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FreeMax Twister 80W — Twist and Vape

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FreeMax Twister 80W Vape Kit

Updated: by Thanush Poulsen

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The FreeMax Twister is a combination vape pen and a sub-ohm tank that can output a maximum of 80W. The mod component features a built-in 2000mAh battery and uses a 510 connection up top.

At the base of the cell, a rotating knob allows users to select the battery’s power output between 5 and the 80W maximum. There is a single power button on the battery and a USB charging port behind the front-facing button.

There is also an LED ring around the button that shows the vape’s working mode. The exterior design of the battery features a zinc alloy, and the exterior itself comes in six, graffiti-inspired colors.

FreeMax Twister 80W Vape Review: A Quick Close-Up

The FreeMax Twister (there could be no other name for this pen) is a tube-style vape with a single power/firing button with one important … twist. Rather than being a direct-current, an unregulated device with no adjustable settings, the Twister has a bottom variable wattage dial that has a power range between 5W and 80W.


This feature is not new, as several tube mods have similar designs. But the FreeMax Twister is the latest, and also one of the more powerful ones, as its highest setting is more than other comparable devices, like the SMOK V8 Stick, which can throw out about 70W with its more massive 3000mAh battery.

FreeMax Twister battery 80W img

The mod itself has a spring-loaded 510 connection up top, so it can mix and match with several 510-threaded tanks. The battery has a zinc alloy body and features six graffiti-inspired design colors that have met with some grumbling from vapers for their outrageousness, but they work well and are a welcome change to the dull, solid colors of most tube-mods.

Despite not having a screen or any other adjustment buttons, the battery does come outfitted with several safety features like low-power protection and short-circuit protection. To charge the massive 2500mAh battery, there is a USB charging port right behind the device’s power button.

FreeMax Twister usb 80W img

The measurements on the tube mod are 101.5mm (just under 4 inches), and it has a diameter of 24mm (0.9 inches), so it is a bit longer than something like the stubbier SMOK V8, but that’s because it has more electronics, including the regulating hardware at the base.

Weight-wise, its feels, weighty. There is no official measurement, but with the tank weighing 55g, the whole device together is hefty. It’s not a huge distraction though. With tube mods, you expect them to be a little heavier than vape pens but less than a box mod or mech mod.

The FreeMax Fireluke 2 Mesh Tank

As the Twister comes in a kit, there is a sub-ohm tank included in the box. The FreeMax Fireluke 2 Mesh sub-ohm kit has a 5ml capacity (2ml in TPD countries) and has two different coil types. Both use a kanthal mesh coil material and a new kind of wicking material, patented by FreeMax.

FreeMax Twister tank 80W img

The X2 and the X1 coils both feature a blend of wood pulp, porous flax, and cotton, which they claim gives the coil a lifespan of about 2-3 weeks. FreeMax uses this wicking material with their other coil and tanks, including the popular FreeMax M, which was one of the first tanks to use the mesh-style Kanthal coil.

The Fireluke is the newest addition to the FreeMax lineup of tanks. It features a glass and stainless steel construction, adjustable bottom airflow, and a wide-bore 810-resin drip tip, which can also be swapped out for another 810-mouthpiece.

FreeMax Twister drip tip 80W img

It has a gold-plated 510 connection on the bottom, which connects to the mod’s gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 connector. The two coils in the kit can fire at 0.15ohms and 0.2ohms, respectively.

Kit Contents

The FreeMax Twister kit includes a lot of accessories in the box, with one difference being the e-juice capacity of the tanks, which is 2ml in TPD countries. Anything that goes to the US or Canada will have the 5ml tank.

FreeMax Twister kit 80W image

When you get the starter kit, here’s what comes inside:

  • One FreeMax Twister VW Mod
  • One FreeMax Fireluke (with a pre-installed 0.2ohm X2 Mesh coil)
  • One X1 0.15ohm Mesh coil
  • One spare 5ml (or 2ml) Pyrex glass tube
  • One spare o-ring
  • One user manual
  • One USB charger
  • One warning card
  • One warranty card

How It Vapes and Handles

With the variable wattage option on this tube mod, you have a wide range to customize your vape. Not only that, there are two coil types in this kit. The X1 is a single-mesh coil, while the X2 is a double coil and vapes best between 40-80W, perfect for this type of device.

When you first get the Twister, make sure to charge it, which does not take long, about an hour. The battery features 1A charging so it’ll get to a full charge in no time. There is a LED behind the operating button, which shows battery level based on color: green is 65-100%, yellow is 30-65%, and red is 30-0%.

The Fireluke tank has a slide-back, top-fill system with only one fill port that measures 8.5mm x 2.8mm (or 0.33″ x 0.11″). The drip tip did not slide all the way back, so it covered up just a sliver of the fill port, making it a tight squeeze for a larger bottle tip. The fill port could be larger, but it was not such a hassle.

Using the X1 coil first, with the mod set to a minimal 20W to start with, the Twister fired up quickly. The clouds came steady, and with the airflow halfway open, there was hardly any resistance. Twisting the knob – which ‘clicks’ every five increments – to about 45W, again, the device did not delay and fired quickly.

The flavor off of the X1 coils and their blended cotton/wood pulp wicks was surprisingly good. The vapor was warm and savory and pushing the battery to its 80W gave off the best clouds, and flavor, especially with the X2 coils.

The Competitors: the FreeMax Twister vs. the SMOK V9 Stick vs. the Uwell Nunchaku

The SMOK V9 Stick

This SMOK tube mod comes in a standard (3000mAh battery) or Max (4000mAh battery) version and also comes paired with the V9 Max sub-ohm tank with an 8.5ml tank capacity. The SMOK V9 battery can output a maximum of 60W and has a single button for operation.

SMOK V9 Stick image

It takes USB charging, and there are multiple safety features like low-voltage and short-circuit protection. The coils for the V9 Max tank are also both 0.15ohms and are the mesh-style.

The Uwell Nunchaku

The Nunchaku has a removable 18650 battery as its power source, and it also has a wattage range between 5 and 80W. The Nunchaku is a tube-style mod in appearance, but its chipset also allows for temperature control and bypass mode vaping.

The Uwell Nunchaku image

It comes with a 5ml sub-ohm tank and coils that can both fire at 0.25 and 0.4ohms. The device has a small LED readout at its base where users can control and adjust their settings.

Conclusion: Closing Thoughts on the FreeMax Twister

The FreeMax Twister is one device in the new lineup of innovative tube-mod devices like the super-powered Nunchaku and the SMOK Stik V9 that combine tube-mod usability with box mod power outputs. The FreeMax Twister and the Fireluke Mesh tank have the advantage though thanks to the patented wicking material in the coils, which make a lot of difference.

Of course, most people would point to the variable wattage option as the main feature of the device. No doubt the VW dial is a definite plus, but the power output of a device is worthless unless the coils inside your tank can produce great vapor and retain fantastic flavor, and these two coils do just that.
Do you like/want adjustable features on a tube-mod? Do you want the control or do you prefer direct output devices? Are you fan of the Twister’s exterior graffiti colors or are you more into solid colors? Let us know your thoughts on the Twister or anything else you want to share by writing a few lines in the space below.

FreeMax Twister 80W Specifications

FreeMax Twister 80W
Length 101.6mm
Diameter 24.7mm
Battery Capacity 2300mAh
E-Juice Capacity 2mL
Drip Tip 810
Wattage Range 3-80W
Resistance Range 0.1-3ohm
Output Voltage Range 0.5-9V
Output Current Range 1-30A

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Variable wattage adjustability
  • Solid and durable construction
  • The mesh coils and Mesh Pro tank
  • Easy, one-button operation
  • Great color options
  • Short battery life

Where to buy FreeMax Twister 80W?

FreeMax Twister colors 80W image

Buy FreeMax Twister 80W directly from the VapeWild website.


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7 comments on “FreeMax Twister 80W — Twist and Vape
  • Jeff Burnside
    August 26, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    Got mine last week and not impressed or happy with it. It fired the first time I turned it on. Hasn’t since. I get no light flashing around button when turning it on. Definitely returning this

  • Erin
    July 29, 2019 at 8:29 am

    What does it mean when your mod is blinking red and won’t do anything else besides turn on. I had it charging and this morning it tipped over and broke the glass and now it won’t work.

    • Juli
      July 30, 2019 at 1:41 am

      oh my. Take a new glass or take a new tank. If it doesn’t help, check your coil: take out and put it back in but screw it to the bottom part of the tank first then your glass then the top of the tank

  • Sandy Howard
    July 25, 2019 at 1:47 pm

    I got the orange graffiti one and I love it! My first vape with mesh coils and OMG! the flavor is fantastic!
    Previously used the iLeaf TC-40, which I like but the Twister is the only one I use now!
    Great taste and huge clouds with little effort! Absolutely love this thing and the price was great as well!
    If they come out with a solid color, I may buy another, just for fun but unlike some folks I love the graffiti style!

  • James Jennings
    July 20, 2019 at 11:15 am

    Love this pen! I use box mods and pen mods and the twister is my go to! I mix flavour everyday and it’s brill, the first coil X2 didn’t last long few days but I blame mate for that as he was chain vaping like a crazy man on it, the x1 is good but I’m looking at getting some X3 coils soon to try them (been told there amazing) battery isn’t the best but I work in an office so if I’m not vaping it’s on charge

    For great juices and great prices try flavours of the dragon on Facebook have a great shop and some amazing juices also some good hardware

  • Porshia
    July 14, 2019 at 9:37 pm

    Just bought today , tie-die color. I got Pink Gummy Juice flavor. Mine is 0MG for nicotine. Still pretty good. The juice e taste like gummy bears. BIG THICK smoke clouds. I love this vape. Great for beginners.

  • Jason
    May 17, 2019 at 8:21 am

    cool vape for huuuge clouds