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Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Cannabidiol Life Full Spectrum CBD Oil
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  • 1 serving = 0.5ml = 10mg of CBD
  • 100% THC-free
  • 5ml bottle

The Full Spectrum CBD oil from CL is its flagship product and it contains the brand’s high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil. The CBD oil ...

CBD Gummy Bears
Cannabidiol Life CBD Gummie Bears
  • 10, 30, 60 count options
  • Made with pure CBD isolate
  • Made with natural fruit flavors
CBD Vape Oil Pen
Cannabidiol Life CBD Oil Pen
  • 12 available flavors
  • 75/25 VG/PG ratio
  • Double-tested for quality and consistency

An In-Depth Look at Cannabidiol Life

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Cannabidiol Life prides itself on ensuring quality and high standards at every step of the CBD creation process. The process, of course, begins on the farms where they source its hemp. The company only uses USDA certified organic hemp plants for all its products. Not only that, but the company also ensures that every CBD product undergoes rigorous testing to meet its high-quality standards.

What sets Cannabidiol Life apart from other CBD companies is its extraction process. The company is very upfront about how it takes the precious cannabinoids from the hemp plants to turn them into Cannabidiol Life products. The brand uses ethanol extraction, which is different from the industry standard of supercritical C02-extraction.

The company says that ethanol extraction lets it take more of the cannabinoids from the plant so that users can get full-spectrum products. What the company also does differently is its addition of MCT or medium-chain triglycerides, which helps carry CBD particles into the body and makes them more bioavailable.

The company then takes this hemp extract and infuses it into several products. The CL line-up is long. A quick visit to their site reveals as much. Users can choose from several ingestion methods that range from, as the site classifies it, Inhale, Ingest, Apply. For your four-legged friends, the company offers its Companion line, which is aimed at pets, namely cats and dogs.

The brand also distinguishes itself by focusing on cannabinoids that are not CBD. There are many cannabinoids in hemp, even if CBD gets all the attention. The brand lives up to its name and offers products based around other cannabinoids like CBG, as well as CBN. It has a full line of alternative cannabinoids that are as beneficial as the popular CBD.

The Best Cannabidiol Life Products

There are several product categories under the Cannabidiol Life banner. Users have a wide selection to choose from. The products mentioned here are only a small sampling of what the entire brand has to offer. If users want a more complete picture of its products, they can visit the CL site.

#1 Full Spectrum CBD Oil

High-Quality Hemp Extract in Oil Form

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The Full Spectrum CBD oil from CL is its flagship product and it contains the brand’s high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil. The CBD oil comes in a dropper bottle and contains up to 250mg of highly concentrated hemp extract. Other concentrations go up to as much as 1000mg. This particular concentration is aimed at beginners who want to start with a milder concentration to see if it works for them. The oil does not contain any artificial ingredients or flavors. It has been lab-tested and certified free of THC, as well as other harmful chemicals and pesticides.

#2 CBD Gummy Bears

A Delicious Treat Packed With CBD

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The CBD gummy bears from CL are packed with high-quality hemp extract that is an isolate. Users do not have to worry about any other cannabinoids, especially THC, in these gummies as they contain only pure cannabidiol. The CBD gummies come in several quantities. Users can choose from a 10, 30, or 60 count bottle. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD. Users can calculate their ideal dose by using a formula that measures their body weight along with the dosage. The gummies are made with non-GMO ingredients and are also gluten-free. The CBD gummies come in assorted flavors including cherry, pineapple, apple, orange, lemon.

#3 CBD Vape Oil Pen

Convenient Dosing for Busy Adults

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The CBD vape oil pen from Cannabidiol Life is an easy-to-use, off-the-shelf CBD product that lets users take a dose of potent hemp extract wherever they go. The oil inside is full-spectrum CBD. The concentration of hemp extract in each pen is around 35mg. The pen works by simply inhaling via the mouthpiece. Users do not have to press any switches, but the device is rechargeable so users can power it up whenever the battery runs out. The device is not refillable though but is fully disposable when the oil runs out. The oil comes in over 12 different flavors.

#4 CBD Dab Pen

A Slim, Well-Made Device For Dabbing

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The CBD Dab Pen from Cannabidiol Life is an easy-to-use device that lets users load a piece of high-potency CBD wax to vape. The pen consists of a universal, 510-threaded 350mAh battery and an atomizer with a quartz heating element inside. The device is topped off with a glass mouthpiece that unscrews from the atomizer section and features a built-in dab tool underneath for easy loading. The device has a single power button that users must press to vape, as well as to activate the battery. There is a small USB port on the bottom of the pen for users to recharge the battery when it runs out.

How To Save At Cannabidiol Life

The company has an array of different offers and discounts for users to save money on its products. The company offers free shipping, first of all, on orders over $35, which is a lower threshold than a lot of other CBD companies.

The company also runs a loyalty program wherein users can sign up to become members. As members, they are eligible for discounts whenever they earn enough points through their purchases. The brand does not have a dedicated discount program for veterans or active-duty military members. Nor does it offer any discounts for the elderly or first responders.

Where To Find Cannabidiol Life Products

Cannabidiol Life not only sells its products online but it has several retail partners spread out throughout the United States. The site features a handy store locator where users can input their city or zip code to find the retailer nearest to them that carries brand’s products.

The Competition

Populum CBD


Populum CBD is a boutique, small-scale hemp company that uses all-natural, organically grown hemp to create its small, but high-quality line of products. The company does not have any vape products or flower and wax products for smoking or vaping. Its focus is health and wellness and its product line reflects that focus.

Users will find a wide variety of oils and edibles, as well as products for pets in their line-up. The company even makes clothing and tote bags from hemp, as well as scented candles and flavor shots for use with everyday foods and beverages.


cbdfx-website img

CBDfx is a much larger company than either Cannabidiol Life and Populum. It is one of the largest CBD companies, as well as the oldest as it has been in business since the early 2010s. CBDfx has grown its product line from its beginnings, as it now features products like CBD bath bombs, lotions, as well as edibles.

The company still produces several vape-oriented CBD products like vape juice, pre-filled pens, as well as CBD wax for dabbing. CBDfx products are widely available and more reasonably priced than other companies.

Conclusion: Cannabidiol Life Review: A Lifelong Journey With CBD

What is your favorite CBD product? What do you use CBD for? Let us know in the comments.

Cannabidiol Life does things a little differently than other CBD companies. They use a unique extraction method (ethanol extraction) to ensure its products contain as many of the precious cannabinoids found in hemp plants as possible. It also features a wide range of products for a diverse range of consumers.

It has high-quality oils and tinctures and beauty products for more sophisticated palates, while it also carries things like vape pens and CBD-dominant wax for younger users.


  • Wide-range of products
  • Double-tested for quality and consistency
  • Reasonably priced items
  • Free delivery for orders over $35


  • No international shipping
Published: January 18, 2021 Updated: January 18, 2021

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