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Extra Strength Classic CBD Oil
Extra Strength Classic CBD Oil
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  • Lab-tested and certified
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Available in two sizes

The Extra Strength Classic oil from Bluebird offers users a step-up from the lower concentrations of CBD. This potent oil contains 1500mg...

Extra Strength Signature CBD Oil + Botanicals
Extra Strength Signature CBD Oil + Botanicals
  • Two-bottle sizes available (1oz. & 2oz.)
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • 25mg of CBD per serving
Extra Strength THC Free CBD Oil
Extra Strength THC Free CBD Oil
  • 100% THC-free product
  • Lab-tested and certified
  • 1500mg of CBD per bottle

A Closer Look at Bluebird Botanicals

bluebirdbotanicals brand

Bluebird Botanicals first began as Gaia Botanicals but with the same founder Brandon Beatty, who hails from Colorado. The brand continues to be based in Colorado, but it does not have any physical retail stores. The company consists of its headquarters in Colorado. It’s a top-rated retail site where users can find all products.

Bluebird prides itself on using only the highest quality hemp plants available. This is why it carefully sources its hemp from only organic farms. The brand also strives to make its products according to the highest standards. It uses the only C02- extraction to make all its products without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Bluebird also makes sure to source its hemp from farms. It uses sustainable farming practices to never interfere with the natural regeneration of the soil. Bluebird products must live up to a high-set of industry standards. Bluebird had a hand in crafting, as it was one of the first companies to push for the legalization of hemp cultivation and processing.

The company even experienced some setbacks early on. It could not operate under the laws governing hemp cultivation and production. But it persevered, thanks to the work of its founder, Brandon Beatty. He joined with other CBD companies to create a roundtable of growers and manufacturers that lobbied the federal government to update the laws.

After the 2018 Hemp Farm bill was signed into law, the company operated without fear of punishment. The Bluebird brand is full of standard CBD products like oils and capsules. But Bluebird shies away from making more commercial CBD products like vape oils and juices or pens. This is also sticking with standard fare like oils, capsules, tinctures, edibles, and pets’ products.

The Best Bluebird Botanicals Products

Bluebird Botanicals keeps its product line small. And focused as it strives to make CBD familiar and non-threatening. The Bluebird product line consists of familiar CBD products known to people who already take supplements and other health and wellness products like oils or capsules. For a complete picture of the Bluebird Botanicals product line, be sure to check out its website, as the products featured here are only a small portion of the entire inventory.

#1 Extra Strength Classic CBD Oil

A Potent Upgrade from Lower Concentrations

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The Extra Strength Classic oil from Bluebird offers users a step-up from the lower concentrations of CBD. This potent oil contains 1500mg of the best high-quality, ultra-refined cannabidiol. It boils down to 25mg of CBD per 1ml serving. This oil can be taken orally or sublingually with a few drops applied under the tongue twice daily or whenever necessary. Users should always consult a medical professional before starting a CBD regime. Especially with very high-concentration varieties. This oil contains only full-spectrum CBD and hemp seed oil. Also, it contains no other flavoring or additives.

#2 Extra Strength Signature CBD Oil + Botanicals

A Strong CBD Oil With Special Ingredients

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The Extra Strength Signature CBD oil + Botanicals combines the highest quality, full-spectrum hemp extract, and other all-natural ingredients. In the results, It makes a unique elixir that helps with all kinds of issues. The Signature series in the Bluebird Botanicals line-up specializes in these combinations. The other ingredients listed on this bottle include black cumin and frankincense extract. The oil is lab-tested and certified free of various chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. Users can take two or more drops twice daily, or for however long they want to take it.

#3 Extra Strength THC Free CBD Oil

THC-Free Hemp Oil For Concerned Users

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This THC-free oil from Bluebird assures users that there are no trace elements of THC, the psychoactive part of the marijuana plant. Full-spectrum oils may contain trace amounts of THC below legal levels of 0.3%. But taken over time, the THC could accumulate and may show up on a drug test. This oil is made with CBD concentrate. It means that all other vital cannabinoids, like THC, have been removed. So only the important CBD remains. The only other ingredient in this THC-free product is coconut oil that acts as a carrier oil for the CBD isolate inside.

#4 CBD Gummies

Great-Tasting Treats for CBD Users

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CBD gummies from Bluebird Botanicals not only taste great. They come packed with the brand’s signature full-spectrum CBD oil. Each pouch’s concentration is 450mg of CBD. Each gummy contains 15mg of hemp extract. The brand uses as many natural ingredients as possible for these delicious, bite-sized treats. The gummies are full of flavors. There are an assortment of three different flavors in each pouch: strawberry, watermelon, and lemon. Users can take as few or as many gummies as they see fit. The gummies are a convenient way to take an accurate dose of hemp extract anywhere.

#5 Classic CBD Oil Capsules

Easy and Convenient CBD Capsules

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The Classic CBD oil capsules from Bluebird take a familiar product – soft-gel capsules. It fills with high-quality, ultra-refined CBD extract. Users can choose from several different concentrations. These products contain 15mg of full-spectrum CBD in each capsule for a total of 450mg per bottle. Bottle sizes also vary, with users choosing between a 30 count bottle or a bigger 60 count bottle. There are no other ingredients in the capsules other than full-spectrum oil. Users can take as much or as little as they want throughout the day or whenever they feel the need to take them.

Different Reasons to Take CBD

For a complete picture, Users take the supplement for a variety of reasons. Many people find it helps them with muscle and body pain, feelings of anxiety and depression, or joint pain relief. Others take CBD to improve their health and well-being. It is not a recognized medicine, and it should not be taken as a substitute for any prescribed medication.

Some laws prevent CBD makers from making claims about the effectiveness of cannabis to treat certain ailments. But because the extract is non-addictive and non-toxic, it is still safe to use for whatever reason. You should always consult a doctor before beginning any CBD regimen to ensure the extract will not interfere with any other supplements or medications you are taking.

Deals and Discounts

Bluebird Botanicals wants to ensure that its products are available to everyone. This is why they have ample opportunities for people to save. The brand features three distinct discount program for people from:

  • Low-income backgrounds
  • Veterans and active-duty military members
  • People with long-term disabilities

People who fall into any of those three categories must provide supporting documentation. Then they receive various discounts on Bluebird Botanicals items. The company sets the discount amount. It applies to all purchases made at the Bluebird Botanicals.

Is CBD Good for Pets?

Most domestic animals like cats and dogs share the same endocannabinoid system as their human owners. So they can also benefit from using CBD. Bluebird Botanicals has a set of items tailored specifically to the size and organisms of pets. The brand features oils made specifically for pets. So they have lower concentrations and flavorings that most pets will love.

Where To Get Bluebird Botanicals Products

Bluebird Botanicals does not have a physical retail location. It does sell its products to various authorized retailers that are spread out across the country. The brand has made finding its particular products very easy. It has a Store Locator page on its website. That helps users find which retailers carry Bluebird products.

The Competition

Charlotte’s Web

Charlottes Web Brand

The “Charlotte’s Web” brand has become synonymous with high-quality in the CBD industry. The brand began as a way for a sick little girl to find relief from her medical condition. The brand has since expanded to create a full line of CBD-based products that help many people. The brand espouses the same beliefs in sustainable farming and organic farming practices to ensure the highest quality. Charlotte’s Web also stays away from CBD products like vape pens, vape e-juices in favor of creating a more familiar line of products for users that consists of oils, tinctures, capsules, and edibles.

Lazarus Naturals

lazarusnaturals brand

Lazarus Naturals is another company that grew from the ground-up thanks to the commitment of its founder. The brand also values people from all walks of life and backgrounds. It offers users several different assistance programs to afford Lazarus Naturals products. The brand also keeps its product line limited as it does not make unhealthy CBD products like pre-filled vape pens or vape juice. Instead, the company remains dedicated to the basics like oils, tinctures, capsules, creams, and balms for users to take advantage of its high-quality hemp extract.

Conclusion: Bluebird Botanicals Review: All-Natural CBD Products For Everyone

What is your favorite CBD brand? Do you take CBD? If not, are you interested in taking it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Bluebird Botanicals has grown with the CBD industry and, as such, has the knowledge and experience to create a high-quality product. Bluebird Botanicals has a simple, uncomplicated product line. It emphasizes cannabis versatility but does not stretch it into unfamiliar territory. The brand focuses on quality at every step, as it uses only 100% organic hemp from the US and Canada.

The brand uses C02-extraction to obtain its special ingredients and eschews using artificial ingredients wherever possible so users can get the most from the hemp extract. The brand could use a broader product line – like using creams or balms and lotions. But it is still growing and may introduce new products at any time.


  • Committed to high-quality
  • Transparent with lab-results
  • Lab tests look for many things
  • Only uses 100% organically grown hemp


  • Limited product line
Published: February 16, 2021 Updated: May 3, 2021



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