping on orders over $35 in the US, but it’s site also features a handy Store Finder feature. Users can type in their city, state, or zip code to find a local retailer selling Koi brand products. The brand currently does not ship overseas. It does ship to addresses within the US as well as Armed Forces Post Offices around the world.

Are Koi Products Safe?

Koi takes the safety and quality of its products very seriously. Not only do they only source their hemp from trusted, domestic sources in Colorado and other parts of the US, but it also ensures every batch meets their high, agricultural standards. Starting at the source, Koi then sends every product to a certified lab to be triple-tested.

Koi tests for not only accurate levels of cannabinoids, as well as legal levels of THC, but it also tests for pesticides, bacteria, solvents, and other harmful substances so you know exactly what is and is not in every product. Users can easily find all lab reports on the entire Koi line-up on their website.

Competing Brands

Green Roads


Green Roads started with two friends who wanted to bring CBD to the masses and it has become one of the largest, privately-owned CBD companies in the market. The company was founded by an experienced compound pharmacist who had made some hemp-based remedies for a friend.

When the results were better than expected the friends decided to start Green Roads. The company has an emphasis on health and wellness and it shows in their product line. The company has no vapes or vape juice products, but it does specialize in convenient, easy-to-use CBD products like oils, tinctures, gels, capsules, even coffee.


hempworx brand

Hempworx also started because of someone’s personal, and positive, experience with CBD. Company founder Jenna Zwagil tried hemp extract to treat her health problems. After it helped her, she was convinced that more people needed to try CBD. The company takes quality and safety seriously and it triple-tests all of its products for accurate concentrations.

The company uses American-grown hemp and prides itself on the natural ingredients in every batch. Its product line steers away from vapes and cbd vape juices and more towards health and beauty products.

Conclusion: Koi CBD Review: An Experienced Leader In CBD

What are your favorite CBD products? What is your favorite CBD retailer? Have you ever bought something from Koi? Let us know in the comments section below.

Koi CBD shows no signs of slowing down in its pursuit to create high-quality CBD products. The brand offers users a wide array of products at reasonable prices. Users can take advantage of the company’s bundle deals to sample a little bit of everything.

Consumers have several entry points for CBD with Koi. They can start with a vape or cbd vape juice or they can go for a tincture or edible. From there, the company offers so much from fresh CBD-only flowers to pre-rolls as well as things like body lotions and bath bombs.


  • Wide-product line
  • Uses only American hemp
  • A lot of discount programs
  • High commitment to quality and transparency


  • No international shipping
Published: January 14, 2021 Updated: March 25, 2021

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