//Kanger TOPBOX Mini Starter kit Review: An Improvement over the Subox Mini?
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Kanger TOPBOX Mini Starter kit Review: An Improvement over the Subox Mini?

Kanger TopBox Mini 75W TC

Introducing the Topbox

The Kanger Subox kit, although great and popular, it did have a couple of issues that I did not like. For starters, the Subox did not have temperature control, could only go up to 50 watts, and the 510 pin connector is fixed. Fortunately, Kanger somewhat redeemed themselves with the new Topbox Mini.

The Kanger Topbox Mini is an all-in-one kit; you get the Kbox Mini mod, the Toptank sub-ohm tank, a couple of pre-made coilheads, and an RBA base. This means you can start using it straight out of the box, given that you have a battery and some juice on hand. Besides giving you everything that you need, you are also getting a heavily-upgraded version of the Subox. The Topbox can now go up to 75 watts and has temperature controls. Also, the Subtank got a major upgrade; the Toptank now has a convenient top-fill design compared to the bottom fill that the previous Subtank had.

Now, is the Topbox that much better than the Subox? Let’s find out.

What’s in There?

Kanger always did use fancy packaging in all their products, and the one that they used for the Topbox is especially nice; it is a hard cardboard box with a magnetic lid. Regardless of how fancy the box is, here are the things that come with the package:

  • The Toptank Mini sub-ohm tank
  • The Kbox Mini Temperature Control Mod
  • A 0.15-ohm Ni200 coilhead (pre-installed)
  • A 0.5-ohm Stainless Steel coilhead
  • A 0.5-ohm Clapton Coilhead
  • An RBA Mini plus (RBA deck)
  • A USB cable for charging
  • A bag of extra O-rings, post screws, a pre-made coil, and some organic cotton sheets

I liked that Kanger included three pre-made coilheads with the kit. Each coilhead could last for a week or two of average use, so you can use the Topbox for almost a month without having to buy additional coilheads. Also, Kanger included an RBA base with the kit, and the one that came with the Topbox is also better than the one that came with the Subox because the juice channels are larger, so it wicks much better.

What It Does

  • Goes up to 75 watts
  • Has temperature control Ni200, Ti, SS, and NiChrome
  • Tank can hold up to 4ml
  • Device can fire up to 0.1 ohms
  • Single 18650 battery
  • Spring-loaded 510 connection

The spring-loaded 510 pin was a welcome change in the Topbox. I had a Subox before, and the 510 connectors on that one were fixed, and one of my atomizers had a protruding 510 pin, and it pushed it down so much that my other atomizers no longer make contact and the mod could not detect them. The spring-loaded 510 connector was a welcome change in the Topbox.

Looking At It and Touching It


When you put them side-by-side, the Topbox and the Subox are completely identical. The two mods have the same height, shape, and even the buttons are exactly alike. What makes things even more confusing is both mods have “KBOX Mini.” However, when you hold them both in your hands, you will find that the Topbox is a bit heavier and feels more solid.

Another difference between the Topbox and Subox is the OLED display. The fonts on the Topbox is a bit bigger and easier to read than the ones in the Subox. If you look closer at the device, the edges of the letters and numbers are also sharper and cleaner.

The Topbox Mini kit also comes in four different colors: white, red, black, and a special Platinum version. The Platinum version, which is $5 more expensive than the other three colors, is made from solid stainless steel and is a bit heavier than the other ones. However, I do prefer the painted versions. The Platinum version of the Kanger Topbox Mini, although beautiful, is a fingerprint magnet so you would have to constantly wipe it off constantly because it can look disgusting really quick.

Build Quality

The Topbox feels solid; it does not feel hollow, and not plasticky at all. However, even though the Topbox has a solid construction, the one complaint that I have with it is the battery door cover. Just like most other single 18650 devices, the battery cover of the Topbox is held in place by a strong magnet, but the one on the Topbox is not that secure. The cover would constantly slide open quite a bit, but it would not fall off completely. Although the cover would not come off, it can be quite annoying to have always to push the cover back into place every five minutes.

A Quick Look at the Toptank

I kind of like what Kanger did on the new Toptank system. I do not have any big issues with the Subtank, but the bottom fill design does make refilling messy. The great thing about the Toptank system is that you can now fill the tank just by unscrewing the top cap; there’s no more need to unscrew the entire atomizer from the mod to get to the fill port at the bottom.

It was also considerate of Kanger to make the Toptank backwards-compatible with the coils that the Subtank uses. If you already have a favorite kind of pre-made coil that you used to us on the Subtank, you can also use it on your new, and infinitely better Toptank.

My Vaping With the Topbox Mini TC

It may seem like I am throwing the Subtank under the bus in favor of the Toptank. Honestly, I still love using my old Subtank Mini tank and mod sometimes. However, I did find the issues of the Subtank quite annoying, and also the fact that it could only go to 50 watts also made it quite unsubstantial for today’s vaping scene. When I first used the Topbox, I loved that it addressed all of the issues I had with the Subox, and Kanger also added a couple of features I thought I never wanted until I tried them.

First of all, thank you Kanger for giving the Toptank a top-fill option. I do not have the greatest hand-eye coordination so every time I have to fill my Subtank, there would always be a lot of juice that would spill out after I screw on the base. The top fill design really made it that much easier to refill the tank even for someone like me.

I also liked that the Topbox can now go to 75 watts because 50 watts is kind of weak for low ohm builds, and I needed a bit more power to chuck huge clouds. With the Topbox set at around 60 watts and using the 0.15 coilhead, you can really puff out huge, dense vapor clouds.

Honestly, I really don’t use temperature control too much, but that may be because I have not used a mod that does it quite well. Either the mod would cut off too soon so I cannot get a satisfying vape, or it would not even go off at all, and I end up with a burnt pre-made coil. I tested out the TC modes of the Kanger Topbox using all of the coils included in the kit, and I found that it actually worked quite well. However, I need to dock points off the Topbox for not allowing users to adjust the wattage in temperature control.

The Pros and Cons of the Kanger Topbox Mini


  • Accurate temperature control mode
  • 75 watts on a single 18650 battery is quite impressive
  • 4ml tank capacity
  • The included RBA base is actually pretty amazing

  • The wattage and temp adjustment is kind of slow
  • The Kbox does not read the resistance of the coils sometimes
  • There’s a bit of button rattle
  • The battery door is not that secure; it slides a bit when you push down on it

All Things Considered…

The Kanger Topbox is, in my opinion, the best all-in-one kit for beginners at vaping. You will get everything you will need right out of the box, you just need to get a battery and the juice of your choice and you can start chucking clouds right away.

If you want to give the Kanger Topbox Mini kit for yourself, you can get the best deals for this when you use the links provided below.

Kanger Topbox Mini
Vape Rating: 82/100 by

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