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Empire Wellness CBD Oil
Empire Wellness CBD Oil
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  • Size: 30 mL
  • Total CBD: 150 mg, 500 mg, 700 mg and 1500 mg
  • Serving Size: 5 mg, 16.6 mg, 23.3 mg, 50 mg

Empire Wellness tincture oils are useful for treating anxiety, epilepsy, and inflammation. They are a perfect fit for people looking to s...

Empire Wellness CBD Gummies & Relaxation Syrup
Empire Wellness CBD Gummies
  • Size: 4 or 7 pieces
  • Total CBD: 150 mg or 350 mg
  • Serving Size: 37.5 mg or 50 mg
Empire Wellness Live CBD Resin Wax
Empire Wellness CBG Live Resin
  • Size: 1 gram
  • Total CBD: 550 mg

Empire Wellness Review: Their Top Features

empirewellness brand

Empire works with experts like farmers, chemists, and doctors. It helps them to provide pure, clean, and therapeutic CBD. These qualities make their products useful for medical and recreational use. All of their hemp products are made from 99 percent pure CBD so that the oil is safe to use and highly potent. This is thanks to their state-of-the-art CO2 extraction methods. Their CBD’s high potency can be used to treat various medical conditions and mental health disorders.

The best thing about Empire Wellness is that they have a lot of high-quality hemp products. Choose anything from tinctures to edibles. This diverse range ensures that customers can find everything they need. Plus, they have discounts available, fast and efficient delivery. Also, their customer service is helpful and professional.

How Does Empire Wellness Get CBD?

All of their CBD is produced via the CO2 extraction method. This process has two stages. The first one is grinding the cannabis material. And the second is placing it in an extraction vessel. Next, the CO2 is heated and pressurized before it is pumped into the extraction vessel. It causes the plant material to dissolve. The cannabis material flows into a separate vessel when a pressure valve is released. Then it is placed in the new container. An internal heater and compressor adjust the pressure and temperature. Changing the pressure, temperature, and flow rate cause certain molecules in the mixture to bond with the CO2 and separate from the plant. The CBD is collected in a jar or beaker. There it can be made into whatever hemp product the manufacturer wants to make.

Top Empire Wellness CBD Products

#1 Empire Wellness CBD Oil

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Empire Wellness tincture oils are useful for treating anxiety, epilepsy, and inflammation. They are a perfect fit for people looking to supplement their pharmaceutical medications with all-natural cannabis products.

Use this oil by placing a few drops under the tongue. Do not swallow for 30 to 90 seconds so that the drops have time to absorb. After the time has expired, swallow.

Empire has four CBD oils:

  • 150mg 99% Crystal CBD Oil
  • 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • 700mg 99% Crystal CBD Oil
  • 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

#2 Empire Wellness CBD Gummies & Relaxation Syrup

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Empire offers Big Bear (150 mg) and Blueberry (5 mg water-soluble CBD) flavored gummies. These candies can be used to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, cancer, and anxiety. These treats are a good option for people who have never tried CBD. It has an excellent taste and low bioavailability.

Portion out several candies a day and take them as needed. For Blueberry, consume five candies per serving. Once the body gets used to the CBD, the user can graduate to tinctures or other CBD products with higher bioavailability.

The syrup is their other popular edible hemp product. They have grape and cherry varieties, and each four-ounce bottle contains 100 mg of CBD. These syrups are useful for reducing stress, anxiety, and arthritic pain. Plus, they are a great way to improve the taste of any drink. Each bottle is good for two to four servings.

Add Empire’s CBD syrup to soda, water, tea, or any liquid. The product will improve the taste and deliver the CBD the body needs.

#3 Empire Wellness Live CBD Resin Wax

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Empire’s resin wax contains 550 mg of full-spectrum CBD, cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. There are one, seven, and fourteen-gram options available. They used Charlotte’s Web and ACDC hemp strains to make this wax. These waxes bring fast-acting relief to the symptoms of medical disorders. It can help with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and chronic pain. Dabbing waxes work quickly. Because they are heated, and the vapor is inhaled, taking the CBD straight to the bloodstream.

Use these waxes when dabbing. Inhale the vapor and wait several minutes to see what the effects of the CBD are. If there are no adverse effects, continue vaping.

#4 Empire Wellness CBD Flowers

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There are seven hemp flower products for sale:

  • Narnia
  • Lemon Drop
  • Frost Bite
  • Grape Juice
  • Green Gum
  • Fiona
  • CBD Flower Pre Roll

Customers can buy one gram to an ounce. Use these hemp flowers to treat the symptoms of stress and anxiety, inflammation, and cancer. These flower products are useful for smoking and baking. Add a certain amount of flower to the food being prepared and bake it as directed. When smoking, inhale, and wait a few moments between puffs.

#5 Crystal Isolate CBD

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Empire offers:

  • 99% CBD Isolate One Gram
  • 99% CBD Isolate Seven Grams
  • 99% CBD Isolate 28 Grams
  • 99% CBD Isolate 14 Grams
  • This CBD product is used to treat the symptoms of cancer, anxiety, and epilepsy. These items are suited for users who want to cook, bake, and dab with CBD products. This CBD product is used in any delivery method that requires heat.

Empire Wellness CBD Delivery

Empire ships its cannabis to all 50 states using USPS Priority mail. Orders take 24 to 72 hours to process. Once the order is processed, allow two to three days for delivery. Empire Wellness ships internationally for customers ordering wholesale. All international sales are final.

Empire Wellness CBD Discounts

There are discounts available that allow for huge amounts of savings. Coupon Birds has coupons that enable customers to save from 10 to 49 percent on these high-quality items.

Empire Wellness CBD Lab Test Results and Consumer Experiences

Independent third parties test these hemp CBD and terpenes. So all of their items come with a certificate of analysis. They are free of GMOs, THC, and they do not contain toxic substances. Empire offers its customers a unique experience. In addition to having a wide range of high-quality products, they have other benefits. One is that customers can contact them by phone and email. So the customers can place orders and resolve issues quickly.


Blue Moon Hemp

Bluemoonhemp Brand

Blue Moon Hemp is a Florida-based CBD company. It sources its hemp from farms in Kentucky, where they grow it organically. The company uses a proprietary C02-extraction method to obtain its main ingredients. It allows for the inclusion of other cannabinoids into its wide array of products. Blue Moon Hemp offers users CBD products such as oils, tinctures, and vape juices for its diverse customer base. Users can find such varied products as gummies, edibles, pet treats, CBD-dominant waxes, and pre-filled vapes. You can find all their products on their website.

NuLeaf Naturals

nuleafnaturals brand

NuLeaf Naturals is an American-based CBD company. It takes its hemp from Colorado farms that practice organic farming. The brand has a wide range of CBD products. It is infused with full-spectrum hemp extract to give users the full benefits of cannabinoids. NuLeaf Naturals also uses C02-extraction to obtain cannabidiol. It infuses into products like oils and tinctures and products for pets. The brand has a limited product line. But it has wide availability and partners with several retail outlets as well.

Final Words about This Empire Wellness CBD Review

Empire Wellness is the perfect shop for people who want to buy hemp products online and get them promptly. Plus, their products are available in brick-and-mortar stores. It makes them useful for people who like to examine items before making a purchase. Empire is suitable for all kinds of customers. They have tinctures, waxes, edibles, buds, and syrups containing quality CBD and terpenes. The versatility of these products with CBD and terpenes is the best reason to shop with this company.

Have you tried any of these products in 2020? If so, we would like to hear from you. Please contact and tell us about your customer experience, and say what products you think are best.


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Published: January 13, 2021 Updated: May 3, 2021

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