//Mig Vapor Neo Vape Mod Review – A Godsend for Vapers New to Sub-Ohming
Mig Vapor Neo Vape Mod Review – A Godsend for Vapers New to Sub-Ohming 2018-05-31T04:18:27+00:00

Mig Vapor Neo Vape Mod Review – A Godsend for Vapers New to Sub-Ohming

Mig Vapor Neo

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  • Durable yet lightweight aluminum build, with the silica coating.
  • Outsized 4ml tank with good sized airflow control holes.
  • The 4500mAh battery can last for up to three days of serious vaping.
  • Extreme ease of use makes it an ideal device for beginners.
  • Sub ohm vaping without any fuss or worries of device overheating.


  • Expensive
  • Shipping can take up to 15 days
  • No pass-through capability
  • You’re forced to use an expensive, custom battery instead of the cheap, commonly available 18650 batteries

Hassle-Free Sub-Ohm Vaping with Mig Vapor Neo Mod

Neo and Morpheus are the two latest vape mods presented by Mig Vapor, one of the most trusted names in the industry. The Neo is unique because of its minimalist design as it has no LED screen or buttons other than the power button. It has a powerful battery that lasts long and offers intense vaping experience.

Although the Neo Sub-Ohm Vape Mod comes with a kit that includes several other accessories i.e. sub-ohm coils, a sub-ohm Neo top and bottom fill tank, this review – which is a collective opinion of our entire team after having used it for over a week – focuses mainly on the mod itself. The kit costs $119.95, which we believe is a little expensive, and is the only thing that we would like to change.

Who is it for?

Neo is designed for hassle-free sub-ohm vaping for people who have no idea of how to properly customize the wattage settings for big, flavorful plumes of vapor. All you have to do is use the coil of your choice, and start vaping. It’s ideal for new and intermediate vapors, or those who are on the go and are too busy to keep fidgeting with too many settings.

Although the absence of LED and wattage control might seem annoying, but it’s a fact that many people really don’t use these features and almost always vape at one setting they like. Mig Vapor has made their life easy, by enabling the optimal settings for the best vaping experience.

Who is it not for?

Experienced vapers who want to customize their vaping experience to their unique desires or the curious souls who want to try something new every once in a while should stay away from Neo.

Design and Aesthetics

Battery for MigVapor mod

Neo Mod Battery

Available in black and purple or black and green, the Neo comes in a simple yet stylish box mod design. The tank can be filled from the top as well as the bottom, so you won’t have to detach the tank from the mod if you want to refill it. The tank has a capacity of 4ml, that can last a whole day of vaping. There are no buttons or screens to fuss with, plus managing airflow is a matter of rotating a ring at the bottom of the tank. So, from refilling to using the mod, the entire process is ridiculously simple and straightforward, and even a sub-ohm vaping first timer can use the mod without even reading the user manual.

Both color schemes give the mod an elegant look, and the ergonomic design makes it very easy to hold. In fact, every member of our team loved the look and feel of this box mod. The smooth silica coating on the mod is amazing and offers a perfect grip.

The wide bore tip of the mod ensures ideal heat dissipation and the aluminum body is both light and sturdy. Since it comes with a built-in battery, you don’t have to buy a new battery and go through the tedious process of charging a removable battery. You can charge your Neo using any USB cable, which is an added convenience. But the mod doesn’t feature the pass-through capability that allows you to vape and charge at the same time.

Performance and Battery Life

When it comes to performance, it’s hard to find a fault in the Mig Vapor Neo. It is a smart 100-watt powerhouse set-up, which runs on the 4500mAh of the battery and automatically adjusts to the sub-ohm coil you use. The kit comes with two coils: one is 0.2ohm Ni 200 and the other is 0.4ohm Kanthal. The coils are wrapped in organic cotton, for powerful yet safe vaping.

As we mentioned earlier, adjusting the airflow is extremely simple, but unfortunately, that’s the only customization the mod offers. There is no way to adjust wattage, which can be annoying especially for experienced vapers who want to fine-tune their vaporizer.

For beginners, the biggest stigma attached to sub-ohming is the immense amount of heat produced by the batteries, which can be hazardous. With the Neo, however, the temperature safety feature prevents overheating by shutting off the device as soon as the temperature exceeds 170F.

Another notable feature of the mod is its powerful 4500mAh battery, which has two 18650 cell batteries inside it. While Mig Vapor charges a hefty $70 for a replacement battery, you can easily get two top-quality 18650 for less than half that price. Obviously, Mig Vapor has played a trick here to generate more revenue, and we’re not a big fan of this.

Final Words

Considering the design and features of the Neo Sub-Ohm Vape Mod, plus the accessories it comes with, this is an excellent first mod for anyone who wants to enjoy sub-ohming but doesn’t want the hassle of many buttons or variable settings. Also, the vapor quality and quantity is so amazing that it’s really hard to moan about the lack of wattage customization. Despite the higher price tag, we recommend this mod to beginners as well as those who love fishing, camping and hunting, mainly because of the long battery, hassle-free operation, and instant, amazing vapor production.

MigVapor Neo Vape Mod
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