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Best CBD Oils for Vaping – The Best Way To Use CBD

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CBD Oil – short for Cannabidiol oil – is derived from the male cannabis plant, also known as hemp. The CBD oil is legal unlike its counterpart THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical compound found in cannabis responsible for euphoric high. CBD may or may not contain traces of THC. CBD hemp oil is the oil that has been used for tinctures, but the term has floated over to vaping community. You can take CBD oil orally; however, most oils produced for oral consumption are not suitable for vaping.

If you are wondering what makes the CBD so popular, the answer is short and sweet: because it offers almost all the benefits of cannabis, minus the euphoric high and other side effects. However, since growing weed is still illegal in most US states, a workaround has been found in the shape of industrial hemp. Some argue that it might not be as powerful as when extracted from marijuana, the very low percentage of THC (i.e., 0.3%) allows people in every state to take advantage of this amazing oil.

Many brands and companies realize the benefits and offer the vaping CBD oil under different names. Some of them are amazing products, while others are only promoted by companies that care about nothing but their profits. This means that you might have to shop around to find the best CBD e-juice, and that can be a daunting task if you have little or no experience. To make things easy, we have put together a list of the five best CBD vape available on the market.


What is CBD oil? What is Hemp oil?

Cannabis has quite a few strains, so it’s easy to get confused which one is safe to use. The word ‘hemp’ is widely known as the synonym for ‘marijuana, ’ and a lot of people perceive hemp as an illegal breed as well. Even so, one simple thing to keep in mind, if you want to know what is hemp oil, is that hemp is a somewhat industrial type of this plant. Hemp leaves, stalks and flowers contain very little or no THC or CBD compounds. Different industries use it as a moisturizing component of body care products or as a source of organic fuel. It is also suitable for producing a fiber for strong ropes and textile.    

Then again, what is CBD oil? While hemp oil is a result of industrial hemp seeds pressing, the way to get CBD oil is totally different. For the mostly Cannabidiol output, Cannabis Sativa plants are being processed through solvent extraction. As a result, CBD oil includes high contents of the Cannabidiol mentioned above, which is federally approved in some states as a medical treatment.

Is CBD oil and hemp oil the same?

Visually, it’s hard to tell is CBD oil and hemp oil the same. Especially if you receive a ground material from a local dispensary or a friend. However, there are a few significant differences between those two. First of all, CBD oil and hemp oil are extracted from different Cannabis breeds. Hemp oil in most cases doesn’t have any CBD or THC components to it. Also, it comes from seeds, not flowers or leaves, which makes it useless for those who are infatuated with a getting high thing. Hemp seed oil is widely used in a production of plastic, paint, biodiesel fuels, soaps and much more. While CBD oil has to do with the medicinal purposes, being a natural alternative to steroidal and non-steroidal treatment for diseases like cancer, psoriasis, psychosis, epilepsy, artery blockage, high blood sugar, muscle spasms and more.

What are hemp oil benefits?

A spoon of Hemp oil can actually be a good supplement to your healthy diet! This is because hemp seed oil is basically a foodstuff. It is similar to coconut or olive oil. As for its healthy features, here is the list of its contents:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin E
  • Polyunsaturated fats Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

CBD Oil Effects

Now, let’s take a critical look at the good stuff – specific things that I figured health-conscious people like you would really find helpful. The effects of CBD oil can be seen in the following areas:


  • Hormone Balancing


One of the huge effects of cannabidiol (CBD oil) in the endocrine (hormone) system is to protect against massive stress by reducing the chances of stress-induced conditions in the brain as well as the nervous system. In essence, it reduces cortisol.


  • Stress Reduction


Taking some dosages of CBD oil is capable of reducing anxiety (whereas THC increases it) and when CBD oil is combined with THC, it takes the anxiety off THC thus; balancing the stress level.  This is due to the action of CBD oil on some receptors in the body; both of them are involved in reducing fear and panic responses to stress.


  • Effect on Inflammation


Just liken inflammation as the principal problem of our modern, industrialized and fast-paced lifestyles. Of the major causes of mortality in the developed world, chronic inflammation contributes to the main causes of specifically the followings: cancer, stroke, diabetes, nephritis, respiratory disease, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, CBD oil has been shown to regulate as well as halt both acute and severe inflammatory diseases through various mechanisms.


  • Effect on Metabolism and Body Fat


Are you marveled to hear that a weed derivative could make you lose weight? Yes, it is true.  Just as THC can increase your appetite, CBD can suppress it. This is worthwhile if you are watching your weight. Cannabidiol is known to destroy some of the effects of THC of which obesity is one of them.


  • Effect on Sleep


Research has shown that most adults in the developed world suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep or sleep disorder. CBD oil has been described as been sedative. So, if you take one or two doses of CBD oil modestly; you will fall asleep like a little baby and taking quite a few doses before bedtime has a balancing effect that promotes good night sleep.

The benefits of cannabidiol are surprisingly numerous. Oftentimes, people choose CBD oil for its increased effectiveness in treating debilitating conditions such as:

  • Depression – It relieves symptoms of depression
  • Epilepsy – CBD oil helps to reduce convulsions
  • Social Anxiety Issue – It reduces feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic
  • Schizophrenia – CBD lessens psychotic symptoms
  • Negative effects of cancer treatment – The unpleasant effects of cancer treatment can be devastating. So, cannabidiol helps to lower vomiting and nausea.

CBD oil has been shown to protect nerve cells, decrease inflammation, and facilitate healthy blood flow in the body as well as acts as a strong anti-oxidant. Fortunately, CBD oil is legal in almost every part of the world. It is available is various forms such as edibles, concentrates, capsules, etc. These products make it easier for anybody to get relief with CBD oil.

Does cbd oil get you high?

According to studies investigating the pharmacology of cannabinoid receptor ligands, CBD compounds happen to suppress CB1 receptors, responsible for getting high. If you still question, does CBD oil get you high – the answer is that it’s not supposed to affect the human brain like this. It’s intended for a medical use rather than a recreational one. In vitro experiments (as well as the rat model) clearly showed that CBD ligands could inhibit reactions of CB1 or CB2 receptor agonists. It means that, instead of a psychoactive effect that THC brings, CBD oil, on the contrary, reduces symptoms like euphoria, anxiety, short-term memory impairment.

A Popular Research – CBD vs THC

In 2014, Guideline Development Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology conducted research to determine the efficacy and safety of medical marijuana’s components on neurological disorders. Pills with different concentrations of both cannabis components were made to analyze the impact of THC and CBD on our nervous system.

It was found that THC causes the production of different neurotransmitters in our body; one of them is dopamine that causes excitement, and a person shows symptoms of getting high. On the contrary, those who took CBD capsules exhibited no such symptoms.

Simply Put, THC reacts with our brain receptors and causes a person to get high and displays memory loss problems. On the other hand, CBD interacts with our brain receptors in a positive way as it helps in relieving pain and treats diseases including epilepsy and seizures.

CBD is Anti-Psychoactive

THC being psychoactive means that THC can cause sedation, relaxation, anxiety, and even delusions or hallucinations. CBD is anti-psychoactive which means it does not result in any such feelings. In fact, CBD oil relieves pain, so that does make you relaxed but in a positive way.

Numerous patients with epilepsy and seizures have been given only CBD oil as a medication, and the results were amazing as the number of attack in a given period decreased, but the patients showed no signs of getting high.

Top 5 CBD Vape Oils Overall

Best CBD Oils for Vaping

1. Koi CBD Oil

Price: 50, 100 and 250 mg for $24.95, $39.95, and $69.95 respectively

Koi CBD vape is our top pick for several reasons. Available in two different flavors and nicotine levels, these CBD oil vape can be vaped right out of the bottle – no need for any measuring, mixing, and guessing. We also like the fact that an independent laboratory tested it, and the results are out there. The manufacturer also claims that it is 99.9% pure, and free of THC and terpene, and the lab results second their opinion.

We liked both the flavors, but not equally. Gold Koi is more of a vanilla flavor with a hint of caramel and is our personal favorite. Koi Red is a strawberry flavor, which does taste like strawberry but doesn’t feel as natural and original as the counterpart. You can choose the flavors in different permutations, i.e., 50, 100, and 250ml of CBD each juice with higher CBD costing more. The juice is available 0, 3, and 6 milligrams. That means there are plenty of customization options. You can choose any of these according to your needs, we liked 100mo with 3 ml per mg nicotine, as it is ideal for all day vaping.

We think any vaper will love the Koi, especially the gold Koi CBD oil vape if you like dessert flavors. It is customizable, it is pure, and it is free of any bad aftertaste.

2. Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil

Price: 100mg and 400mg for $34.99 and $64.99 respectively

Blue Moon is available in two different flavors Pure and Red Devil, and two different CBD concentrations of 100 mg and 400 mg.

Unlike most other CBD based vape juices, Pure is very clean and not harsh at all. Moreover, it is really an amazing thing as it is not easy to create CBD vape juices that are not too bitter. Pure really impressed us when we mixed it with our all-day e-liquid, the mixture was perfectly homogeneous and enjoyable.

On the other hand, Red Devil is a sweet and enjoyable flavor which mimics the sweet flavor of berries, minus the dreaded “hemp taste”. You can also vape it without mixing it with any other e-juice.

Blue Moon is ideal for all types of vapers, those who want a sweet flavor and those who want a flavorless juice to mix with their favorite liquid.

3. CBDfx CBD Oil

Price: 60, 120, and 250 for $29.99, $49.99, and $74.99 respectively

CBDfx is one of the more popular vape additives, you can add it to pretty much any e-juice of your choice. The manufacturer claims that they extracted the active ingredients from top-quality hemp plants sourced from Europe. While we can neither confirm nor deny that claim, the soothing effect of the CBDfx is clear in the quality of the product.

If you prefer dripping, the process is pretty simple, use it just like your regular e-juice. However, if you are using a tank, I would recommend warming up the bottle with by rubbing it between your palms and then using a syringe or dropper for precise measurement.

Unlike like some other additives we have discussed above, CBDfx has its own unique taste which can make or break your e-juice depending on what flavor you are using. It adds an aftertaste that’s similar to that of ground coffee, so it goes well with tobacco flavors. The aftertaste increases when you use higher concentration or even if you bump up the wattage on your vape.

Despite its price being on the expensive side, I would give CBDfx two thumbs up and would recommend it to those who do not want to vape anything other than their favorite e-juices but also want to add cannabidiol into their vaping setup. Yes, it might take a little experimentation, but once you find the right mix, you will love the result.

4. Green Roads CBD Oil

Price: 100, 250, and 350 mg for $26.99, $45.99, and $64.00 respectively

Made of industrial grade hemp, pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol, and kosher grade vegetable glycerin, the Green Roads CBD vape additive can be consumed directly or vaped along with your favorite e-juice.

Shake the bottle vigorously before use, pour 1 to 3 drops under the tongue, and let it sit there for about 10 seconds. We tried a couple of drops, and it had the pure cannabis oil aftertaste. Vaping Green Roads was a different experience. You can pour between three to eight drops in the cartomizer, cartridge or mix with your favorite e-juice. It will add a tinge of sweetness and a vegetable-ish flavor; somewhat like cucumber. Maybe it was our e-juice, but the flavor was super harsh which some people might love actually.

5. CBD Drip

Price: Gold for 9.99, Platinum for $34.99

CBD Drip is available at two different concentrations, such as Gold (7ml bottle of CBD Drip Gold containing 14.5mg of CBD) and Platinum (7ml bottle of CBD Drip Platinum containing 55mg of CBD). We tried the Gold version; the Platinum is extremely powerful and ideal for people who are suffering from chronic pain and want to use CBD for medicinal use. Gold, on the other hand, will mellow you out and relax your body, without giving the fuzzy feeling.

It is generated from 100% pure industrial hemp plant and is a vape additive, which you can add to your favorite e-juice. So, it does not have any flavor – which is a good thing since your e-juices flavor will not change after adding the CBD Drip. We believe that the Platinum might alter the flavor a little because of higher potency, and that was the other reason we preferred Gold.

The oil is pretty thick and should be shaken vigorously before you mix it with your e-juice. Another tip to make the experience worthwhile, mix the CBD Drip directly into the tank. Some people mix it the e-juice in the bottle, but in my experience, it made mixing the two a little hard.

We liked the flavorless but potent additive; it made its power felt almost immediately. On top of that, we also loved the nice dripper, which is sleek and very handy. All in all, this is an affordable and great additive which you can enjoy with your all-day e-juices.

Tips on Choosing the Best CBD Vape Juice

The issue with any new products that are on the frontier is that everyone is testing the waters and everyone claims to have the best product. With such an abundance of products, making sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck is not always easy, especially with a few snake oil salesmen around. This dilemma cannot be greater for anything but vaping CBD. These two products might have become mainstream now but barely existed a few years ago. Fortunately, there are a few things we know to choose the ideal CBD oil for vaping, although more research is required and we hope things will be clearer in the near future.


Homogeneous means “consistent” or “same”. Formulators and manufacturers are fighting an uphill battle against chemistry laws to come up with perfectly homogeneous CBD oil. Liquids that mix well together are called miscible, while those that don’t are called immiscible. Just like oil and water are immiscible, and olive oil will not mix with vinegar, formulators are still trying to figure out how to mix CBD and e-liquids – especially the VG ones, which are more viscous. This does not mean that there has been no success yet, but we have still a long way to go.

Apart from that discussion, the first quality to check in CBD oil is how homogeneous it is. Ideally, it should be perfectly consistent, so you get the same flavor and benefits. On the flip, if you see layers of liquids, it will not only impact the quality and flavor of your vapor but will also make it hard for you to control the amount of CBD you are consuming.


The rule of thumb is, the clearer, the better. Although there is no logical explanation behind it, dark, murky, syrupy vaping CBD oil not only look unappetizing but are in fact not as beneficial and flavorful. Luckily, clarity and homogeneity are very easy to assess with the bare eye so that you can distinguish great CBD e-liquids from the rest.


Are you wondering how the heck CBD juice can be honest? Well, we are talking about the manufacturer here. With so many vendors out there, some are trying to cut corners and increase their profit margin by lowering the product quality. However, to make their product more marketable, they make outrageous claims on the label, some of which are ridiculous.

However, the million-dollar question is how do you make sure that their claims are not false? The only way to confirm it is to request the vendor to provide a testing by a reputable third-party lab that confirms that their product measures up. If they are not willing to provide it, don’t give them your money.


The last, but by no means, the least is to make sure the CBD e-juice you are getting will work well with your vape tank. Ideally, all the oils will work with any compatible tank, but things may not always go as planned. It is quite possible for a high VG CBD e-liquid to have the CBD separating from the rest of the juice and wreaking havoc on the tank – especially if it features a cotton wick. The oil naturally dries fairly quick and leave your wick hard and your tank unusable.

There are two workaround options: firstly, get a ceramic-based heating element; secondly, choose a perfectly Homogeneous CBD vape juice, which will work well with any vape setup.


Doing a little research upfront and making an informed decision can go a long way in choosing the right CBD juice. At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Besides many other benefits, CBD is a fun and potent method of balancing your endocannabinoid system. However, choosing the right product will maximize the benefits, so don’t be afraid to invest a little time.


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