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Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Green Roads Full Spectrum SBD Oil
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  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made with American-grown hemp
  • Lab-tested and certified

The Full-Spectrum CBD oil for Green Roads is a high-potency formula that contains several important cannabinoids. Users will find not onl...

CBD Gummy Bears
Green Roads Relax Bears
  • Gluten-free
  • Convenient and discreet
  • Lab-tested and certified
CBD Softgels
Green Roads CBD Softgels
  • Soy and gluten-free
  • No noticeable taste
  • Easy-to-swallow

A Closer Look at Green Roads Best CBD Products


Green Roads rose from being started by two friends in a kitchen to being named one of the top CBD companies in the US. As its founder, Laura Fuentes was the right person for the job. She had spent years working with pharmaceutical medicines to help her clients with their health concerns. Like a lot of people, Laura was not aware of the medicinal potential of hemp extract.

It wasn’t until a friend approached her about using CBD to treat a chronic health problem that Laura realized what hemp extract could do. Laura’s friend, Arby Barroso, was eventually helped by the CBD medicines that Laura had made in her spare time. This convinced both of them that more people needed to be helped by cannabidiol.

This commitment to everyone’s well-being also made them passionate about ensuring that they gave their clients the highest quality hemp extract possible. Green Roads was one of the first CBD companies to push for independent, full-panel lab testing for all its products. This was so that their customers could be secure in what they were taking was not only safe but legal. This commitment to transparency is why CBD is now sold in over 10,000 retail locations throughout the US.

The company, being founded by a compound pharmacist, shies away from products like pre-filled tanks and vapes with CBD oil, as well as CBD-infused e-juice. Instead, they rely on familiar, and easy-to-use products for those who are new to the extract. The company focuses on wellness favorites like cbd oils, cbd capsules, tinctures, as well as cosmetic and beauty products like bath bombs, gels, as well as a CBD coffee line.

The Best From Green Roads CBD

The Green Roads CBD product line is extensive. Again, the company does not offer any vapes, pre-filled cartridges, or e-juice. It focuses mainly on health and wellness products infused with high-quality CBD. It offers both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD in varying strengths. The brand also has a line of cbd edibles, as well as beauty and hygiene products.

#1 Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

A Potent Formula For Fast Relief

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The Full-Spectrum CBD oil for Green Roads is a high-potency formula that contains several important cannabinoids. Users will find not only CBD but other cannabinoids and terpenes that create the desired full-spectrum effect. There are only trace amounts of THC detected in the oil, much less than the 0.3% legal limit. The oil comes in a 1500mg strength that offers users 50mg of lab-tested cannabidiol in every 1ml serving. Users are free to use the included syringe to measure out an accurate dose every time. The liquid comes in a 30ml bottle and users have the option of choosing full-spectrum or broad-spectrum varieties.

#2 Sweet Sleep CBD Oil

A Safe, Effective Way to Fall Asleep

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Green Roads’ Sweet Sleep CBD oil is specially formulated to help people fall asleep. Aside from the pharmaceutically formulated CBD, the oil also contains useful cannabinoids like CBD, as well as melatonin. The latter two ingredients are designed not only for sleep but to ease stress, so users can take it during the day as well. The oil contains 750mg of full-spectrum CBD. It has been blended with other natural ingredients like MCT oil, vitamin E, and a slight blueberry flavor to help with ingestion.

#3 CBD Gummy Bears

A Soothing, Convenient CBD Treat

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The CBD Gummy Bears are a convenient and delicious way to take a daily dose of hemp extract. The gummies, as all gummies, are soft and chewy in texture and make users forget they are taking 10mg of high-quality, full-spectrum cannabidiol. Each bottle of gummies contains 30 in total, and each of them offers a potent dose. The CBD gummies come in both sweet and sour varieties. There are also two flavor varieties as users can choose from Assorted flavors to Blackberry.

#4 CBD Chocolate Bar

Artisan Chocolate Packed With CBD

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The Green Roads CBD chocolate bar is one of their signature items. The bar is a blend of natural cacao, as well as cocoa butter that is a perfect match for the all-natural hemp extract inside. The CBD isolate at the base of the chocolate bar ensures that there is no THC to be found in the bar. The total CBD count of the bar is 180mg. The bar is divided into 12 squares with each square giving users a 15mg dose. There are no other ingredients or flavorings in the chocolate bar. It is vegan-friendly and was not tested on animals.

#5 CBD Softgels

Accurate Dosage and Easy-to-Use

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The CBD Softgels from Green Roads offers users a convenient way to take CBD that has almost instant effects. The Softgels are cbd capsules full of high-quality, CBD isolates that users can take for a variety of users. They have the option of choosing the Everyday variety or the Relax and Sleep variations. The Softgels contain up to 750mg of CBD. Each soft gel contains at least 25mg of hemp extract. The gels have no artificial ingredients (except for gelatin), and have no traces of THC. Users can take them whenever they want and wherever thanks to their convenient form factor.

Is Green Roads Worth It?

The range of Green Roads products is substantial. Apart from the products listed here, the brand boasts at least nine different product categories ranging from CBD for Beginners to CBD for Indulgence (beauty and relaxation products). The company errs on the side of quality above all else so its product line reflects that commitment to the best.

The company was founded to make CBD more accessible and familiar to the public. The company does not make or market vape pens or oil cartridges for their customers. It defines itself more as a health and wellness company that aims to help people. The company has risen from small beginnings and has become one of the largest, privately-owned CBD companies in the US.

This success must have to do with the quality and originality of their products. The company aims to make products that fit the wants and needs of their core demographic, which are older adults and people who have no familiarity with CBD or cannabis.

Where Can I Buy Green Roads CBD Products?

Green Roads products are available in over 10,000 retail locations across the US, according to the company’s website. Users can always order online from the company’s website or authorized resellers. The company offers several discounts to first responders as well as active-duty and veteran members of the military. The company offers various shipping methods to its customers. It is unclear whether the company ships abroad or only to the US.

The Competition

Pure Kana


Pure Kana CBD is another company that creates and markets a variety of CBD products. The Pure Kana line offers users several categories of products from oils, tinctures, and edibles to more unconventional fare like vape devices. Pure Kana takes its hemp from farms in Kentucky and uses C02-extraction to obtain their hemp extract.

The company also prides itself on transparency and it publishes all third-party lab results on its website. Pure Kana also features a line of pet treats as well as edible items like gummies. It also has a bath bomb line but it doesn’t have anything as fun or creative as CBD chocolate or CBD coffee like Green Roads.


mydailychoice brand

Hempworx is another company that was started by an individual and grew to become a worldwide presence. The company was founded by a husband and wife team that used CBD in their lives. They wanted to bring the extract to the masses, which is why they started Hempworx.

The brand is sold under the name of My Daily Choice and its products seek to make hemp extract a daily part of people’s lives. To this end, the brand offers several typical CBD products (oils, tinctures, edibles) as well as everyday beauty products (shampoo and conditioner), face masks, bath bombs, and even coffee.

Conclusion: Green Roads CBD Review: Greener Pastures For CBD Users

Green Roads CBD is a homegrown success story. Not only was it able to grow into one of the most popular CBD companies in the US, but it also did so by creating products, 100% transparency, and a creative, product line.

Green Roads succeeded in making hemp extract with its emphasis on health and wellness. Its line reflects its commitment to making hemp extract acceptable as an alternative to other treatments as well as the foundation of a better, healthier life.

Published: January 6, 2021 Updated: January 6, 2021

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