//Aspire Gusto Starter Kit Review: An AIO System For Walking Around
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Aspire Gusto Starter Kit Review: An AIO System For Walking Around

Following hot on the heels of the Vaporesso Target Mini, Aspire, a well-known Chinese manufacturer of everything that has to do with vaping, has released a comparable device Aspire Gusto Starter Kit that is an AIO (all-in-one) with a closed system and is significantly less complicated than the Vaporesso.

The Aspire Gusto Starter Kit is a closed system box mod, meaning it uses only pre-filled e-juice cartridges that slip easily into the connecting slot of the mod. The cartridges, depending on where you live in the US or the EU, can hold between 2ml for the TPD countries and more than 6ml for non-TPD countries.

Aspire Gusto Starter Kit Review

The mod consists of a 900mAh battery, with the coils in the atomizer taking about 1.5 ohms of resistance. The total output of the Aspire Gusto Starter Kit is way less than the Vaporesso Mini at only 17W, so don’t be expecting a massive amount of cloud from the mini with those kinds of specs, but there are other things to love about this particular entry.

Some of the cooler specs of the Aspire Gusto Starter Kit include:

  • 900 mAh battery
  • The dimensions are 22mm X 47.5mm X 75.2mm
  • 17W power output
  • One button operation

The Full Box

Here’s what’s included in your Aspire Gusto Starter Kit:

  • One Gusto Mini mod
  • One disposable 6ml pre-filled cartridge (US version)
  • Two drip tips
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • One instruction manual
  • One warranty card

The Unique Design

As its prime selling point suggests, the Aspire Gusto Starter Kit has everything already inside to begin vaping. This AIO box mod is undoubtedly easier to use than the Vaporesso Mini, which sometimes required an advanced degree in electrical engineering to use. The Gusto Mini has only one button, and there are no adjustable features on the mod.

The other main feature of the Gusto Mini is also in its name – the “mini” part. And in this respect, this device is certainly comparable to its rival, the Vaporesso Mini. Only, I think the Gusto lends itself much more to portability and discreteness than the latter device.

I mean, the Vaporesso Target Mini had the distinction of being quite small and quite powerful, much like the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black. So, while it didn’t intimidate with its size, it did overcompensate a little by creating gigantic cloud trains.

Again, this is not something I’m knocking it for, just, that if you want discretion and stealthiness, it makes no sense to have a tiny device that makes clouds akin to those that come out of a fog machine. The Gusto, while holding its own in the cloud production department, doesn’t have that problem.

The cloud production was decent, but not so ostentatious like with another, more powerful device. The setup looks quite straightforward also. The aluminum casing slips off of the mod to reveal the pre-filled cartridge inside.

Aspire-Gusto-Starter-Kit Design

And just like a lot of other pod mod or closed source systems, all that’s required to start vaping once your cartridge runs out is to replace it with a new one.

The Gusto Mini in Use is Easy

The first version of the Aspire Gusto Starter Kit came with pods made by Element. They used Nicotine Salts in its e-juices that have a little higher concentration of nicotine, which meant that you could get more nicotine satisfaction with fewer draws.

The Gusto uses a USB port for charging, and after you charge it for about two hours, the device is ready to use when the indicator light turns green. I got the American version of the Aspire, so Halo made the cartridges. Thus its cartridges were much larger regarding capacity.

But, all you need to do to get the Gusto Mini started is to install your pre-filled cartridge, which you do much as you would with a regular double AA battery, making sure the positive and negative sides are lined up.

You replace the aluminum, powder-coated casing, click the firing button five times to turn it on and press the trigger when you want to start vaping. The Mini has a ten-second automatic shut-off, so even if you keep the button pressed it will still turn off after ten seconds.

How the Gusto Mini Vapes: It Was Expected

With the stainless steel coils inside that flit between sub ohm and above ohm resistance at 1.5ohms, you could move between a direct lung and mouth-to-lung experience. I found that I had an easier time just doing direct lung hits and with the option of between either 6mg or 12mg of nicotine with the Halo cartridges it was more than enough to deliver a satisfying throat hit.

The Halo cartridges had a variety of flavors, but I went with the Turkish Tobacco variety that ensured a hearty gulp of smooth, sun-baked Anatolian goodness. The Aspire Gusto Starter Kit came with two drip tips that were easily replaceable and had little variation, to be honest. I found that with either drip tip installed I could easily achieve either a mouth-to-lung or direct lung hit.

The cloud production was noticeable but not heavy or bothersome. With only 17W available on this device, the clouds were such as I expected. And having no adjustable settings, I was pleased with the amount of vapor the Gusto produced.

How It Compares With Other Minis

I think the Gusto Mini has more of a claim to being a starter kit than the Vaporesso Mini did. The Vaporesso Mini, to be precise, was in a class by itself. It certainly had a lot more customizability to it than the Gusto Mini does.

But since the Gusto Mini has only a one-button interface and its battery is internal, it is of course, much easier to use. The cloud production and power output might not be what most veteran vapers would want or would be used to, but for a starter kit that is discrete in both size and cloud production, you would be hard-pressed to find another device that delivers in those two areas.

So, for its simplicity, discreteness, and portability, the Gusto Mini has the Vaporesso Mini beat. But the latter surely does take the cake for being an advanced model for tech-heads that enjoy fiddling around with their devices.

The Advantages


The Gusto Mini is, of course, comparable in size to the Vaporesso Mini, only it tones it down in the power department to give you more latitude when you’re out in public, and you don’t want to walk around in a cloud of fog.


The pre-filled cartridges from Halo were a good mix with the Gusto’s power output and coil resistance. I got both great lung hits as well as flavorful mouth hits. I liked the Turkish Tobacco cartridge, and there is no shortage of flavor options for the Gusto as well.


One button. Pre-filled disposable cartridges. No interchangeable parts. No coils to buy. No tanks to replace. It doesn’t get much simpler and straightforward than the Gusto Mini.

The Disadvantages

No adjustable settings

Having no adjustable settings on a tiny box mod is standard. Only the Vaporesso Mini proved the impossible by being all of those things: a small mod but with a myriad of adjustable features. So, following that example, it wouldn’t have been out of the question for Aspire to include at least some kind of flexible feature.

Is It the Mini Winner?

The Aspire Gusto Starter Kit delivers in almost every aspect. It’s easy-to-use, moderately powerful and fits great in your hand. Its cloud production is not overwhelming, but again, I personally don’t want to make such a huge vapor splash in public even if my device is very inconspicuous.

This AIO kit has all the things you need to provide a great introduction to pod mods and closed systems. I’ve always been a fan of closed source systems that save you from the potential of leakages and overall mess.

And with a line of pre-filled cartridges from renowned e-liquid manufacturer Halo, you are sure to be able to get a wide variety of flavors to use with your Gusto Mini.

I give the Aspire Gusto Mini Starter Kit an exhilarated 9/10. 

Aspire Gusto Starter Kit
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