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Ignite CBD Tincture
Ignite CBD Tongue Drops - Cucumber Lemon Mint
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  • Size: 30 mL
  • Total CBD: 500 mg and 1200 mg
  • Serving Size: 16.6 mg or 40 mg

Ignite CBD drop products are blended with cucumber, lavender, orange, and various essential oils and all-natural ingredients. Ignite’s ...

Ignite CBD Disposable Vape Pen
Ignite CBD Disposable Vape Pen
  • Size: 0.5 g
  • Total CBD: 250 mg
  • Serving Size: 1-2 mg per 3 second puff
Ignite CBD Rechargeable Vape Pens
Ignite One Rechargeable Vape Device
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Soft-touch, matte coating
  • Unique disposable liquid pod mod system

Ignite CBD’s Hemp Oil Inventory and Customer Benefits

ignite brand

Ignite has a reasonably sizeable inventory. It includes products like vapes, tinctures, and topicals. Their vapes are of the disposable and reusable variety. The throwaway vapes come in six different flavors, including blood orange, mango, and watermelon. Their reusable vapes can be bought with CBD pods. They are made by Ignite that have all of the same flavors found in the disposables. They have a great line of flavored tinctures. They have a high concentration of CBD, plus they have several types of lip balms.

Ignite CBD brand products are affordable. It is possible to save even more money with them. Their coupons and discounts are all over the internet. They also have fast shipping that will get the order to the customer in a couple of days. Plus, they have no THC, so they cannot get anyone high.

How Does Ignite CBD Make Their Oils?

Ignite sources its hemp from the United States. All of their CBD products are made with highly refined CBD isolate. They use short path distillation, which brings highly concentrated and pure extracts. They are free of metals, pesticides, and other filth.

Top Ignite CBD Products

#1 Ignite CBD Tincture

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Ignite CBD drop products are blended with cucumber, lavender, orange, and various essential oils and all-natural ingredients. Ignite’s drops can be used orally or on the skin using the included easy-drop applicator. They are lab tested, contain no pesticides, and are GMO, THC, and gluten-free. Because of their high bioavailability, they can get more CBD into the system than most other methods, resulting in faster and longer-lasting relief.

Ignite has five CBD oil tincture products:

  • Cucumber Lemon Mint Tongue Drops – Calm
  • Blood Orange Tongue Drops – Lucid
  • Tropical Fruit Tongue Drops – Recharge
  • Lavender Tongue Drops – Calm
  • Natural Tongue Drops – Lucid

Ignite hemp CBD oil drops are best for treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other medical problems. Apply the CBD oil drops beneath the tongue using the dropper. Give them up to a minute to absorb before swallowing.

#2 Ignite CBD Disposable Vape Pen

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Ignite offers six types of CBD vape pens:

  • Pink Chill Disposable Vape Pen – Calm
  • Blood Orange Disposable Vape Pen – Lucid
  • Tropical Fruit Disposable Vape Pen – Recharge
  • Apple Berry Disposable Vape Pen – Lucid
  • Mango Disposable Vape Pen – Calm
  • Watermelon Disposable Vape Pen – Recharge

These vape pens are easy to hold and highly portable, and contain coconut oil and other natural ingredients. Their pens have zero THC, no pesticides, and are GMO and gluten-free. Each vape contains 150 mg of CBD. Vaping is one of the best ways to consume CBD because the CBD goes straight to the bloodstream. These CBD pens are best fit for those needing relief from severe and chronic pain and discomfort.

#3 Ignite CBD Rechargeable Vape Pens

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The Ignite CBD vape kit is high-quality, lightweight, and ergonomically designed. It has the following features:

  • 380 mah battery
  • Unique liquid pod mod system
  • 1.5ml pod capacity
  • Anti-dry Hit System
  • Auto-draw technology

This vape can be used with six different pods:

  • Tropical Fruit CBD Oil Pod – Recharge
  • Blood Orange CBD Oil Pod – Lucid
  • Pink Chill CBD Oil Pod – Calm
  • Apple Berry CBD Oil Pod – Lucid
  • Mango CBD Oil Pod – Calm
  • Watermelon CBD Oil Pod – Recharge

The e-liquid in these pods contains 250 mg of natural CBD that is lab tested and THC, GMO, and Gluten-free. Ignite’s rechargeable CBD vape pens and pods are useful for the same reasons as are their throw away vapes. But they are more cost-effective, especially for those who plan on vaping CBD long-term.

The battery is compatible with all of the above CBD flavors. Insert the pod, and enjoy it!

#4 Ignite CBD Lip Balms

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Ignite has cucumber lemon mint, mango, and natural flavored CBD lip balms. Each of them contains 50 mg of CBD blended with essential oils and shea butter. This brand product is useful and best for protecting the lips from the sun and wind. It makes it perfect for those who are outside always. It is best to apply the lip balm as if it were chapstick by putting a thin, protective layer that covers the lips. Re-apply as needed.

Ignite CBD Delivery Review

Orders are shipped within two business days via Royal Mail or UPS ground for deliveries in the United Kingdom. The order for CBD will arrive in two to four business days. The processing and shipping time varies depending on the order load and if there are holidays.

Ignite allows customers to return their CBD products within 30 days of the purchase. However, they do not refund used items. How is a customer going to know whether he or she wants to return the product if it cannot be used first?

Ignite CBD Discount

There are a lot of websites out there with discount and coupon codes for Ignite products:

Ignite CBD Lab Test Results and Consumer Experience

Ignite does not post-lab tests on their website, so it is difficult to know what is really in their CBD oils. This lack of transparency should be a concern for customers. Poor purification processes can result in THC, pesticides, and other things getting into the body.

One thing about the consumer experience that needs improvement is their contact information page. It has no phone number or email address posted. Instead, the customer has to enter his or her contact information and wait to be contacted. Customers who are facing an issue with a CBD product should be able to immediately contact customer service. Do not send an email address or phone number to wait hours or days to be contacted.

The Competitors

Kats Naturals

katsnaturals brand

Kat’s Naturals is a female-centered CBD company based in the US. It features a long line of several all-natural CBD products. Its founder worked as a herbalist and nutritionist for a long time. This is why the company is dedicated to providing high-quality, well-tested CBD products. The company is also tied to other CBD companies and offers users many different ways to use CBD in their lives. The company uses only hemp grown in the US, as well as a safe, clean C02-extraction to offer users such products as oils, tinctures, edibles, as well as vapes, and chocolate items.


thecbdistillery brand

CBDistillery is a popular CBD brand based in Colorado. It has been in the CBD business for nearly ten years. The company has a dedicated product line that consists of the most accessible CBD products like oils, softgel capsules, and gummies. The company takes all of its hemp extract from local farms. So they have complete control over the harvesting and processing of every plant. The company uses third-party lab testing to make sure that every product is up to their standards and to ensure the high-quality of its products.

Final Words about Ignite CBD

Ignite only has four CBD product categories, but within those categories, there are a lot of things to buy, including disposable and reusable CBD vapes with many flavors. Also, their prices are not that bad compared to other CBD companies.

There are a few reasons to be concerned about Ignite, though. Their lab results are not posted on their website, and if they are, they are not easy to find. While we are sure, they test their CBD products and use the best CBD extraction methods possible. It would be nice if they would say something about it on their site.

A final thing they need to improve upon is their contact page. Most CBD companies post their phone and email on their contact page. So customers can reach them quickly.

Ignite has some pretty cool CBD products for reasonable prices. Their lack of transparency should make potential customers wary.

If you shopped with Ignite in 2020, let us know what you think about their products and services by leaving us a comment or short review.


  • Great selection of CBD products
  • Flavored CBD tinctures
  • Reusable and disposable CBD vapes
  • Affordable prices for their CBD
  • No THC – cannot get you high


  • No lab tests on their site
Published: January 20, 2021 Updated: May 3, 2021

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