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NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBC Tincture Oil
NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBC Tincture Oil
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  • Flavor: Natural
  • Size: 30 ml
  • Concentration: 300 to 1,800 mg

These tincture oils are made from the entire plant, meaning that they contain all of the essential cannabinoids and terpenes needed to ac...

NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBC Softgels
NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBC Softgels
  • Flavor: None
  • Size: 20, 60, or 120 capsules per bottle
  • Concentration: 15 mg per capsule
Medterra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Oil
Medterra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Oil
  • Flavor: Natural
  • Size: 30 ml
  • Concentration: 1,000 to 2,000 mg

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What Is CBC Oil?

CBC, also known as cannabichromene, a cannabinoid that interacts with the nervous system and interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in a minimal fashion, but just enough to exert some influence on the body’s health.

They also combine with other receptors in the nervous system that CBD does not, which gives them the potential to be more effective for relieving neuropathic pain and discomfort. It is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, so users do not have to worry about it getting them high.

This cannabinoid has the potential to become a major tool for providing relief to various disorders, both mental and physical. According to some of the preliminary research that has been done to gauge its effectiveness as a therapeutic. But, the belief people hold in this cannabinoid as a therapeutic has led many people to start taking products using it as an ingredient.

There are a variety of products currently available that use CBC. These include tinctures and gel capsules. Both products are excellent for people who want to try alternatives to pharmaceutical medications.

The Best CBC Oil on the Market

#1 NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBC Tincture Oil

Full Spectrum CBC Tincture Oil for Fast Relief

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These tincture oils are made from the entire plant, meaning that they contain all of the essential cannabinoids and terpenes needed to achieve a full-spectrum effect and all the health benefits that follow. NuLeaf Naturals has utilized proprietary practices not used anywhere else to create an extract high in CBC and significant amounts of CBD, CBN, and CBG.

These cannabinoids work together much better than isolated liquids because each cannabinoid has its own unique health effects. The result is what is called the “entourage effect.”

#2 NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBC Softgels

CBC Oil Capsules

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CBC capsules are an easy-to-use and convenient product that can be taken anywhere without drawing unnecessary attention. These bottles contain up to 120 capsules and are created with oils made from the entire plant, resulting in a full spectrum of cannabinoids that include CBC, CBG, CBN, and various terpenes. Also, they are made from organic hemp that was processed cleanly and in an environmentally safe manner.

#3 Medterra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Oil

CBD Tincture Oil for Fast Pain Relief

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Even though this is a CBD oil, it also contains CBC and CBG, CBN, and CBDV. However, it does not have THC, making it ideal for people concerned about this compound’s psychoactive effects. In addition, even though it does not have THC, the presence of the other cannabinoids in the oil will still result in a synergistic effect that provides a wide range of health benefits, such as relief from painful joints, improved mood, and more.

Best CBC Oils in 2022: Readers' Choice

Category Product Servings Price
Best CBC oil NuLeaf Naturals CBC Tincture Oil 30 ml $30.99 – $143.99
Best CBC capsules for mood NuLeaf Naturals CBC Softgels 20, 60,120 capsules $30.99 – $143.99
Best CBC oil for pain Medterra CBC Tincture Oil 30ml $59.99 – $99.99

What Are the Effects of CBC Oil?

  • CBC Oil for Pain: Research conducted in Italy using CBD and CBC on rats led the scientists to believe that these two cannabinoids could have analgesic properties.
  • CBC Oil for Increased Cognitive Function: Research showed that CBC could help improve the functioning of neural stem progenitor cells, which could improve the quality of life in people with severe cognitive disorders. This study was conducted in mice, but it still shows that there is the potential for using it to combat the effects of cognitive disabilities.
  • CBC Oil for Skin and Acne: A 2016 study by Hungarian scientists showed that CBC suppressed skin cells’ activity that produces oil, resulting in acne outbreaks. These researchers believe that it could be useful in helping to suppress acne.
  • CBC Oil for Mood: An animal model study conducted at the University of Mississippi on mice showed that CBC had an antidepressant effect. However, studies need to be conducted on human subjects to determine whether it will have the same effects.
  • How to Use CBC Oil

    The first thing to remember about any new therapeutic is to make sure it is the right product for you. That means visiting a family physician who knows your health history. A physician will help determine whether CBC oils or any other cannabinoid product is the right treatment option. It could be that another medication is a better option.

    The products mentioned above were tincture oils and soft gel capsules. Tinctures are used by placing several drops beneath the tongue and waiting 30 to 60 seconds without swallowing. The CBC oils will be absorbed into the bloodstream by the mouth’s mucous membranes during this time. As for the gel capsules, swallow one with the aid of a glass of water.

    It is also possible to use CBC oil in other forms, like food, beverages, and creams. The advantage of buying edibles and beverages is that they can mask CBC’s flavor, and the effects last longer. Topicals such as oils and creams are applied by massaging them into the area needing attention.

    People who are taking certain medications should not take anything containing cannabinoids. The reason is that the liver enzymes are meant to break down the medication instead of break down the cannabinoids, which can result in a dangerous build-up of the medication in the bloodstream, resulting in serious medical complications.

    Another thing to consider is where the product is from. CBC from cannabis raised outside the United States can be grown and harvested substandardly. The result is an oil, edible, or other product contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, and other undesirable things. Also, these products may contain high levels of THC.

    The best CBC oil products are grown in the United States and Canada. Farmers and manufacturers in these countries pay more attention to detail when growing, harvesting, and processing the cannabis.

    CBC Oil Dosage

    Weight Mild Medium High
    46 to 85 lbs 9 mg 12 mg 15 mg
    151 to 240 lbs 18 mg 22.5 mg 27 mg
    241 + lbs 22.5 mg 30 mg 45 mg

    Determining the best CBC oil dosage can be difficult, and it is best to consult with a physician to determine the proper dosage. Several factors need to be considered before choosing a dosage, like age, sex, and weight. A doctor is better suited to do this than anyone else.

    However, if a physician is unavailable, the best course of action is to take the smallest possible dosage for several days or weeks and see what kind of results you get. Later, increase the dosage if you can tolerate a higher dosage.

    The chart above is a rough estimate of how much CBC a person should take according to his or her weight. However, these are not precise estimates, and as previously stated, potential users should consult a physician before determining how much they should take.

    What Is the Difference Between CBD and CBC Oil?

    Not much enough is known about CBC oil to compare it effectively with CBD. However, it is known that they share many of the same benefits and have therapeutic potential.

    One of the differences that are known is that CBC oils interact with the TRPV1 and 5-HT1A receptors in the nervous system better than does CBD, which means that CBC oils may be more effective for relieving neuropathic pain.

    As more research becomes available, scientists will be able to discern the differences between them, allowing consumers to make better judgments on how best to use them.

    Another difference is that CBD is more widely available because it has been on the market longer. However, as CBC oils become more prevalent, they will become easier to find and buy.

    Can You Take CBD and CBC Together?

    Some of the studies undertaken have used CBD and CBC, and much data has been gathered on their effectiveness. However, many of these studies were conducted on lab animals, which is not the same as those conducted on human test subjects. Even so, many of the products being sold contain both cannabinoids, and there have been no reports so far of people suffering ill effects from using them.

    CBC Oil Side Effects

    Little is known about CBC’s side effects on the body because not enough research has been done to come to any conclusions. However, it is reasonable to assume that body chemistry and dosage play a huge part in determining how this compound will affect the body.

    One of the major concerns people have is whether CBC oils cause psychoactive effects. General knowledge indicates that it does not get people high, so it is likely safe to take without feeling the same effects as THC, which would mean it has low abuse potential.

    Many people worry about failing a urinalysis, which is of particular concern for those on parole or whose employment status depends on the results of such a test. However, most urinalysis kits are designed to test for THC, not CBD or CBC, so someone about to take a drug test likely has nothing to worry about.

    But those who might face serious consequences from failing a urinalysis should not take any cannabinoid without first notifying an employer or parole or probation officer. If an employer or parole or probation officer refuses a request, seek legal advice and do not take any substance of which the officer or employer does not approve. Failure to comply with parole, probation, or employment conditions could result in being fired or sent back to prison.

    The legality of medical cannabis varies by jurisdiction. In the United States, medical cannabis is legal in most states, notably in those states on the Western seaboard and in New England. Recreational cannabis is also legal in Canada and Mexico.

    Medical cannabis is legal in many of these states and countries, as well. In Europe, medical cannabis is legal in Scandinavia, most central European countries, Italy, and Scandinavian states.

    Before purchasing any cannabis product, ensure that it is legal in your jurisdiction, and do not travel with it across state lines or international borders. There are still several states in the US and countries where cannabis in any form is illegal.

    Final Thoughts About CBC Benefits for Health

    CBC oils could be a very promising therapy for people dealing with acne, chronic pain, depression, and other physical and mental health disorders. However, more studies need to be conducted to determine whether it can be as effective as CBD and THC at treating the symptoms of chronic disorders.

    If you have used CBC oils to treat the symptoms of a condition, we want to know how effective it was. Please write a few words about your condition and what were the results of using cannabichromene. Your thoughts and comments about CBC oils are always welcome.

    Published: March 4, 2022 Updated: August 1, 2022

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